Ok, I know this is seriously random, but me and my lil bro were reading a fanfic and all of a sudden I got this idea.

So Katie is going to be normal, Angelina is going to be italics, and Alicia is going to be bold.

Hem, hem………


I'm thinking of what to say!

Just say this is a 100 and 1 ways to annoy our dear captain, Oliver Wood.

Brought to you by his lovely chasers.

Oh…what they said.

#1: eat lots and lots and lots of junk food around him. Pisses him off more than anything else.

#2: continuously show up late for practice

We did that once remember?

Yup. That vein on the side of his neck practically burst out… doing the tango.

Good times, gooooooooood times

Uh, what's going on here?

George get out!

Tell me what's going on!


Gasp! Are you making fun of our dear captain?






.…can I help?

Yeah, I'm in.

Whatever! We gotta finish before Oliver finds us!

We'll have double practice for sure…

So #3 pat him on the shoulder and say 'it's alright dear, you tried your best' every time one of his new plans go down the drain.

#4: fill a quaffle with water so when you throw it on him…he ends up soaking wet. Hehe

#5: add a cherry

He hates cherries.

#6: every time he rambles on about Quidditch, hit him over the head with a beater's bat

#7: make fun of his hair.

I like his hair.

Who cares? #8: purposely get detention everyday we have practice.

#9: show up five minutes before the match starts so he's running around like a chicken without a head.

#10: continuously point out that his broom is out dated.

#11: put a pink unmentionable in his captain quarters and pretend like you have no idea how it got there.

I remember that!

#12: find something wrong with everyone of his girl friends.

#13: pretend that your getting bad grades in all your classes and your teachers are threatening to take you off the team.

That's stupid.

No it's not!

Sure it's not…

#14: knit him…a pair of green and silver socks.

Ooooh, Slytherin colors

Nice touch

Now the last one for today #15: purposely get into shouting matches with him every single practice.

That's my job!

And you do it so well.

It's not that hard to tick him off…

Ok! Well we'll do #'s 16-25 another time! Adios!

You know French?

…ok, was that completely stupid? I'm counting on you guys to tell me.