Always Here for You
A Sailor Moon fanfiction by Ali-Chan
Chapter 7 (Co-written with BenRG)

Jordan Shields looked out over the city of Tokyo, her home for these past two years and wondered exactly why her mother and father wanted to see her and her twin sister Annie up here on the roof of their apartment block.
She looked back at Serena and Darien Shields and felt a strange sense of déjà vu, a feeling that she always had whenever she looked at her foster parents. There was always this strange feeling she had that, despite what any doctor would tell her, these were her real parents. She felt more at home with them than she ever had with her natural family. From her conversations with her twin, she knew that Annie felt the same. "So… uh, what was it you wanted to talk about up here, Mom?"
Serena looked at Darien briefly and touched the arm wrapped around her waist for reassurance. "Well, you're fourteen now," Serena said. "I think that you two are old enough now to hear some things about your past that we haven't told you yet."
That caught Jordan and Annie's attentions immediately. For some time now, ever since their first short time as Serena's foster children six years ago, they had been aware of something missing in their lives. There was some unspoken truth that, much to their frustration, no one was either willing or able to discuss with them. Now, with their baby sister, Rini, safely asleep in her nursery downstairs, it seemed that the time had come.
Serena took the brief pause, as the two girls looked at each other in repressed excitement, to focus her mind. Both Jordan and Annie had grown so much in the last two years. Both were beginning to blossom into womanhood. Jordan was the current reigning beauty of Juubian Junior High, with luxuriant long golden hair that always made Serena think of Mina. The girl was graceful and kind, but had developed a tendency to klutz out when excited or in a hurry. She had a gentle and caring attitude that simply drew other to her. Much remained the same in her choice of activities also, because somehow despite the fact that she klutz out when she was walking she managed to become a beautiful balet dancer and tennis player. Annie had gone almost in completely the opposite direction. She had decided to idolise Lita and Amara. Consequently, she was a tough and self-reliant tomboy through-and-through. Annie was now a superb gymnast, along with her talents at basketball and softball and preferred rough but comfortable clothes to her sister's more graceful dresses. She had her ash blonde hair tied back in a severe ponytail that trailed down to the level of her hips, a look that reminded Serena of Yaten Kou, Sailor StarHealer.
"Okay, Mom, what's the big secret?" Annie, the less patient of the two finally blurted.
Serena was still trying to focus her mind, so Darien spoke up. "Girls," he said, "you know that we tried for several years to get custody of you from your birth father. Since then, we've tried to be good parents to you, and you have treated us as your real parents, and we are both grateful for that."
"You… you aren't sending us back to Edward and Elaine are you?" Jordan asked worriedly.
"No, of course not," Darien said hurriedly. "We just want you to know why we were so determined to make you part of our family, even when Serena became pregnant with Rini."
"Well… it was because you love us… wasn't it?" Annie asked at last.
Serena laughed. "That's right," she said. "From the moment I first saw you two, I wanted you to be part of my family, but it wasn't until much later that I learnt why." The girls leaned forwards eagerly, making Serena smile slightly. "The reason was… that you are our daughters. Both in fact and in soul."
The girls looked at each other in amazement before looking back at their foster parents. "But… how…?" Jordan and Annie asked simultaneously.
"It can't be," Jordan said. "I remember my real Mom…"
"But is she the only mother that you can remember?" Darien asked. Jordan gave her adoptive father an odd look. "What about your dreams?" he asked encouragingly. "What about your games when you were little?"
There was a long pause. Finally, Annie spoke. "I… When I was little… I had dreams about a lady with silver-blonde hair and a black haired man. They weren't my mom and dad… but they were…" With a sudden shock, Annie realised that those dream parents were nearly identical to Serena and Darien. She shook her head and suddenly had to grab her tough sister's hand to keep standing up. "I always felt that mom and dad weren't really my… our parents," she finished at last.
Darien nodded encouragingly. Jordan was thinking hard. "Hey, Annie," she suddenly said, latching onto something else her foster father had said. "Do you remember when we were little we used to play at being princesses? I'd be the princess of the Sun and you'd be the princess of the Stars!"
Annie laughed and gladly turned her thoughts to something amusing. "Yeah, we even made up different little names for ourselves. What were they…? Oh yeah! I was Apolla and Jordan was Sidra." To Annie's surprise, Serena suddenly tensed up in Darien's arms and cried out, a quickly choked-off shriek. "Mom! What is it? Are you okay?"
"I'm fine, Ap… Annie," Serena said. She closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath before continuing. "Annie, Jordan, what I'm about to tell you may sound a bit strange. However, I hope that, in your hearts, you will realise that it is true." Serena pulled in a deep breath. "Before I was Serena… a very, very long time ago, I was known as Serenity, and I was princess of the Moon. Darien was known as Endymion, and he was the prince of the Earth. And you… were Apolla and Sidra, our daughters."
Annie's mouth hung open and Jordan took a step back. "No…" Jordan said. "No, that can't be. That… That is stupid! It can't be!"
"Look into your hearts," Darien said urgently. "You weres so young, but try to remember."
"I… yes…!" Jordan stammered as suddenly dreams that were more like memories came boiling out from the little mental compartments where she had stored them away.
Annie felt feverish. There was a hot spot centred on her forehead. She touched her brow and staggered. "But how…?" she asked plaintively. "How? I'm scared!"
"Oh honey, we don't want you to be frightened!" Serena said, stepping forwards. "We only want you to understand everything that happened to you and why!" Serena raced forwards and hugged her daughter hard, trying to reassure her.
Annie leant into her adoptive mother's embrace hard. How right this feels, she thought. I have always felt that Serena was mom from the first moment I met her! How can this be? Finally, she broke contact and turned to Jordan. "Jordan! Do you believe this?" she asked harshly. To her surprise, her twin did not reply. She just stared at a spot above and in between Annie's eyes. "Jordan, what is it?" Jordan's mouth worked silently and she just pointed at Annie's face. The feverish heat on her forehead was worse now.
Serena and Darien could see what Jordan could see. Serena gasped. She fumbled in a pocket of her dress and pulled out a small mirror. "Look at your face, Annie," she said quietly.
Annie looked and her mouth dropped open again. Just fading from view now was a golden-white crescent sun mark that seemed to be shining from beneath the skin of her forehead. "What…?" Annie blurted.
"It is your birthright," Serena said quietly. "It is the sign of your true identity as one of the Lunar Royal Family. It marks you as my daughter… Princess Apolla."
Annie looked up in surprise and saw a similar mark glowing on her foster mother's brow.
Jordan finally regained the power of speech. "But the Moon is a desolate ball of rock!" she protested. "How can you have been a princess there long ago… In a past life, I guess?"
"Perhaps I can explain, Princess Sidra," said a cultured English-accented voice. Annie and Jordan's heads snapped around and they saw the family cat, Luna. The cat was sitting there and, much to their surprise, the white crescent moon marking on her forehead was glowing in the night.
"Who said that?" Annie asked sharply.
"I did, of course," Luna said with a roll of her amber eyes.
Annie and Jordan looked back at their parents. "Mom, Dad," Jordan choked out, "did Luna just… talk?"
"Yes," Serena said. "And, frankly, she does it too much for my tastes." She immediately took pity on her daughters' expressions of utter disbelief. "Luna is a special kind of cat," she explained. "She was my mother, the Queen's, advisor at the same time that I was your real mother."
"I… I just can't follow this," Jordan protested, rubbing the bridge of her nose.
"It is a difficult tale to follow," Luna agreed. However, I think that I can answer your questions for you." The cat drew in a deep breath before continuing. "Ten-thousand years ago, there was a great golden age of human civilisation called the Silver Millennium. Based around the Kingdom of the Moon, a united human species spread out into space, colonising all the major worlds, and many of the minor worlds, of this solar system. It was a time of peace, artistic and scientific achievement.
"The greatest figure of the Silver Millennium was its' last ruler, Serenity the Fourth, the Queen of the Moon. She was the greatest leader, legist and humanitarian in history, whose sense of justice, love and honour brought the Silver Millennium to its' highest point. However, the queen's greatest claim to fame was her ability to manipulate the powers of the Silver Imperium Crystal, a piece of concentrated energy and part of the mystical Force that underlies all the power in the universe.
"Like many women before her, Serenity fell in love, with a noble from the Royal House Mars as it turns out, and became mother to a daughter, also Serenity. As that daughter grew, as great in heart, love and beauty as her mother, she attracted the eye of the Crown Prince of Earth, Endymion. In time, these two fell in love and became engaged. During this engagement they also were parents to children: Twin daughters named Apolla and Sidra."
There was a long silence. "This could just be a story," the sceptical and hard-willed Annie finally said. "It is a lot asking us to believe this."
"I ask nothing," Luna said. She turned to Serena. "Highness, if you would…?"
Serena smiled and touched the crystal locket that, now Annie and Jordan thought about it, she always wore. "Moon Royal Cosmic Power," she said.
Simultaneously, Darien pulled out an antique-looking pocket watch. "Earth Royal Cosmic Power," he said.
Both adults disappeared in a swirl of energy, silver-white for Serena, golden-yellow for Darien. When the energy disappeared, they were standing in graceful… regal clothing. Serena wore a white strapless, off-the-shoulder dress with skirts that reached the ground. Golden and pearl crescent moons were sown into the dress' bodice. Darien was wearing a black suit overlaid with silver metal plate armour. On Serena's forehead, a golden crescent moon glowed, while a blue-green quartered circle glowed on Darien's forehead.
Annie's mouth dropped open yet again, and Jordan started crying. Suddenly, those long-set-aside childhood dreams were back in force and were suddenly more real than real life itself. "Mama? Papa?" Jordan gasped out. Annie began to tremble as if she were freezing cold.
"We're here, Apolla and Sidra, our darlings," Princess Serenity said lovingly, opening her arms to the disoriented girls. Suddenly both girls were in their parents' arms. As the girls tried to bury themselves in their parents' embraces, long-repressed powers suddenly began to blossom and silver-gold energy flowed around them, dissolving the clothes of two teenage girls of 21st Century Earth and replacing them with dresses fit for princesses of the Silver Millennium. Annie's dress was like Serenity's but it had blue gemstones picking out the crescent moons. Jordan's dress was a soothing eggshell blue colour and she had scarlet interlocking roses embroidered onto her bodice. Their hair was suddenly up in twin 'meatballs' like Serena's preferred style. On Jordan's… no, Sidra's… forehead, a golden began to glow brightly and Annie's… no Apolla's… golden-white sun began to shine again.
Memories flooded out and all the two girls could do was hang onto Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion… their true mother and father… until they could focus their minds again. They separated and, as they did so, they reverted to their normal forms. The last things to fade were the royal birthmarks that shone on four foreheads.
"What happened," Jordan asked at last. "If we were born 10,000 years ago, then why were we born again in 20th Century America?"
"Well, every paradise must have its' serpent," Luna announced. Seeing her Prince, Princess and their daughters together again had stirred strong emotions in Luna's heart and she found herself crying. She took a few deep breaths to compose herself before continuing her tale. "In the case of the Silver Millennium, it was a extra-dimensional being called Metallia. Using a disaffected Earth noblewoman named Beryl as her instrument, that demon was able to destroy the Silver Millennium." Luna felt a familiar, horrible numb sadness again. "The kingdoms fell one-by-one. Finally, Beryl's forces attacked the Moon. The Princess' daughters were in a supposedly safe part of the palace. However, we had not anticipated that Beryl would bombard the palace from orbit using the warships that she had usurped from the starfleet. When the moon was attacked, your mother fearing your safety and praying that perhaps you would survive ran with you into the words. There she wrapped you carefully in blankets and placed you in a boat on the river. But it didn't take Beryl long to realize that the next generations of princess' were there and she began attacking…" Luna sucked in a deep breath. "Serenity saw the explosions of the forest and the buildings collapsing… The scream…" Luna shuddered and looked down. "The scream lives to this day."
Darien hugged Serena, who was reliving that nightmare, that living hell, with renewed force for having just truly reclaimed her daughters in this life. "We… were killed?" Jordan asked in horror.
"Yes," Luna said. "Your father died shortly afterwards while trying to defend the palace, as were the rest of the Queen's guard. Seeing her friends and soul mate dead, and knowing that her daughters were gone, the princess chose to join you in death and stabbed herself with her husband's sword.
"All seemed lost, but Beryl and her demonic patron had underestimated the power of the Silver Imperium Crystal. Queen Serenity was able to seal Beryl and her forces into an antimatter universe linked to our own known as the 'Negaverse.' Then, with her dying breath, she used the Silver Crystal to send the souls of her daughter, her son-in-law and her grandchildren forward to a peaceful time so that they could be reborn and live in happiness. You were all reborn, to different families, in the 20th Century. However, it was inevitable that you would be drawn together again to re-create the family that existed so long ago."
"That was such a wonderful thing for her to do," Jordan said quietly. Both girls were quiet and there was the suspicion of tears in their eyes.
"Yes," Luna agreed gently. "She also sent her daughters' friends forward in time; Eight princesses who were gifted with special powers by their patron deities and were charged with protecting the Moon Royal Family. These royal guards were collectively known as the Sailor Senshi. They, too, were reborn in the 20th Century to reclaim their places as soldiers for love and justice, guardians of the Lunar Royal Family."
Jordan realised what this meant immediately. "You know the Sailor Senshi?" she asked her mother, her voice little more than a gasp.
Serena grinned and nodded modestly. "Cool!" Both girls cried out at once.
"Who are they really?" Jordan continued.
"Can't you guess?" Darien asked with a mocking smile. Serena elbowed him in the gut.
"Well…" Annie said. "If they were your… our bodyguards back in the Silver Millennium, they are probably protecting us now…"
Jordan nodded. "To avoid being too obvious, they must be close friends of yours… again… in day-to-day life." Jordan suddenly fell silent and looked at Annie in horror. "Annie! You don't think…?"
"Auntie Rei, and all the others!" Annie said. "They…?"
Serena smiled, proud of her daughters' quick wits. "That's right," she said.
"Wait a minute," Jordan protested. "You said that there were only eight Senshi, Luna." It is odd how quickly I have got used to knowing a talking cat, she thought. "Ah! But there are nine Sailor Senshi, ten sometimes," she said. "And there is that Tuxedo Mask guy… 'Earth Knight' as he has been known as recently. Who are they?"
"Well, that is something of an embarrassing tale," Luna said. "When the remains of the equipment left behind from the Silver Millennium detected that Beryl was about to break free from the Negaverse, I was released from a suspended animation pod, where I had been since the fall of the Silver Millennium. I was sent out to locate and 'awaken' the Senshi, restoring their memories of their past lives and training them to use their powers. Unfortunately, my memories were somewhat scrambled by the stasis effect and, when I first met the princess, I mistook her power signature for that of a Sailor Senshi."
Jordan and Annie's eyes tracked onto the face of their smiling mother, who was smiling smugly. "Well, it turned out for the best in the end, didn't it, Luna?" Serena said gently. "And awakening the princess' potential also awakened the prince." Jordan and Annie boggled at Darien. They had just managed to accept that their foster parents were the reincarnation of their real parents from 10,000 years ago, but this?
Serena touched her locket again. "Moon Eternal Power… Make up!" Suddenly blue-white stars and ribbons of energy burst from the locket and surrounded Serena. Her clothes became a white sailor fuku with a blue neckerchief and a blue miniskirt. She also gained red shoulder-length gloves and red thigh-length boots. A red bow blossomed around her locket and a golden tiara centred on a red gem appeared over her shining golden-white crescent birthmark. The Moon Sceptre was strapped to her left lower leg and the hilt of her Moon Soul Blade was visible peeking out from behind her waist.
Simultaneously, Darien drew a blood red rose from no-where. "Earth Planet Power… Guardian!" The rose suddenly metamorphosed into a long cavalryman's rapier. There was a swirl of rose petals that surrounded Darien. In a moment he was wearing a black uniform with leaf-green plate armour covering his breast, arms and legs. He sheathed his sword in a scabbard on the right side of his belt.
Before the girls' astounded gaze, their parents became Sailor Moon and Earth Knight.
As the girls stared at the hero and heroine of the night, Luna continued. "There had not been a Sailor Moon since legendary times," she said in a surprisingly business-like tone of voice. "However, all the princesses of the Lunar Royal House had the potential to become a Sailor Senshi. Additionally, although there had not been a Sailor Earth for over a dozen generations, the power remained in the Earth Royal Family's line and Darien learnt how to use that power as no previous prince of Earth ever did before him."
The girls looked at each other in amazement, then turned back to Serena and Darien. "This explains so much," Annie said.
"Yeah, like how you and your friends were never around whenever a monster attacked and the Senshi fought it,"Annie added with a giggle. "Oh man, this is so cool."
"It is also top secret," Sailor Moon said, waggling her finger at her tomboyish daughter.
"Aw, Mom," Jordan and Annie said simultaneously. They both giggled and ran over to hug their parents again.
"I feel like I finally know who I am," Jordan said at last.
"Thank you for telling us," Annie agreed. "I feel, easier, knowing that I am with my real family."
Sailor Moon smiled happily and kissed both girls on the forehead, making their royal birthmarks glow.
"There is one last thing to say," Luna said quietly. She waited until all four pairs of eyes were focussed on her. "The power of the Senshi is passed on to all the children of the princess currently serving in that role. Jordan and Annie, you are now old enough for your powers to manifest themselves."
The girls looked at the cat in shock. "You're serious," Annie said at last.
"Deadly serious," Sailor Moon replied for her feline friend.
"These powers are your birthright," Earth Knight agreed. "And the time has come for us to train you in those powers. Whether or not you chose to become fighters for love and justice as we have, you must be able to control those powers. That is the real reason that we asked you to come up here tonight."
Luna performed a pair of back-flips and two pen-like objects flashed through the air. Instinctively, Jordan caught one and Annie the other. Jordan's pen was green with a blue sphere at the top ending with a quartered circle and then a valentine's heart. Annie's pen was pearl white topped with a series of concentric discs ending in a valentine heart with a crescent within it.
Luna drew in a deep breath. "Girls, these are your Henshin Wands. They are the means by which you can summon your full powers. Jordan, please raise your wand and say: 'Sun Princess Power: Make up.' Annie, please raise your wand and say: 'Star Princess Power: Make up.'"
The twins looked at each other. "Annie?" Jordan asked. She always relied on Annie's strength of will and certainty in difficult situations.
Annie grinned carnivorously. "Let's do it," she said. She raised her Henshin Wand. "Star Princess Power… Make up!"
Annie followed suit. "Sun Princess Power… Make up!"
Golden light flowed from Jordan's wand as golden-white light flashed from Annie's wand. In moments, the girls were wearing white Senshi fukus.
Annie had an eggshell blue neckerchief, bow, gloves and boots. Jordan's neckerchief, bow, gloves and boots were leaf green. They could feel Soul Blades, retracted and sheathed on the backs of the belts of their skirts. A red wand with a half sun on the end of it was strapped to the back of Annie's left glove and Jordan had two daggers with roses carved into the ends of their hilts sheathed in the thighs of her boots. Both had tiaras, Annie's tiara had an opal yellow gem and Jordan's had an emerald green gem. Annie had little yellow sun at the tops of her boots and gloves. There was another one on the front of her belt and another on a choker around her throat. Jordan had the quartered circle emblem of Stars in the same places on her own fuku,
The girls looked at each other in surprise and exhilaration. They felt stronger, fitter, more aware and more alive than they ever had before.
"Sailor Tarika," Luna said, bowing to Jordan, "and Sailor Cyrus," she continued, bowing to Annie. "Welcome to the Sailor Senshi."
The beginning…