"Father, please."

Jedi Knight Qui Gon Jinn sighed with exasperation, his face was slightly red with frustration. "Leila, I said no. And no, I do mean."

"Please choose him," pleaded his daughter, Leila Jinn. "For me."

"Leila!" Qui Gon was close to loosing his temper, something he had never done with Leila.

"Father, Obi Wan will be thirteen in a month." Leila's violet eyes filled with tears. "And then he'll have to leave the Temple if no one chooses him for a Padawan." She had thrown caution to the wind. She was done dropping hints.

Qui Gon sighed. He was sick and tired of discussing this boy with Leila. And with Master Yoda. And everyone one else who saw fit to stick their nose in his business. "I will say no more on the subject."

Leila looked at him for a long moment. She was a beautiful girl, having just had her eleventh birthday, and she acted and looked far older than her age. She was considered the most important Jedi in the whole Temple but paid little attention to that. She was the creation of a Sith and had a midid-clorian count well over 15,000, higher than that of even her Master's. Her master was Yoda, one of the two senior members of the Jedi Council. Both Yoda and Master Mace Windu where firm believers in that she was the Chosen One. But she felt that she was not and constantly reminded them of this. She had thick black hair, smooth skin, large violet eyes and a small bone structure. She wore black robes nearly all the time and was the only Jedi in the whole Temple to have a purple lightsaber, besides Mace Windu. Qui Gon had had her since the time she had been created. Her maker had left Leila in the Jedi Knight's path and Qui Gon had brought her to the Temple and with the permission of the Council, had raised her as his own daughter.

Now Qui Gon met her eyes steadily.

At last Leila bowed respectfully, even though the man was her Father and then turned and left the room.

Qui Gon sighed when she was gone. He knew full well that Obi Wan was her best friend and she loved him dearly. And though he knew that Obi Wan loved Leila dearly, he couldn't imagine what would happen when the boy left. But then again…he had only to worry about Leila. Not the boy.