Epilogue-April 25

Professor Samuel Oak and Delia Ketchum stood before a Justice of the Peace with Ash Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, Tracy Sketchit, Brock Slate, and May and Gary Oak acting as witnesses.

Misty was now about five thousand dollars richer; she'd won the town pool on the marriage date. She reached over and stole Ash's hat and chucked it into the bushes. He moped for a bit, but didn't let go of her other hand. He'd finally given in to her advances about a month back and was now her steady boyfriend.

Pikachu stood in front of his trainer with his favorite blue tie, sparking happily. Togepi sat next to him, a velvet pillow balanced on his head where two rings had previously been nestled in the middle of it.

Tracy was whispering something to May, whose fingers were linked with his, and a smile curved her lips. Her other hand was wrapped in the back of Gary's collar so couldn't escape. He groused silently to himself about the prospect of becoming Ash's nephew.

Brock stood just behind the motley group with tears in his squinting eyes as Samuel and Delia turned to each other.

"You may now kiss the bride."

The End