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Why Does It Do That?


Kakashi looked up from his ramen and tossed a quizzical look at Iruka, who sat on a stool beside him. "What?"

Iruka was staring at him; kind of. More like he was fixated on the top of Kakashi's head. "I was wondering..."

Kakashi poked him with a chopstick, "Yeeees?"

Finally Iruka glanced back down to look him in the face. And then, completely serious, asked, "Why does your hair do that?"

Kakashi stared at him as if he'd grown another head, but didn't answer. What kind of question...? Mistaking his friend's silence for incomprehension, Iruka gesticulated around his head, making sweeping and sticky-up motions. "You know, stick straight up and then only fall to the left."


"Does it do that naturally?"


"'Cuz I'm pretty sure you don't gel it."


"I mean, because who would actually gel their hair to look like the world's biggest cowlick?"

"..." Kakashi frowned, "You think it looks like a giant cowlick?"

"Err..." Iruka flushed, "That's not quite... the point."

Kakashi drew back, scandalized, "You do!" He pointed at Iruka, hand shaking. "You really think my hair looks like a bovine lick-fest!"


Iruka didn't even have the chance to get a word in edgewise because now Kakashi was on the offensive. "That's so cruel! And you shouldn't even be talking, Iruka! Not when your own hair could take out a person's eyeball!"


"Seriously! I've seen your hair down, and it's nowhere near that pokey! It's just when you stick it up into that ponytail of yours that it goes into eyeball-impaling mode! What's up with that?" Kakashi copied Iruka's Hair-position hand motions, only this time it was only by sticking one hand on the back of his head, and wiggling his fingers.

"Eyeball-impaling mode?" Iruka just looked confused now.

"That right!" Kakashi enthused, "One time you almost left me blind!"

"... Seriously?"


Iruka said nothing, just stared down at his half-empty ramen bowl. Slowly he reached a hand up and patted the tip of his ponytail. "It's not sharp..."

Kakashi grinned through his mask at him, "I was just messing with you."

Face blank, Iruka turned his gaze back to his friend. "I have nothing to say to you anymore."

Kakashi just laughed and finished his ramen. "So," he said as they signaled for their check, "Are we done talking about each other's hair?"

Suddenly from the other side of Kakashi, there came a wheezing, nasally voice, "I want to talk about my hair."

Kakashi and Iruka both turned to stare at the speaker. Leaning forward eagerly on the counter was a wrinkly old man who was absolutely bald.

The two ninja shared a look, left their money on the counter and left. As they exited the shop, Iruka's voice could be heard trailing behind them. "But I wasn't kidding about the cowlick."

Note; ...The sad thing is, I could really picture this conversation in my head...