Disclaimer: Chrono is my rampant sex monkey. Nothing more. (Dammit.)

Author's Note: This will be, more or less, a sister collection to my story 'Ticks of the Clock'. Originally they were all going to be chapters in said fic, but because they (and there is a growing number of them) have a common factor (the fact that they take place during those 6 "alone" months), I figured I'd group them by themselves to avoid confusion. Other than that, they will be written in a nearly identical format to those moments in TotC, will still be ranging from humor to angst to romance to stupidity, and will continue to be nothing more than seconds passing between Rosette and Chrono.

I hope you enjoy this new collection.

WARNING: Spoilers (ranging from subtle to glaring) for the last episode of the Chrono Crusade anime.





"Mmm. . . this is my favorite part of the day."

Turquoise to lavender to magenta.

"And why is that?"

Said magenta into orange as bright as pumpkins; molten gold dripping into the corners of the heavens.

"Because it's so beautiful. . . and quiet. . . and. . . it's like a celebration."

Green seeped into azure, casting indigo shadows on a glowing ground—a ground that hummed with crickets and chuckles.

"You think so? Of what?"

Weary murmurs as flaxen yellow fell against ruby red.

"I'm not sure, exactly. Maybe the completion of another cycle. . . maybe the beginning of a new one."

Cream and tan intertwined, violet caressing and blanketing the other colors.

"Or perhaps it's to commend the events of the past hours? All of the good and the bad and the indifferent."

The brightness grew soft; grays and blacks swallowing the glisten of the blinding berry hues.

"Oh. . . Yes, that. . . perhaps—maybe—. . . that. . ."

Silvery speckles and diamond-ice glows; cheerful pinks and flamboyant purples fading into gentle cornflowers and amused navies.

". . . Hey. Today was a beautiful sunset. Does that mean it was a wonderful day?"

Sleepy shades of ocean blue washed over the scene, crinkled and sleepily slipping behind lids of darkness.

"Heh. . . It's always wonderful. . . when I'm with. . . with you. . ."

Black. Sparkling silver, shimmering whites, light browns fading into flushed maroons.

". . . Sleep, Rosette. Tomorrow is another day."

Night had fallen.

(NOTE: A confusing explanation scene for the reason behind the title of this collection. It's actually the third fic I've written for this—the first one is the second posted. That's why its NOTE is so lengthy.(sweatdrop))