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You see I can not be forsaken

Because I'm not the only one

We walk amongst you feeding, raping

Must we hide from everyone?

"Forsaken," David Draiman (Queen of the Damned movie soundtrack)

Japan: Three Hundred Years Ago

Life isn't fair, plain and simple. Every day was one damned thing after another and the next day was just a repeat of the last one. This happened over and over in the three hundred sixty-five days in every year. In all honesty life's a bitch than you die.

Some sooner than others…

Twenty year old Tachikawa Mimi hated her miserable lot in life. Sure she was pretty with long honey hair and bright cinnamon eyes, she had the ability to bring people together, and men would kill to have her, but that was entirely the problem.

Mimi was a prostitute, that worked in Yoshiwara, or as it was nicknamed "the floating world". The place was frequented by people who wanted escape from their mundane lives, and even more by men looking for geishas or prostitues. People who went there usually disguised themselves so no one who recognize them.

Unlike the geishas, who were women who trained in the arts of pleasing men entertainement wise, such as music and storytelling. Mimi had been once since she was fourteen after she had been sold by her family. She had been born into a disgraced samurai family who had lost most of their dwindling fortune. To support themselves they sold Mimi and part of the money she made went to them.

She sighed as she walked down the street to the Green Dragon Teahouse where they requested her most. A party was on and that usually drunk, unruly men looking for a good time. Fantastic for them and awful for her…

She hated her life and hated herself with even greater intensity. A lot of the time she felt so unclean after what she had been made to do. Mimi had lost her virginity to the highest bidder at fourteen and been subjected to all kinds of men ever since. Sometimes she wished she could end it all, but she always caught herself before she could.

She was pathetic…

Mimi shivered and glanced behind her quickly. There was no one there but she couldn't get rid of the feeling that someone had been watching her ever since she left the brothel.

She entered the tea house and kicked off her shoes as soon as she stepped over the threshold. A fake smile, no one could tell though, plastered itself on her face and she walked over to a group of men that had been staring at her in an obvious manner.

A few hours later she and the group of men were deep into a piece of news that had found its way to their home. Up and down Japan people were being found dead and drained of their blood. People were unsure of if the culprit, or culprits, were some kind of animal or robbers.

"Tachikawa!" shouted a high breathless male voice. She turned her head slightly to see a fat bald man with watery blue eyes motioning for her. His large stomach protruded past the belt he wore. "Come here!"

The contempt she felt for the man who ordered her around like a dog rose in her chest and she bit her lip to keep from saying something nasty. Having no choice she turned her back on the group and headed over to the fat man.

The men groaned behind her and she turned for a split second to flash one of those smiles that killed her more every day. "Don't worry. I'll be back later," she finished with a little wink.

She turned and hurried over to the impatient looking fat man. "Yes Honda-San?" she asked with all the politeness she could manage.

He replied coldly, "A man has asked for you personally. He is paying extra for your services."

Oh yes of course money, the driving force behind all of Honda's decisions. True he demeaned young women without a second thought but money made it all better. It was what made the world go round after all.

Not trusting herself to say anything else, Mimi left to go to the room Honda pointed out. She stumbled a little; the sake she had been drinking was starting to affect her. Dodging drunk men and serving girls she turned down a side corridor away from the party.

She walked down the silent corridor, stopped at the very last door, and slid it open. She stepped into the brightly colored room and was surprised to see it empty of life. A table was in the center and a bottle of sake and a bouquet of flowers rested on the surface.

Out of the corner of her eye someone moved and the door slid closed with a bang. She turned around sharply to see a man dressed all in navy standing behind her with his arms crossed. He was twenty-two at the least with shoulder length blue hair, pale skin that suggested he hadn't been in the sunlight for a long time, and intelligent black eyes hidden behind glasses. A friendly smiled was on his face.

He bowed to her and she returned it. "I've been waiting a long time to meet you Tachikawa Mimi."

"Do I know you?" she asked uneasily. There was something off about this man, something not right. "Have we met before?"

"Not face to face." He paused for a second and added on, "Some friends of mine recommended you to me. I wanted to see why they liked you so much."

She nodded and took a second to clear her throat. "What is your name?"

He smacked himself on the head playfully. "Where are my manners? My name is Kido Jyou but my friends call me Joe."

She smiled shyly. "Then I'll call you Joe." He took her by the hand and led her over to table. She shivered at his touch; his skin felt as cold as death.

Against her better judgment she drank the sake he poured from her. Her mind was in a complete haze after the fourth glass and thankfully he stopped pouring glasses for only her.

"It's hard isn't it?" he asked suddenly. She steadied herself by leaning her hand on the table and attempted to drag her brain into conversational mode.

"What is?"

He gave a small, sad smile. "Life. You and I have something in common: we both despise it with all our hearts. Many people will never understand what it's like for us. How hard it is to just get out of bed every morning…"

Tears formed at her eyes and Mimi swallowed hard to keep them at bay. Yes, it was hard for her to get out of bed every morning knowing what she had to put up with every day. She had to hear insults from proud women and deal with men forcing themselves on her.

"I know what it's like to be trapped in a world you hate with no one to save you," he continued. "Every day is only twenty-four hours but it feels longer. And you only go to bed to get up the next morning and do the same things."

She nodded unable to form any words. He reached over and squeezed her hands. "But I got away and you can too. You have so much potential don't waste it by staying here. Just say the word and I'll deliver you from this."


He smiled widely and leaned in close to her. Something about him made her pull away slightly but he grabbed her hands and brought her closer to him. He whispered, "This will only hurt for a moment."

His face turned grotesque: his brow protruded and became scaly, his teeth grew into fangs, and his eyes once black turned feral yellow, the eye color of a predator.

She opened her mouth to scream but he clamped a hand over it to silence her, and swooped her off the floor and into his arms effortlessly. She struggled against him, pounded her fists on his chest, but it was no good. Slowly he lowered his face to her neck and sank his teeth into her jugular vein.

Scenes played before her mind's eyes but they weren't drawn from her memories, they were from his. She saw a blue haired little boy getting yelled at and beaten by his father while his two brothers looked on. The same little boy grew older and he was taken away by a nice merchant and sent to a school. But a few years later he was taken away by his brothers and all of his books and papers were destroyed while he silently weeped. Years passed and at twenty-two a man mugged him and left him to die on the side of the road. He was slipped away but then a woman came and sucked blood from him and cut her own wrist open to let him drink from it.

Everything dimmed, the memories slipped away, and her heart slowed down until it stopped beating almost entirely. The world blackened and she felt herself rise from her body but Jyou thrust his cut open wrist in her mouth; blood flowed into her mouth and she gulped it down eagerly. He stumbled after a few moments and tried to pull it away but she clamped onto it tighter and sucked the red substance.

Forcefully he pushed her face away and dropped her onto the floor. Her head connected with it and she felt herself loose consciousness.

He stood hunched over, staring at her for a few long moments; he had actually done it. For the first time he had sired another vampire and it was successful. She would be his when she woke up because she couldn't leave him. She had to learn how to be a vampire and would be completely dependent on him for guidance.

He picked her up off the floor and held her in his arms like one would cradle a baby. A lock of hair fell on her face and he brushed it away gently. She stirred a little in his arms but did not waken. Good, that would make the next part easier.

He slid open the back doors and stepped into the cold winter air. A rosewood coffin lay peacefully where he rested it when he tracked her down here. He opened it and tenderly lowered her onto the velvet lined interior. Her features glowed sadly in the moonlight and he slowly closed the lid.

A few feet away he dug a hole into the earth, shallow but still deep enough to burry the coffin in it. He dropped the coffin into the hole, filled it, and tampered with the disturbed dirt to make it look normal.

This was part of the vampire's initiation. Only the strong were allowed to survive and walk the face of the earth eternally. The weak would not be able to break out and left to starve to death sixth feet under.

Jyou sighed and sat cross legged on the ground. There was no telling how long it would take her to break free so he would have to stay here for a little while.

On that night Tachikawa Mimi died.

The Angel of Death was born.

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