Of Fire and Ice

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Chapter 24

As we make it home, I still feel cold and distant. The death of Diana was damping my spirits. I faintly recall two nights before when the shots rang out in the air. Clarice is sitting on our coach with a blank look on her face and my parents try to comfort her. I manage to hug her and she whispers, "My only sister gone before my eyes." I let a tear escape from my eye as she whispers that. I pull away and go upstairs not really saying anything because I am still in shock myself. I remember falling asleep for awhile and I heard some commotion but then silence. I wonder what is to become of everything around me. I get the lonely feeling again like what happened with mom. I know she is strict now. I hear someone knock on my door and whisper, "Taranee are you ok?"

I just sit up and answer, "Yes…" Even though that wasn't exactly the truth but I hear someone walk in. I curl up in a ball and tears start to fall but I refuse to make a sound. I hear a commotion going on outside but we do not think much of it. Mom actually holds me for a little while and whispers, "I am sorry honey but everything will be all right…."

I know my mother didn't care much for Diana. So I just lay there until my tears dry up and I did eat supper that evening. After all that I remember being along again just to sleep.






"Taranee…please don't shut out your feelings"

"…Who are you?"

"You will know in time."

I see a bridge and all of us in a car. I see a field of reeds or that is what I assume. It looked like we are approaching a town and a hazy picture of a house.


The picture fades as I feel someone shaking me.


I let out a groan and try to go back to sleep.


I snap up and ask, "WHAT!"

I see my brother look at me with a concerned look. "Pete?"

He finally smiles as I sit up. He actually hugs me and asks, "Feeling ok shortie?"

I pout at the name and answer, "I am fine Pete really."

He ruffles my hair and we walk downstairs. Mom and dad seem happy that Peter finally got me up and out of my room. I feel a dull headache but I feel a little better then I was when we first came home. I look around to see if Clarice was still around. I see her in the kitchen with dad and her husband at least that is what I assume. I walk into the kitchen and ask, "Clarice, are you doing better?"

She offers me gentle smile and says, "Yes Taranee thank you for asking. Are you doing better?"

I offer the same smile back. "I am doing little better thanks." I sit down and actually started eating and it seems like everyone let out a big sigh of relieve. Dad was busy cooking and my mom was reading papers.

Clarice looks at her husband who looks not so different from dad. Only his hair is a little longer. He asks, "Clara aren't you going to introduce me to your client?"

Clarice shakes her head and asks, "Now why Johnny is you suddenly interested in meeting her? I thought you said once you met one of my clients you met them all."

He has dad's silly smile. "Did I really say that?"

I give him a shy smile and extend my hand saying, "I am Taranee Cook nice to meet you."

He smiles back at me and says, "Johnson but you can call me Johnny little lady."

Clarice feigns a pout and asks, "Now why weren't you that nice when we first met?"

He walks over and flicks her hair. "You were the one who wrestled me to the ground and then grabbed the hair of my head." She blinks innocently and pretends that she had no idea what he was talking about. I couldn't help but laugh at the picture. Mom even laughed a little at that. For a moment it seems like I had my family back.

There was once again soul music playing and laughter in the air. Until my dad looked on the door and noticed a piece of paper with large lettering on it on sheet



Chapter 25

Alarm hushes everyone one in the room as my dad suddenly stops singing. Mom walks over and sees the bold lettering on the paper. She turns pale but anger flashes in her eyes. I didn't know the sudden change until I see message. My brother asks, "Are we going to be attacked dad?"

My dad tries to smile and keep up the peaceful nature. Clarice squeezes her husbands hand and asks, "Theresa is there anything we can do?"

Mom sits down beside Clarice. "I honestly don't know…It would seem my whole family is in danger but there is nothing I can do right now." She lets out an aggravated sigh. Clarice put her hand on mom's shoulder. "We will do all that we can to ensure your son's and daughter's safety."

Mom lets out a smile and the day ended as warm goodbyes were said. The weeks following were pretty quiet, Clarice and Johnny did keep an eye on things for Peter and I. After a while we begin to think it was a prank. So we all relaxed more and disregarded the message. We had visits from Clarice and Johnny a few weekends. I keep visiting Clarice we seem to do more talking about Diana. It did seem to help me get an understanding of how to deal with loneliness. Again the feelings of security begin to take root, but that feeling would fade again. Clarice took me and mom to this dance club for a girl's night out. Strangely we both were dancing and guys were trying to get close to us. Sadly as we were having fun gun shots fill the air once more. Mom grabs a hold of me and hustles me away from the panicking crowd. Once it is over we look out from the crowd a lot of people are groaning and a good percent dead.

Mom and I look for a phone to call for help. We manage to find one working but I see movement nearby and I hear some bad thoughts. I pull mom down to the floor as another shot is fired. When mom makes the call and gives them the information before the bullet severs the phone cord. We try our best to avoid the bullets and when the sirens wail the guy runs off. We look around to see how many are hurt. We find Clarice dead and I start to cry at the scene. We stay to help the respondents and the police told us to go home. So we did as we were told and go home. We meet dad and Peter in the driveway. Dad looks pale and so does Peter dread make the air thick.

"Daddy…Clarice…is gone.." I shiver as the gunshots ring in my head.

He looks at me startled and asks, "When did this happen?"

Mom answers, "About an hour ago Lionel, we were within reach of each other. How are we going to tell Johnson?"

Dad rubs the back of his neck. "He was in a car accident and was pronounced dead at the scene." We all just walk inside not sure what to say or do. Dad looks again at the note and wonders who would hate us this much.

I look up at him and ask, "Are they in. heaven?"

Dad nods and Peter just hugs me. It is a rare occurrence but it does happen. Mom makes coffee and a dark chocolate smoothie for me and Peter. We all wonder how we are going to handle burring three friends in a manner of weeks. We hadn't done anything for my buddy Diana so I say, "Let's do a memorial of them."

Mom and Dad look at me startled but agree to my idea. Peter asks, "What should we get?"

"Flowers, Pictures and maybe a single headstone" I suggest.

Mom gives me a hug and suggests, "Why not make a small garden with their names on the ground."

Dad shakes his head and suggests, "Headstone with names it and flowers around the headstone."

We agree on that and we pick a nice peaceful spot in the park to place a headstone there. We all gather in respect for them and dad had contacted all their families to see if they wanted to pay respects too. We were surprised to see their families here too. They compliment us on our idea and they pour their ashes out on the ground. After the hugs and exchanging of addresses finally things seem to get back to quiet. Two weeks after that mom finally gets the necessary hours to resume her position as judge and gets a better offer in a place called HeatherFeild.

She tells us and I was not so excited.

"But. this is our home isn't it?"

Mom holds me and says, "Taranee this will be an adventure we will start again. No more threats against us or people getting killed."

I cry as I pack my things and we pack our car. Suddenly our house goes up in flames and I just sit inside. Mom and Dad seem to be relieved and we are on the road. Goodbye Clarice…Diana…Johnson and home I will never forget you.

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