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Done! Hermione laid the quill down satisfied with her now finished summer homework, she always liked summer homework, Snape would always give her "EXTRA" if she'd polish his wand (if you know what I mean).She looked at the clock (10:02pm), she was making great time because she was useing the time turner to finish all her homework at once. The phone rang, making her jump.

"Hello?" She said picking up the phone.

"Hi, Honey, it's daddy, just seeing how you are doing are you-..." (The phone went dead.)

"Daddy, hello! This isn't funny!" She screamed hanging the phone up.

She ran upstairs to her room. A clinking noise, she forgot she still had the time turner on her neck. She started to take it off when her T.V. turned on, it was at a static state.

What the... she thought as she got up and turned it off. Heading back it turned on again. Slowly she turned around. The T.V. turned to a picture of a well, then a little girl started to come out.

"NO!" Hermione screamed.

The little girl slowly came out of the T.V. Hermione stared, still screaming. The little girl fell out then quickly got back up and headed towards Hermione with her hands out.

"NEVER!" Hermione said pulling the time turner off and strangling the girl. The girl struggled for a bit then grabbed the time turner, something snapped as it broke, but the chain was still around the girls neck. Hermione got pushed into the chair and the girl creped closer. Just as the girl got there the time turner, still kinda broken, spun and the girl magically popped back a few feet. Every time the girl almost got there she was sent back in time.

"Oh you son of a.." She started but then got sent back. After about the 5th time she grabbed the time turner and threw it. "Your mine now, bitch!"

Hermione screamed as long as she could.

"Ah your fucking voice is like nails on a fucking chalkboard!" The girl screamed.

Hermione stopped and pulled out a 12 gauge shotgun. "Eat this, BITCH!" 'Click' Hermione looked at the gun realizing it wasn't loaded, "AH!"

A crackling voice appeared from the door and a lady crawled in from the hallway (Lady from The Grudge). She stopped making the noise and looked around. "Oh I am terribly sorry, wrong movie. Here I think this will make up for it," She gets up, making her bones pop, and reaches for her wallet. "Here," she pulls out two 20's, "don't tell anyone." She gives them the money then slowly creeps out.

Hermione and the girl stare at each other. The girl grabs the chair and smacks Hermione.

"Uh!" Hermione moaned in pain. She grabbed the pen and shoved it in the girls eye.

"AHHH!" The girl picked up a machine gun, "REPAIR THIS BITCH!"

Hermione jumped up on the wall and ran around the room (on the wall) dodging the bullets.

'Click, click, click' The girl threw the gun down and under her dress, pulling out a rocket launcher.

"Damn, you must be loose," Hermione said laughing.

The girl pulled the trigger, shooting a rocket at Hermione.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Hermione screamed. The rocket jabbed into her stomach, but didn't explode. "Ha must be a du.." 'Boom'

(Harry Potter music)