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Angels & Phantoms

In Dreams

It's over now the music of the night…

She had looked back...even as Raoul reminded her of their promise for the future, Christine Daae had looked back. Deep within the cellars of the Opera Populaire, the voice of her fallen angel lingered. Her heart clenched tightly at the haunting echo, the burn of tears stinging her eyes.

You should be happy, Christine, you are finally free. You will soon be married to Raoul. You will never see your dark angel again...

Oh, God, never hear his sweet music again...

Christine bit off a strangled sob and looked back to her fiancée, his tender expression promising love and protection. "We are safe, Christine. He will never hurt you again, my love."

Christine closed her eyes tightly and nodded mutely.

He will not hurt me again... He will not look on me with those sad adoring eyes... He will not touch me... Never touch me again...

Trembling almost violently, Christine felt herself enveloped in a strong tender embrace. Raoul's hands pressed against her back in a comforting gesture, attempting to soothe calm her.

But in her mind it was him...and her trembling only increased. As if she had somehow willed it, the soft touch of her lover grew bolder...his hands moving steadily down her spine and pulling her body closer. The hard form against her suddenly felt broader than it had, stronger...his lips pressed a heated kiss against her throat and she began to burn…and then she heard his voice...His voice!

"Christine, I love you."

Snapping her eyes open, Christine met the endless blue green gaze of her angel. His sensual lips were curved in amusement…his white mask somehow back upon his face. She struggled to break free of him, but his arms only tightened, lifting her body up against his.

His face darkened with passion. "Did you think you could ever be free? Your chains belong to me."

His mouth captured hers possessively and all at once, Christine stopped struggling. The sudden ache within her was too powerful to overcome and she clung to him, her own mouth opening to deepen the kiss. She pressed her lips against his frantically, fisting her hands into his hair and trying in vain to get closer. She needed to get closer, and her mind silently begged him for more.


Yes...Angel please...

Don't leave me.

Don't ever leave me…Angel.


Christine jolted upright, her chest heaving; her hair damp with sweat. Her eyes searched the dark room frantically, but there was no one there. She was had all just been another dream.

Expelling a harsh breath, she sank back into the pillows with tears streaming over her cheeks. It had been nearly two weeks since that night. The night the life she had known had come crashing to an end along with the grand chandelier. Raoul had taken her from the Opera House…he had held her and comforted her and told her that she was safe now. Indeed, he had spirited her swiftly away from the fire and off to the de Chagny estate outside of the city.

And here she was, another night of fitful sleep filled with dreams of her angel. Always the images were the same...she was in his arms again, his touch awakening a strange fire within her that she could not resist. Sometimes, like tonight, they were in the damp catacombs beneath the Opera…other times they were on the stage during Don Juan Triumphant, making love in front of all of Paris. Always she would awaken crying out for her angel.

Damn it! Why can I not shake these thoughts from my mind?

You know why, Christine.

She squeezed her eyes shut against the truth she could no longer deny. Her nights had become her torment, but they were also her salvation. For in her dreams she was with him again, and the terrible emptiness within her was filled. The very light she had sought so desperately had become unbearable to her.

Christine had tried to be happy here with Raoul. She did love him, yes, loved him dearly. He had ensconced her in the finest suite, lavished her with gifts and words of adoration, and spoken to her with such joy about their future marriage. Christine should have cherished these days with him, free of the nightmare that had tormented her. Free from Him. But she could not cherish the days when each morning ripped her once again from the arms of her angel.

No, not an angel…a murderer…

But Christine's heart could not be turned from him…even as he had given her freedom, he had somehow bound her more tightly to him. For now she was left alone to remember every moment they had shared before her angel had fallen. The moments of kindness and comfort he had offered, the beauty of his voice as he had sung to her. He had been her lifeline…her…life…for so long. Her very soul ached for him now, and her body well remembered the fire of his touch...a fire Christine could not find in herself for Raoul.

And always she would remember his kiss. The first press of her lips had been a plea for freedom and she'd thought only of Raoul's life. No, not only of Raoul… she had thought of her angel as well. Sought to ease his pain by offering herself to him, and the offer had not been as horrid as it should have been. The memory of their passionate song had still been lingering on the edges of her mind…a promise left unfulfilled. The first kiss had brought every sensation back. The second kiss had enflamed her desire, and set her heart racing, and for one insane moment she had forgotten Raoul completely.

She would have stayed with her angel. But he had pushed her away, told her to go. Even as Raoul had taken her away, Christine had felt as though a part of her had remained...and now she knew, her angel had been right all along. She would never be free.

Oh, God, what am I to do? How am I to go on like this?

I cannot go on like this.

The images of her dreams danced behind her eyelids and she knew sleep would not come easily.

Christine Daae had finally woken up.

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