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xThis Is Drive Shaftx

(Tampa, Florida)

"So we decided that since tonight's your show, tomorrow will be your day off and then we'll have the reception!" Karen explains, beaming at her husband at the last part. Liam looks bewildered.

"Two days? Karen, Bunny, that's too soon," he says.

"Oh, come on, Liam, it's not like it's an actual wedding. I mean, there won't be a big wedding gown, a limo, a bachelor party," she glares.

(Outside Bus)

"Well, they're planning," Sinjin says as he listens to large headphones connected to a box with several knobs on it. Everyone else is just standing around- smoking, drumming their fingers on their knees, putting tape on their fingers. Patrick has been tugging at his bottom lip for a while now.

Murdoc puts out her cigarette with her boot and asks, "What is that?"

"I think it's something that bank guy had in the bus," Sinjin explains. "Did you know he had us wired?"

"What do you mean?" Charlie asks.

"I can hear everything that's going on in the bus with these."

"You can?" Murdoc asks. She ponders this for a moment and then hastily sits down next to Sinjin. "Can I listen?" Sinjin hands her another pair of headphones, as if he was expecting this.

Charlie stands up and says, "Well, that's fascinating, but I think I'm going to head to that music store we saw a few miles back. Anyone want to come with me?" He waits for an answer, but no one moves. He walks out of the shot, only to walk back a few seconds later. "Yeah, I'm going to need a car."

(In Sam Ash, music store)

Patrick is looking at the wall of cymbals in the drum section. Jeremy is looking at the bass guitars. Charlie and Dean are in the piano section.

"So, you play the piano?" Charlie asks Dean.

"Yeah," Dean mutters, playing a small tune.

"Well, I'll have you know I've been playing since I was a kid," Charlie says, playing a little song. Dean is observing Charlie's playing style, with his fingers jutting out at odd angles and with a flustered look on his face.

"Who taught you?" Dean asks.

"I taught myself," Charlie mutters, continuing to play his pathetic song. Dean nods and walks over to another piano and starts playing a song. It's a whole lot more intricate than what Charlie was playing, and when Charlie hears it, he stops.

"I know that song," he says.

"This one?" Dean says, starting to play the song over again.

"Yeah." Dean continues to play, and Charlie is obviously racking his brain in search of the answer. "I know it… I know it…"


"Don't tell me! I know it…" He sighs deeply. "I don't know."

"It's the Clash. 'Rock the Casbah'?" Dean says.

Charlie clenches his fist and hits himself in the head. "'Rock the Casbah!' Of course! Damn it!"

"Hey, don't beat yourself up about it…"

"Play another one!" he spits.


"Play another song! I'm going to guess it right!"

"Charlie, what're you-"

"Play!" Dean nervously plays the beginning to "Christine Sixteen" by KISS. Charlie listens intently. Dean finishes the short intro. "Why'd you stop?"

"The song's over."

"Well, play it again, I haven't gotten it yet." Dean plays it again. "I have no idea," Charlie sighs.

"It's 'Christine Sixteen'," Dean explains. Charlie looks confused. "By KISS? ...You've never heard of it?"

"Who's KISS?"

Dean looks completely dumbfounded. "You know, those guys with the paint on their faces…"

"Oh, yeah, them."

Dean gives an enormous sigh of relief as he clutches his chest and holds on to the edge of the piano and laughs. "For a second there I thought you had no idea who KISS was." He chuckles again. "Of course, if that was the case, I'd have to kill you."

(Outside bus)

Murdoc and Sinjin are listening to Liam and Karen arguing inside.

(Inside Bus)

"I don't get it, why would you have listed dinner for fifty people if we don't even have enough people to invite? Wait… You didn't invite your family, did you?" Liam asks.

"Well, I tried, but no one could make it on such short notice," Karen explains. "Why, what's wrong with my family?"

"Nothing, I just-"

"You're still upset with my mother, aren't you? You know, it was an accident-"

"An accident? Karen, an entire collection of Voltron action figures don't just fry themselves…"

"She didn't mean to put your toys in the fireplace…"

"They weren't toys!" Liam cries, getting emotional. He looks over at Meg, who has a pair of scissors and is cutting the arms and legs off the Liam doll. Liam frowns and says, "Meggie?" She looks up. "Headphones." Megan quickly clamps her hands over her ears. "It was the entire 1984 collection! Do you have any idea how hard those are to find? I mean, the ACTION FIGURES have been discontinued since then and I haven't been able to get one since 1997!"

"You see? THIS is why we're renewing our vows, you don't care about me! All you care about is your stupid toys!" Karen snaps.

"Action figures!"

"And when was the last time you gave Megan a toy?"

"Oh, don't change the subject-"

"No, we're on the subject! This is why I'm here, Liam! Because you don't love us anymore!" Karen starts to cry.

"Karen, I never stopped loving you!" Liam says, hugging his wife. He makes a weird strangling motion just past Karen's neck."And I never will."

"It just seems that you don't care…"

"I do care," Liam says. He looks at Megan. "Duran Duran." Megan scrunches her nose and shakes her head. "Duran Duran," he repeats. He looks down at Karen's head on his shoulder. "Honey, you didn't change the headphones, did you?" Karen doesn't respond. "Karen?"

"Van Halen," Karen says to Megan and quickly walks away to the bathroom.

"BITCH!" Liam yells after her. He looks at Meg, who looks back at him questioningly. "Uh, headphones?"


"What's headphones?" Murdoc asks Sinjin as they continue to eavesdrop.

"Well, it's kinda like that movie Old School-"

"Oh, you mean like 'earmuffs'?"

"Yeah, except he'll say 'Duran Duran' when the headphones are turned off."

"Why Duran Duran?"

Sinjin thinks about this before answering, "…Why not?"

"Hey, I think we've got something," Murdoc says.

(Inside Bus)

Megan is staring at something on the wall. She abandons her scissors and doll and walks over to it. It's a white wire. She reaches out and touches it. Her fingers go around on it and she tugs on it as hard as she can, causing-

(Outside Bus)

-very loud feedback and static to blast into Sinjin's and Murdoc's ears. They both yell and rip off the headphones and stare at them for a second.

"I had a feeling that would happen," Sinjin says.

(Inside Sam Ash)

"I only know how to play one song," Jeremy says as he holds a violin and stares at an annoyed Dean and an enraged Charlie. The height difference between Dean and Charlie is sort of funny as well.

"Well, play it! I'll get it, I know I will!" Charlie spits. Jeremy looks at him, bewildered, but begins to play the song. It's "Eleanor Rigby", and Dean sighs and folds his arms, as if to say "How easy could this get?" But Charlie is having some trouble. Jeremy finishes the song and looks at Charlie.

Charlie seems flustered and is racking his brain before he suddenly gets a tranquil look on his face. "Eleanor Rigby?"

"Yes!" Dean cries. Charlie theatrically pumps his fists in the air and jumps up and down as Dean applauds. Charlie even becomes so excited he grabs the violin Jeremy was playing and smashes it on the ground. Everyone quickly walks away as he stomps on it and yells.


"So, if we break it, we buy it?" Dean asks, talking to a manager at the store.

"Yeah," the manager nods, sounding annoyed.

"Okay, then, I guess I'll buy that violin right there-" he points at the smashed violin. "I always like myviolins smashed into oblivion. Makes me play better." Dean buys the violin and walks out to the parking lot, where Charlie, Patrick, and Jeremy are standing by his car.

"I'm sorry, mate," Charlie mutters, ashamed.

"Hey. Don't beat yourself up about it," Dean says. He holds up the bag with what used to be a violin inside. "We could always nail this to the wall of a Denny's, or something."

(Charlie, Dean, Jeremy, and Patrick were banned from a local Denny's for trying to nail violin pieces to the restroom door. Later, they successfully managed to stash it at a booth at Applebee's.)

(The Next Day)

"So we decide you'll wear a white suit, because you don't look good in tan and face it, you'll just burn up in the sun in black…"

Liam is reading a box for Ibuprofen as his wife rants. Everyone else is sitting around the couch and are all wearing headphones connected to the box Murdoc andSinjin were listening to earlier. Murdoc plays with one of the knobs.

"Hey," Charlie says. "I liked that song."

"Did anyone else want to listen to that song?" Murdoc asks.

"No," everyone says. Charlie sighs and takes off the headphones. Meg walks over and hands him a book.

"Uncle Charlie? Could you read me this story?" she asks.

"'Los Gatitos'? Um, where'd you find this, poppet?"

"Over there," she says, pointing to the door on the second floor. You know. The paranormal one.

"You went in there?" Charlie asks as he turns to look at the door.

"Uh huh."

"You know, you shouldn't go in there," Charlie says. "It's dangerous."

"It's not dangerous," a demonic voice says. Charlie looks at Meg, and she's grinning with red eyes. Charlie jumps back and flings his arms around, dropping the book. She picks it up and joyfully skips off.

"Charlie, your interpretive dance is scaring the children," Karen snaps. Meg looks up at him and giggles, red eyes blaring.

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