Uncommon Pairings


File 10. Spoil the Party


Kudou Shinichi had not in a million years would have ever believed the evening's events had transpired.

Fortunately Suzuki Sonoko had been witness to it all and able to give the play by play of how everything had happened.

It began with a small get together of "survivors," those having been involved with the dreaded organization and its fall, at Agasa's house.

Agent Jodie had arrived bearing alcohol, gifts and one Hondou Eisuke.

"I'm just filling in for my sister. She's the one who should be here after all."

Ran smiled shyly, "She'll be out of the hospital soon. The doctor was there when I visited a few days ago."

Eisuke blushed, "You went to see her!?"

"Of course, I had to after all."

Sonoko grinned, "As I remember it, Rena-san said she couldn't let her brother's crush die."


Sonoko grinned cheekily as Jodie pulled the can out of her hand.

"Underage students shouldn't be drinking."

"Says the lady who brought the alcohol," remarked Shinichi as he came up from the lab downstairs. He had heard every word of course.

However, he felt uneasy noting the blush on Ran's face.

As the party went on, Eisuke and Ran caught up on everything that had happened after he'd left Japan. While he felt he hadn't accomplished very much, he had been instrumental in making the organization believe they'd held the upper hand at the end there.

At the same time, Shinichi was too busy retelling how he'd come to his deductions and plans at the insistence of an increasingly inebriated Jodie.

"Come on, let's go stand on the balcony," interrupted Sonoko, "It's getting a little loud in here."

They continued their conversation outside until a silence hung in the air between them all.

"Oh for god's sake you two," suddenly butt in Sonoko, "Do you like each other?"

Ran was mortified and could only belt out "SONOKO!"

Eisuke on the other hand was casual and almost unheard in his reply, "Who isn't in love with Ran-san?"

Quite involuntary, Sonoko's eyebrows went up.

"Well I finished my drink. I'm going to go get another."

The glass door shut firmly behind her.

Ran could feel herself going red again as Eisuke turned toward her and held her hands.

"It was my mistake Ran-san. Before I left to America, I'd wanted to tell you how I felt. But I thought, as a gentleman, I should ask Shinichi-san how he felt about you. It was a mistake to.

The words were coming faster now, "And as I got on that plane to come back to Japan, I was more excited than I'd been in months. I was going to see you again Ran-san and even if you didn't like me that way, it'd be enough to see you again.

"But if you like me Ran-san, I'd be really happy if you did."

The words rang in Ran's ears repeatedly, her tongue moved inside her mouth as if digesting them and she took a deep breath.

"So you didn't tell me because you asked Shinichi and he said no? How did you ask Shinichi? Did Conan "set up" a phone call on you too?"

"No, I was telling Shin- I mean Conan-kun, and then he told me no."

Ran went weak at the knees then and grabbed onto Eisuke's collar, "Face to face?"

"Well there was a bit of difference in height then but yes."

It clicked as the words came out that Ran was still realizing and piecing together every moment that Shinichi had been in her life without being there.


She looked up, teary eyed, "Eisuke-kun."

He gently wrapped his arms around her, "I'm sorry Ran-san. I'm sorry I left."

He kissed the top of her head then when the click of the glass door behind them sounded.

Shinichi was fighting off Sonoko who had her arms wrapped around one of his, "Shinichi-kun, I've always had feelings for you! If you'd just stop being such a show-off, you'd totally love me too!"

"That doesn't make any sense!"

Eisuke and Ran stared wide-eyed as the scene unfolded before them, with Jodie lamenting that all the rum was gone and Agasa worried for the cleanliness of his home. Ran realized that she hadn't been paying attention at all to how many times Sonoko had refilled her cup, or the cups that lined the balcony ledge.

But the next morning Sonoko woke up without a care in the world, ready to grill Ran on what she had seen, and Shinichi woke up far too traumatized to remember what he'd seen. Perhaps it was a match made in the minds after all.


AN: This was written for Shineko over on tumblr. She wanted some EisukeXRan without the KaitoXShinichi explanation and that just seemed so much fun to write! Thank you for reading! All reviews are appreciated!