I don't own Zelda(more tears! waaaah!)

Hey you crazy cats! Thank you so much for the reviews on my first poem! (giggles)Okay,soon request by, uhh...Samatha B,was it.Yeah! So here we go, Link's deep point of veiw in a "poetrylikeness"! (I love making up words)

WarningPlease don't mind the grammer/spelling! See I suffered from a Satanic Chatholic School Literature Teacher and I knda apprecicate a good spelling error here and there...ya know just in spite of her!(laughs evily) All set? Okay!

I Dare


Samurai Snow


I hear the wind whisper

I am

You are

incapable of escaping

Dare I question

"Friend or Foe"


And to you

My wretched woe

Being brought on so effortlessly

By the mere escences of you

Your dangerous eyes that pierce my heart

Speak not a word but the truth

With in lies the power you have over me

Every drop of blood

The fighting, bleeding, healing and the same tomorrow

Our Denstiny

There in lies the truth

I Dare

So what do you think! I knda confused myself but the short virson: Link is actuallly fighting for Zelda &Neither of them will escape the destiny...yeah...uh,my head hurts. JKLOL Please review!