The final count was exactly one human freed—the woman who rode Cassie's back up out of that hellish pit.

Cassie had gotten away clean. Seidel was the only Controller who knew her name, where she lived and that she'd been spying on The Sharing.

Tom, Jake's brother, unfortunately had not been freed. The whole reason that we had gone down there was for Tom. We had failed him.

He came home, the Yeerk in his head once more.

Cassie, Jake, Marco Rachel and myself made it up those stairs. We had emerged into the hallway of a school that would never be the same to us again.

Tobias survived too, though he would never be the same either. But in a different way.

The next morning I went to Jake's house to see if he was okay. When I walked into his room Tobias was there in hawk morph.

(Hey Derek,) Tobias said, a little wistfully. Jake was still asleep, and I didn't feel like waking him just yet.

"Hey Tobias," I said. "What's up? You fly here?"

(Yes,) he said. (I flew here.)

I guess it was from the tone of his "voice" but I knew that something was wrong.

"Tobias," I said. "What is it?"

(I made it out of the Yeerk Pool,) he said. (But it was difficult. I…there's a price for this gift the Andalite gave us. And I've paid it.)

"Oh, Tobias," I gasped.

(It's okay,) he said. (I think I can get used to it you know? Besides how many other kids get to fly?)

"Till the Andalites return," I whispered to him.

(Together we fight.)

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