Of Fire and Ice

This is my first Taranee fic I hope it don't suck too much. I don't own anything from W.I.T.C.H

I am the fire guardian, smart, quiet and opinionated as well as obedient. Should I be more aggressive? Am I too much of a push over?

A/N This will be a looking back fic as well as her hidden feelings. It has a little Angst


"Ugh I wish my brother would stop teasing me." I sit and read a long book trying to teach myself to understand the words. Suddenly I feel the touch of my kind yet busy mom. She smiles at me and I look at her with curious eyes. We spent the first five years in an apartment because mom was trying to get a degree in political science and gain her ambassador license. She asks, "Taranee dear do you feel left out?"

I smile and say, "No mom I'm happy with just sitting here reading." 'Of course my brother gets friendsand I don't have any bothers me just a little.' She sighs and hugs me for some reason I don't understand.

She asks, "Have you tried to make friends sweetheart?"

I knew the lecture of me being more talkative was coming but I choose not to lie and say, "Yes but they give me the same title that my brother gives me, a hardcore geek and a dork."

Her eyes narrow and as if on cue my brother walks in to get a bite of fruit. He may be tuff and is seen as a cool kid but there's no fury he fears more than momma's. He looks at mom and asks "What did I do now?"

She plants her hands on her hips and says, "How many times have I asked you to help your sister out? What kind of son am I raisin' who can't even be nice to his own sister? Peter your sister needs friends. I have a job for you; you're going to take your sister with you to whatever you have planned this evening and try to get her to talk to your friends."

My brother looks at mom as if his life was about to end or something. He says, "But…but…MOM SHE'LL RUIN MY IMAGE! I love her but she's too much of a…"

Mom's eyes blaze, and say firmly, "If you would've done what I've asked you over and over again you wouldn't have this problem, and if you don't then you will be grounded for 3 weeks which means no going to basketball games or shootn' hoops with your homie g's."

I just smile at mom as she puts my brother Peter in his place. He sighs and says, "Yes Ma'am I will take my dork sister with me."

She glares at him again and he stammers, "Uh…I…me…mean…sweet…little sister."

She smiles saying, "Good now I will be heading to class in an hour, you better not let anything happen to your sister. You know the drill come home at 8:30 not an hour later."

He sighs and nods knowing if he didn't comply he wouldn't be able to hang with his gang. Mom turns to me and say, "Try to have some fun my sweet Taranee I want you to get out more. Sitting here and reading all day is not good for you. I love the fact you want to learn so much but I don't want you to learn too much too fast ok sweetie."

I hug her saying, "Ok momma I'll try to have fun with my brother and his friends."

She gets ready for class and I watch her in awe she's always been my hero. She puts on some of her momma's jewelry and brushes out her short blue/ black hair.

My brother asks, "When's dad getting home?"

She looks at the calendar and says, "About 9:00 or that's what he has down. Will you both try not to aggravate your father too much today, he had an important meeting and he will most likely be half out of it when he gets home. Be responsible and get the house straightened up."

She kisses us both on the head and says, "I'll see you both later. Be good I love you."

We both say, "Love you too mom." She walks out the door, gets in her car and drives away. My brother looks at me with the, you-are-going-to-do-what-I-say look. 'It's going to be a long evening.'

SURPRISE! I hope you like this one too but I won't be updating too much on this one until I get All's Fair in Love and Hate done.