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"A house divided against itself cannot stand."-Abraham Lincoln

"Winter is coming."-Stark family motto, A Song of Ice and Fire series


Sora had managed to hold herself in her wolf form for three hours before returning to human form and dressing. Veruca, her teacher, watched her dress with an expression akin to pride on her face. The other woman dragged Sora into an awkward but friendly one-armed hug as she tried to pass.

Veruca grinned at her and stated, "I'd never thought you'd pick up so fast on holding forms or my other lessons. You're very… disciplined."

Sora mentally snorted; disciplined didn't cover the half of it. She had been determined and a fighter since she had been old enough to walk, her alcoholic father had made sure of that. Growing up she always had to be faster, smarter, and adaptable to escape her father's drunken rages and the curses and blows that came with them. By this time her mother had long since been dead and cremated so she had no one, save herself, to defend her.

By eleven she had killed her first vampire. She hadn't even know that the legendary monsters had existed yet; her father had been tremendously drunk that night so she had crept out of their apartment to escape him and had been attacked by a vampire. Used to being attacked, she had pulled out a knife she stole from an older boy at school and always kept on her person into the creature's chest. It went through and the man crumpled to ashes right in front of her.

A Hunter had been there that night, had observed her kill the beast, and promptly sent her into training. Training to be a Hunter was hellish; everyday she was up at the crack of dawn running, weight training, learning martial arts, and learning how to wield a wide variety of weapons. At the end of each day she was also bruised and exhausted and collapsed into her bed.

Compared to both of those times, learning how to hold forms, change from human to wolf and vise versa at will, and transforming partially in her human state (she could make her hands into claws and grow her teeth into fangs) were all a piece of cake.

Seeming to sense the new werewolf's change in mood, Veruca ended the embrace and locked the warehouse after the two exited. Sora headed to her motorcycle when a call from the other female made her pause.

She turned her face to see the other woman grim and unsmiling. Veruca said, "Oz and I know that you're friends with other Hunters and Tachikawa Mimi. We know you'll help them fight so we both ask you not to drag the Pack into it whatever you do."

Sora nodded.

"I will never endanger the Pack. I swear to you and Oz as my Alphas."

She drove away on her bike leaving a pleased Veruca behind her.

Daisuke sat in a chair in Gennai's office a hand placed to his chest where the shining blue mark had been a few days ago. It had stopped glowing but the mark was still there, burned into his chest. Lady Catherine leaned against the wall near the door standing guard while Gennai faced him across the desk.

The older man began, "I know that you've learned about Arthur Pendragon, the Great King of Albion and the founder of our Order. But you have not been told everything."


Gennai merely sighed at the look of betrayal on the young Knight's face. "Don't give me that look, Daisuke. Only the highest Knights in our ranks learn the whole of Arthur's story."

"Which is?"

Gennai glared at him.

"Before Arthur's final fight with Moredread, he told his remaining loyal Knights of the Round Table that he would die but be born again in another time. So after Arthur's death every generation of Knights wait for their great King to return to them. And that wait," he shot Daisuke a meaningful look, "is now over. You are the reincarnation of King Arthur, Motomiya Daisuke."

For the first time in his life, Daisuke was rendered speechless. However, it was only for an instant. He stood from his chair and a panicked expression drew over his handsome features. He shook his head and muttered, "You're wrong."

"The mark on your chest is proof Daisuke. You are our leader."

"No, I can't be. I'm not a King."

"Oh, would you stop your pathetic whining already," ordered Catherine, speaking for the first time since he had entered Gennai's office. "You're the King so deal with it. No amount of whining and crying is going to change that. So for God's sake, act like a man."

Daisuke glared at her. "I'm not crying."

She rolled her eyes.

"Whatever. Now if that's over, O Fearless Leader, we have more pressing issues to deal with." She rummaged in her coat pocket and pulled out the machine that had been used to hurt Hikari. As Daisuke watched, she flipped it over to show him that Michael's name was written on it. He was the spell caster who had tried to kill the young Witch.

Gennai noted, with a trace of irony, "It seems we have a snake in our ranks."

Daisuke didn't hear him; wind was rushing in his hears and his hands clenched as his face flushed with rage. Michael had nearly murdered Hikari. So in Daisuke's eyes, the blond Knight had forfeited his life.

"He's dead."

Hikari's head felt like it was about to split open due to the shouting going on in the living room; Mimi, Yamato, and Sora had showed up twenty minutes ago while she, her brother, and Koushirou were discussing what they should do about the Mimi situation. When Yamato came in with Sora and the vampire in question all hell broke loose.

Taichi was against Mimi helping them stating that she was probably lying about having a soul and working with Jyou. Koushirou had been calmer about the situation but agreed with Taichi about the plausibility of Mimi's having a soul. Yamato and Sora rose in defense of Mimi and the four had been arguing back and forth since. Hikari was still undecided about the matter (people had a tendency to surprise her lately, the Daisuke problem was a firm testament to it).

Mimi, herself, had been oddly quiet. She just sat on the couch not speaking up to defend herself; she was gazing down at her hands folded on her lap, frowning. She had not even raised her face when Taichi made a rude remark about Yamato's trust in her coming from his pants.

"She's a vampire," Taichi spat out the word. "A blood-sucking monster who can't be trusted."

"Yes, we all know how you feel about monsters, Taichi," interjected Sora.

Hikari had been surprised that Sora willingly chose to come near her brother after his reaction to her being a werewolf. As she watched, Sora and her brother just stared at each other a moment from with mutual expressions of pain, regret, and love in their gazes.

Taichi broke eye contact first and scratched the back of his head.

"Sora…I…I didn't meant to…I l-," he broke off his sentence at that point but Hikari, and everyone else in the room, knew what he had been about to say. Sora looked at her brother softly for a moment before muttering something under her breath and stalking out the door.

Her brother looked heartbroken again and she wanted to hug him but knew he would get embarrassed if she did it in front of Yamato and Koushirou. Taichi was never one for the mushy stuff.

They all fell into silence after Sora left for one long moment before Yamato broke it.

"Well, Tai, you and Koushirou have made it clear that you don't trust my girlfriend." He turned to look at Hikari and she shivered under his intense blue gaze. "But what about you, Hikari? You haven't said anything since we got here."

She felt herself flush as the three men gazed down at her; Yamato looked hopeful, her brother confident that she would agree with him, and Koushirou looked blank his thoughts as always kept to himself. Nervous, she glanced over at Mimi but the vampire hadn't moved her position and inch.

She gulped and stuttered, "I…I'm not sure. She probably has a soul since, you know, she stopped killing people and stuff but she could be lying too. I think I'll play it safe and stick with Koushirou and my brother."

Yamato, disappointed, was about to say something when he was interrupted by Mimi. The woman had finally stood from the couch and raised her face to look at everyone around her. She walked over to Yamato, put at arm around him, and said, "I know where I'm not wanted. Let's go Yamato."

The couple left.

Hikari felt like a rat.

Sora had not been in the hallway when she and Yamato exited the Yagami apartment. Yamato told her that Sora probably was waiting at the car like she always did and Mimi just nodded silently. They got on the elevator in silence.

Mimi hadn't expected the others to accept her. Hell, if she had been in their position she wouldn't have believed herself either. She was sure that the idea of a vampire possessing a soul was completely insane sounding to them. But part of her had hoped that they would believe her.

Hope never lead to anything in her experience and she shouldn't have forgotten that.

"I'm an idiot. I'm lucky that they didn't stake me on site."

Suddenly, strong arms slipped around her waste and Yamato buried his face in her hear. She jumped started but he only tightened his grip around and began kissing her neck. A little moan escaped her lips and he kissed harder.

She allowed him to turn her around in his embrace but didn't allow him to continue. When he protested, she put her arms around his neck and kissed him firmly on the mouth. He ran his hands through her hair and the kiss only deepened.

She knew they would have gone farther had the elevator doors slid open on reaching the ground floor. Her sharp hearing picked up on him letting out a muttered oath and she giggled. When he stared incredulously at her, she whispered in his ear, "Let's do this at my place sometime. That way we can go all night long."

He grinned.

Sora was indeed waiting for them in front of the car and she gave the werewolf a small wave. The other woman gave her a strained smile before sliding into the backseat of Yamato's car. Mimi took shotgun and they drove off in a comfortable silence.

Forget the other Hunters.

As long as she had her new boyfriend and friend, Mimi didn't care what they thought of her.

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