This story is long and a lot goes on in it. Anyway I hope you like it, r&r and enjoy. ~Ali
Always Here For You

"We can't move!" Serena screamed.
"Serena we really don't have choice. Your father's job takes him to Georgia and we can't get out of it." Serena's mother said quietly.
"Then let me stay here. I can't go and leave my friends." Serena said crying now.
"Serena we have no relatives in Tokyo for you to stay with anyway. That is another reason that we are moving. Your aunts and grandparents live in Georgia and we will be moving closer to them." Serena's mother said.
Serena was sitting on her bed while her mother sat across from her in her desk chair.
"That has never bothered you before." Serena said stubbornly.
"Serena that is the other thing I came in to tell you about. I'm pregnant."
"What?! You can't be!" Serena screamed.
"Serena dear calm down. I know you are upset with all these changes. But I want to be closer to my family. I will let you to yourself now. I know you need to think about it."
"I'm going to talk to my friends." Serena said standing up and running out of the room. When Serena was a distance away from her house she pulled out her communicator and said "Guys we need an emergency scout meeting at the temple right away." And with that Serena headed towards the temple.
When Serena reached the temple she made her way towards Rei's bedroom. Where she found Rei waiting.
"Serena what's wrong. Have you been crying?" Rei asked, her tone worried.
Serena nodded. Suddenly the rest of the girls came into the room. Everyone asked the same question "Serena what's wrong?"
"Were moving." Serena said quietly. "And my Mom is having a baby."
"Were are you moving to?" Lita asked.
"The Georgia in America." Serena said.
The 5 girls sat in silence for several minutes. "But you can't move." Rei said finally.
"Don't you think I told my mom that? But what am I supposed to tell her that I am Sailor Moon and I can't leave Tokyo because I have to save it from the Black Moon Family. She would probably ship me to Georgia and then into an insane asylum. She wouldn't believe me she would think that I am making it up so that I can get out of moving."
"So what are we going to do?" Lita asked.
Luna suddenly bounded into the room. "Luna have you heard?" Ami asked.
"Yes. I overheard Serena's parents telling Sammy."
"Luna what are we going to do? How are we supposed to get by without Sailor Moon?" Mina asked.
"She can get here quickly if there is great need. You all have met Sailor Pluto. She has the ability to slow time so that Serena can teleport here fight and then return home with no time having passed." Luna said.
"But I don't wanna have to do that. I don't want to move and I don't want a baby in the house!" Serena said crying again.

An hour later the girls had talked and all had cried when Serena said "I have to go tell Darien." With that she stood up quickly and headed for the door. "Thanks you guys."
Serena walked quickly towards Darien's apartment buildings. Serena knocked on his door and Darien opened it almost immediately. "Serena I'm glad you're here I need to talk to you." Darien said.
"I need to talk to you too." Serena said "But you go first." She wanted to put this off for as long as possible.
"Serena I can't see you anymore." Darien blurted out.
"What?!" This was not what Serena has been expecting.
"Serena I'm sorry but I can't see you anymore." Darien said.
Serena felt the tears fill her eyes "Why? Was it something that I did?"
"No. I just can't see you anymore. I don't love you anymore."
"It's that brat Rini isn't it?" Serena asked.
"No nothing like that. I haven't even seen Rini recently."
"Then what Darien? You can tell me." Serena said.
"No. You should go." Darien said.
Serena turned around and ran out of the building. As Serena stepped out into the sunlight she tripped over a crack and fell flat on her face. Serena stood up and brushed herself off and ran back towards her house. Until she ran straight into someone. "Hey watch where your going…Serena are you all right?" Rei asked recognizing her friend.
Serena sniffed "DariendumpedmeandhewonttellmewhybutIknowthatit'sbecauseofthatbratRini." Serena said not taking a breath.
"Serena slow down. I can't understand you." Rei said.
Serena took a deep breath and said "Darien dumped me and he wont tell me why but I just know that it is because of that brat Rini even if does deny it."
"Serena I'm sorry." Rei said quietly. "Do you want to talk about it?"
"No." Serena shook her head "I have to go."
"I don't wanna talk about it Rei. Just leave it be." Serena said brushing past her friend.
When Serena got home she locked herself in her room and cried into her pillow. 'Maybe,' Serena thought 'maybe I should go to America. I mean what is keeping me in Tokyo. Darien dumped me and it's not like I wont be able to see the girls.' Serena sat up and brushed her hair over her shoulder. She was finished with crying, she wasn't going to cry anymore.
When Serena walked downstairs she found her mother, father and brother in the kitchen talking. Sammy didn't seem all that upset about moving. Serena took her seat at the table and in a controlled voice asked "So when are we moving?"
"Your father needs to be there in a month." Serena's mother replied.
"A month how are we supposed to pack in that short of a time?" Serena asked.
"If we aren't ready to leave when your father has to go then he will go ahead of us."
"But you two are going to have to take on a lot of responsibilities with your mother being pregnant." Serena's father started.
Serena sighed, her m other having a baby wasn't something she was prepared for. Changing the subject Serena asked "So what about Rini?"
"Who?" Serena's family asked turning towards her confused.
Serena's eyes went wide, they didn't remember the brat. She must have gone back to wherever she had come from. "Never mind." Serena said shaking her head.

Serena stood in the middle of a group of people. Molly, Melvin, Andrew, Ami, Mina, Lita, Rei other of Serena's friends. Serena was hugging everybody. It was her last day in Tokyo, she was taking the red eye. Her father had left 2 weeks prior and her had the house ready. They had finally sold the house that Serena had grown up in and finished packing. Serena said goodbye to everyone and promised to keep in touch. And walked out the door. She swallowed against the lump in her throat. She had sworn not to cry and she wasn't going to- unless she stayed another minute in the arcade. She knew that the tears would come then.