'Kyo turned to Tirana, "I love you," he said, "We can forget about Tohru, you are my new love!" and they hugged.'

"UGH!" Kyo spat, "This is sickening!"

"What is it this time you stupid cat?" asked Yuki.

"It's some weird fanfiction thingie. The writer is making me fall in love with some stupid girl I don't even know!"

"A Mary Sue."

"A what? Who the heck is Mary Sue?"

"It's an original character designed to fall in love with characters like us. Unfortunately, it happens a lot in fanfictions."

"Since when did you know so much about fanfictions?"

"I've read a few. And for once, I have to agree with you, scary as it may seem. The type of fanfiction you just read is revolting."

Kyo sighed, "What kind of sicko would write this junk?"

"Someone with a mind like Shigure, maybe. Is this your first time reading one of these?"

"Yes. And the last time I'll ever read one of these too."

"What made you read Furuba fanfictions?"

"Just curious. Ya gotta problem with that, Rat Boy?"

"No. Like you, I was 'just curious' to see why you were interested. But if you don't like the one you just read…"

Yuki grabbed the mouse and entered "Kagura" into the character 1 box and "Kyo" into the character 2 box.

"Hey, what do think you're doing? I was using that!" Kyo yelled, but Yuki paid no attention and clicked on a fanfiction called "Kyo changes his mind about Kagura".

Kyo began to read it and his jaw dropped in horror. Yuki smirked, "What do you think?"

"This is almost worse!" Kyo shouted, and grabbed the mouse from Yuki,

"You think this is over Rat Boy? I can do better."

And Kyo proceeded to enter "Yuki" in the character 1 box and "Saki" in the character 2 box. Then he clicked on a fanfiction called "Yuki realizes it's destiny to be with Hana."

Yuki read a little and turned off the computer.

"It ends here, my little furry fiend," he said, in an icy tone

"Oh yeah, you started it!"

And with that, Kyo and Yuki began to turn over tables, knock things over, and in the end, Yuki sent Kyo flying out the sliding doors.

A/N: I just wanted some way to express my displeasure for Mary Sues, and I figured Kyo would be the best person to do it. The little bits about Kyo x Kagura and Yuki x Hana were just to add a little humor. But don't get me wrong, I love Kyo x Kagura and Yuki x Hana is fine.