Hello to all fellow Harry Potter fans! If you've ever been on the comments pages, you might recognize my pen name. You know, I'm the Snape lover, potential Death Eater, She Who Must Not Be Named. (Don't even ask!) As you may well have noticed (if you've checked out my profile page) this is my first attempt at a Harry Potter fic, and depending on how horrible it is, it may just be my last.

Just to let you know, don't expect me to update soon, not till my fic One World Away from Darkness is finished. Then I will be able to focus more on this one. My fic Following the Footsteps of Destiny is an ongoing project, which may well turn into a grand epic, and yes! I am still planning to write My Best Friend's Girlfriend! So without further ado, here's my first Harry Potter fic. I fully expect some flames and I don't mind one bit. I usual cut out the insults and use the rest as constructive criticism. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all it's characters belong to J.K. Rowling. I own nothing. This story is just for fun.

Harry Potter and the Sword of Gryffindor

Chapter 1: The Servant of Voldemort

In a deep forest of tangled trees and thick shadows, several hooded figures knelt upon the damp earth, carefully keeping their eyes averted from the tall, thin form standing before them.

One figure, who was slightly smaller than the rest and visibly trembling, had caught the thin man's attention.

"You came very close to failing me tonight," said a high, cold voice. "Lord Voldemort does not tolerate failure."

A small whimper escaped the youth's mouth, but it was quickly silenced.

Despite the smile on Voldemort's face, the light never reached his blood-red snakelike gaze.

Voldemort turned, the hem of his robes rustling in the grass choked with weeds, and gazed at each one of the figures knelt in a half-circle before him. "Fortunately for you, Draco, disaster has been averted." His slitted eyes came to rest back on the trembling figure closest to him. "For that, I have decided to spare you. I must admit, with Dumbledore dead, I'm in a rather cheery mood this evening."

Draco Malfoy's sigh of relief was not lost on his companions.

"Still." Voldemort's eyes narrowed threateningly, and Draco shivered. "I expect much better from you in the future. Lord Voldemort does not make exceptions as a rule. Next time I may not be in such a lovely mood."

"Yes, master," Draco whispered.

"Now, as for you..." Voldemort turned to address the figure kneeling on Draco's right. Unlike Draco, this figure did not twitch a muscle. "You're loyalty to Lord Voldemort will be rewarded. Your actions tonight have led to a rapid progression in my plans. With Dumbledore out of the way, Harry Potter does not stand a chance against the power that is Lord Voldemort. Our young friend cannot hide behind the robes of others anymore and he is vulnerable. This time, Harry Potter will die a terrible death at my hands, and there will be no escape for him."

The figure before Voldemort merely nodded and did not speak.

"But first there is something else we must do," said Voldemort softly. "Some of your fellow Death Eaters still remain in Azkaban. However inept they are at such a simple task as stealing a prophecy out of the hands of a group of teenagers, they will be needed."

One Death Eater giggled nervously and was quickly silenced by a fellow companion.

"Some of you will be visiting Azkaban in the coming weeks," said Voldemort. "A couple of Dementors should be sufficient enough to aid you. Greyback, Alecto, Amycus. You three will do. Bring Lucius and the others back to me."

He turned to Draco with a twisted smile. "I'm sure you will like that, Draco." Then his eyes narrowed. "Although your father might not, once I'm through with him. Everyone must answer to Lord Voldemort for pathetic failures such as the one that Lucius so spectacularly achieved."

Draco gasped and quickly slapped a hand over his mouth to cover the sound.

"The rest of you will receive your orders in due time. Now all of you get out of my sight. I have much yet still to plan before we're ready for our strike against Harry Potter."

The Death Eaters quickly rose, and Voldemort pointed one long, thin finger at the figure on Draco's right. "Except you. You will stay."

The rest of the Death Eaters had already disapparated, but one hesitated at the edge of the clearing, silently watching them.

"Is there something you wanted to ask me, Bellatrix?" said Voldemort coldly, without looking at her.

The figure at the edge of the clearing jumped. "No, my Lord," she murmured.

"Then leave me. I have no use for you at the moment."

Again Bellatrix hesitated before finally disapparating.

Voldemort turned his attention to the remaining Death Eater who had not moved from his original kneeling position on the ground.

"The Dark Lord always knows," said Voldemort softly. "Tonight your loyalty was tested and you have passed the test. As you well know, Lord Voldemort does not take unnecessary chances. That is why you will be given a task far greater than the others."

The Death Eater remained silent, his face hidden with the aide of his dark hood.

"You are going to bring Harry Potter to me," Voldemort whispered. "I'm sure you will take great pleasure in watching him die. Only those worthy enough will be granted such an honour. You succeed where your fellow Death Eaters do not. I'm sure your dear friend Lucius knows that all too well. Prepare yourself. The Order of the Phoenix is still at large even without that fool Dumbledore there to guide them. They will no doubt try to thwart us for the boy's sake."

"Yes, my Lord. I will be vigilant, and on your command, I will lead Harry Potter straight into your hands," said the Death Eater quietly.

Voldemort smiled and allowed his servant to kiss the hem of his robes. "Lord Voldemort rewards loyalty," he said softly, placing a hand on the Death Eater's hooded head. "Soon Harry Potter will be nothing but a fond memory."

Voldemort turned and, with a swish of his cloak, he disapparated from the forest.

The lone Death Eater remained kneeling and slowly lifted his head to the starry night sky. A quarter moon shone high in that endless darkness, it's pale blue light reflecting eerily off the Death Eater's face. Haunted black eyes gazed at the stars from within the confines of his black hood.

"Only you can save yourself now, Harry Potter," he whispered softly.

Slowly the Death Eater stood up and turning, he disappeared into the darkness.