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Mr... Eddie?
Chapter 2

7 days earlier...

Shots were being fired all over the place. The scared young woman stood in front of Eddie fortunately had no knowledge of how to fire a gun. Unfortunately however she seemed to have a wicked case of beginners luck, as the bullet embedded in Eddie's thigh proved. He was beginning to regret taking this mark. She was insane. Possibly literally.

The redhead fired again, missing Eddie but hitting a very expensive looking painting. Eddie jumped and turned his head to look at the damage.

"What did Van Gogh ever do to you!" He asked, a slightly frantic, nervous tone in his voice.

"Who are you! What are you doing here!" The woman screamed at him, waving the gun towards his head.

"Calm down! I don't want to hurt you!" Eddie insisted.

"Which is why you tried to kill me earlier!"

She jabbed the gun forward, causing him to jump back.

"There is a difference you know. Pain is extra..." Eddie laughed, feebly.

"Who sent you?"

"Look Lyndsey, if you put the gun down, we can discuss this."

"Who!" Lyndsey demanded, jabbing the gun once more.

"I can't remember! Life-threatening situations give me temporary amnesia!"

Eddie was glad his friends couldn't see him now, pratically begging for his life from a psychotic whore with many high-powered enemies. Miguel would have a field day.

"Was it Terri? She's always been jealous of me." Lyndsey asked, "Or Jenny, she's still bitter I got the D.A."

Lyndsey dropped the gun to her side as she continued to reel off a long list of people who could possibly want her dead. Eddie seized his chance. Pulling the gun from his trousers, he lifted it and aimed it between her eyes.

"It was your father, owner of the biggest shipping company in the state. A very respectable man." Eddie explained, taking advantage of his marks momentary lapse in concentration, "Can you imagine the damage it would do to his business if people discovered his daughter was a whore?"

"Daddy?" Lyndsey whispered.

Eddie squeezed the trigger and watched as the bullet flew into the whores head. A few more bullets to assorted vital organs ensured she was dead. Eddie then turned his attentions to himself and began attempting to remove the bullet from his leg. The adrenalin running through his system with the thrill of the kill had tricked his body into thinking it was invincible. He popped the bullet out and slipped it into his pocket. He began hobbling down the stairs of the hired mansion and walked out of the front door. A black unregistered car, blacked out windows and everything was waiting for him.

He slid into it and let out a sigh of relief.

"Fucking psychopath." He muttered quietly, examining his wound.

"That's no way to talk to a lady." A husky woman's voice came from the direction of the front seat.

"Now, Adrienne, we both know you're no lady." Eddie joked, wincing as the pain slowly returned to his body, "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

Adrienne, Eddie's contracter. Deadly and more than likely incredibly beautiful. Eddie didn't know, the only people who saw her face were the rare marks she took on personally. All Eddie had ever seen of her was her hands and the top of her head.

"Your new assignment." Her hand appeared above the seat, holding a brown folder.

"You still don't trust me, do you?" Eddie asked, snatching it away from her, "I told you, that Atkins job was an accident! How was I supposed to know that someone had switched the files?"

"For the last time, Eddie, I believe you!" Adrienne began to turn around but stopped herself, "I'm just here to deliver your assignment."

"You don't do hand deliveries. Not even The Professor gets hand delivered assignments."

"Eddie..." Adrienne warned, the tone of her voice expressed feelings of 'Ask again and I'll shove ,y gun so far down your throat you won't walk straight for days.'. Eddie knew not to mess with her when she was like this. Unidentifiable bodies had been known to turn up. He began to flick through the file in his hands.

"Colin Jones also known as Christian Vega. Computer hacker." Eddie read outloud, "Online girlfriend by the name of Delta, a gothic vampire hacker. Surely vampires have better things to do than suck someones gigabytes."

"You'd be amazed how many vampires are online." Adrienne put in, "Or rather people who think they're vampires, or dragons, or wolves even. You have to wonder about the sanity of these people."

"They're not insane. Just lonely nerds."

"The assassin roleplay games are hilarious." Adrienne continued, laughing softly, "These kids assume we're all glamourous and sexy. Most of these kids fall in love with thier marks and then murder them in thier sleep after consumating thier love. All while weeping softly. What kind of hitman does that?"

"You mean, you haven't?" Eddie joked as the car drew to a halt.

"I want you on this assignment first thing tomorrow." Adrienne said, a note of finality in her voice.

"What? No goodnight kiss?"

"Not on the first date."

Eddie assumed she was smiling. He climbed out of the car stupidly putting all of his weight on his injured leg.

"Motherfucker!" He screamed, quickly switching legs and limping painfully up to the door of his house.He fumbled with his keys briefly before finally getting inside and collapsing on his sofa. He examined his leg once more. It wasn't a major wound. He removed his shirt and tied it tightly over the wound, making a mental note to find an actual bandage the next day. He dropped the file on the floor and laid out along the sofa. He decided to look at the file properly the next morning. He didn't want to make any mistakes due to fatigue. He valued his extremities too much. He closed his eyes and was asleep almost instantly, dreaming of the back of Adrienne's head.

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