Uncommon Pairings


File 1. The Greatest Capture


Mouri Ran had been a girl that had always had his eye. She was strong, smart and definitely no push over.

It had been hard at first, since their first encounter, to push down the feelings that he had thought had been just a crush when he first met her… first impersonated her.

He had felt terrible; a normal person shouldn't be able to fall for two people at once. Unfortunately that was just his situation.

To top it all off, she wasn't just anyone else's girl; no she was Kudo Shinichi's girl.

The guy who had shrunken into little Conan.

So he thought, maybe he was just falling for her because he liked her character, thought it was a great way to piss off the tiny Tantei.


But that was not to be the case.

In impersonating Ran's father, she had been all over him! Natural for a girl who sought protection from her father in a scary situation but it had been really testing him to resist and to stay in character!


So he had kept away from Ran from awhile.

But it wasn't long until he wanted to see her again. But yet again he had to fight down that temptation and go on with the planned duel with Kudo, it was one of his favorite pastimes, in away that he would not see her. However, that did nothing to quell the need to see her again.

And his imagination had been running wild.

He could not look at Aoko without seeing Ran and that scared him because he liked Aoko as herself and didn't want to freak her out or use her like that just because his alter ego was caught up with its rival girlfriend. It was wrong. What was even worse was the want fueled by what Kaito termed the stupid teenage hormones, was getting harder to resist.

It wasn't a few weeks until Kid had his next heist planned and hopefully all would go as plan.


It was another bright party going on as the heist was expected to happen any moment.

Kaito was there, hidden in the faces among the crowd, watching.

He backed away as the chibi turned his head, eyes darting in his direction.

The odd thing was that he had been looking at the young woman next to Conan.

He went out on to the darker area of the balcony and sipped on the drink in the glass after he removed his mask. The jewel wasn't anything too spectacular but he had been desperate just to steal anything.

So the Suzuki heirloom, the Orchid Brooch had been easy to get on Ran.

Because it was entrusted to the most appropriate person again.

Sonoko assuring her parents it would be safe with Ran because of the girl's karate skills had been a plus.

He turned slightly as he heard footsteps behind him.

"Shin-" she stopped as he turned completely around, "Oh, I'm sorry I seemed to have mistaken you for someone."

"A certain detective?" he inquired smiling, "Would you care to join me?"

He held out the second glass he had been holding.

She walked forward nervously and accepted it, stopping beside him.

"Thank you."

He turned back to look out at the city lighted up around them. He hadn't expected her to do the same.

"I'm surprised you agreed to come," began Kid trying to push the fact that their shoulders were touching out of his mind.

"Well you did say you would have an explanation."

"You caught that?"

"Once Conan and Dad had discovered the time and place they tossed it aside. It was then when I saw it."

"Then you are a very worthy person Miss Ran."

"To know Kid's face?" she turned to look up at him.

"That," he paid back her courtesy, "but to also be given incredible attention."

"I never quite fell for thieves."

"Then how about-"

Kid stopped to clear his throat.

"Detectives who work as thieves," he said in Shinichi's voice.

And in the moment that she was stunned, he planted a soft kiss on her lips…

And moved to take the brooch in her hair.

Only to be stopped as she had put one hand at his cheek, one of hers was already on his shoulder and realized that she was indeed kissing him back.

Ran moved closer as he softly moved that hand that had been going for the clip to the small of her back and rest it there.

Her face tilted up further allowing him to respond easier. A little more pressure on the lips, he found, opened her up to him and soon the soft kiss had turned into something passionate but gentle.

The two bodies were pressed up against each other and Kid's hands were tight around her waist.

His ears weren't functioning properly because all he could hear were the moans of want emanating from the both of them. He couldn't see because opening his eyes would ruin it and all he could smell or feel was Ran, her slender form giving into him, her hand at his neck.

Then Kid stopped as he registered a click and that his hands couldn't move.

And the sting of cold metal around his wrists.

He pulled back as far as he could with Ran trapped in his arms in shock.

"You just…"

"Yeah, I just," her voice bit into him.


"But what! You're an international criminal! You're lucky enough I'm going to do this-"

She reached into his front shirt pocket and pulled out the monocle and put it over his right eye. Then reached into his jacket to pull out the collapsible top hat to put it on him.

"You know, before you give the signal you should take into consideration I can tell you a lot of interesting things."

"I don't make bargains."

"Such morals. High respect goes to she who can capture Kid."

"And I didn't need my karate for that at all," she smirked as she click the earring she was wearing.

Suddenly the balcony was being flooded with officers.

And there stood Kid with his arms handcuffed around Ran trapped.

Nakamori-keibu was very thankful for the person who had the camera and a fast trigger finger.

However, handcuffs were something Kid could pick under a second but there was Conan and boy was he steaming!

And Kaito's prankster nature couldn't resist.

Kid smirked at the not boy and called out to his audience.

"You've just interrupted a very intimate moment I was just having with Ran-chan here, honestly I don't do it to you."

He flashed a grin at Ran.

She was busy being amazed at his audacity to notice the look at his eye in time.


And there was the last kiss of the evening before Kid escaped.

Multiple curses rang out around Kid's general vicinity as the cloud of pink smoke erupted and he sent out a fake hang glider to misdirect them.

Kaito made it out past the party and down the elevator before resting in a bathroom for a moment to recap logically what had just happened.

Mouri Ran had been the closest, yet, to capture Kid, and not in the fun way, but in 'the bring you to justice' way.

And his need for self-preservation just about quelled any thoughts Kid had about courting Ran after that.

Because next time he might not be so lucky.

That and it suddenly occurred to him that Ran might have been imagining Shinichi in that moment after his impressive impersonation skills.

He pouted.

"Well, that's just plain mean."


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