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Author's Note: This is Miss Parker's thoughts about what happened on the Island of Carthis. She might be thinking this when she's on the plane, or after she gets back home.

The Biggest Mistake Of My Life

By: 24

I almost made the biggest mistake of my life when we were stranded on that Island. The Island where my Great, Great Grandfather escaped from after burning his family to start the Centre. You are probably wondering what the almost biggest mistake of my life is. Well, let me tell you. It happened in front of the fire of Ocee's house. I almost kissed Jarod. In my moment of weakness I almost kissed my childhood friend and my prey. I was trained to distrust him and to think of him as nothing more than a monster and a possession that needed to be returned to its rightful place. I remember when we were children and we would go on so many adventures. He was my friend then until my father split us apart. I thought that we would always be friends, but my father didn't' like me talking to the lab rat because it might give him ideas of escaping, or it might distract him from his work. We couldn't have that because he made the Centre a lot of money and my father was greedy.

When my father, Raines and the sweeper team came I looked at Jarod to see his reaction and he looked scared. Scared at what might happen to him when he was returned back to the Centre. I never thought that he would be scared of anything, but I found out otherwise. Then I watched as pain crossed his face when I pulled my hands away from his cuffed one's. I told myself that he's a prisoner and needs to go back. That he's a lab rat that needs to go back to his cage.

Was it the biggest mistake of my life not kissing him? Or would the biggest mistake of my life could have been kissing him again? Yes, I remember the first kiss that I gave him. He was so young, innocent and naïve then and he still is even though he's been out in the world for six years.

The End