A/N: Based off the movie, of course, not the comics. Very pro-Doom, you have been warned. If the downfall of the good guys isn't your cup of tea, you probably won't enjoy this. ;)


Leonard Kirk had served Victor well for the past six years. When Victor had made his first millions, one of his first charitable acts had been to create the Von Doom Scholarship to help Latverian students attend high-priced colleges in the United States and Europe. Leonard had been one of the lucky first recipients, and after he had graduated with a degree in public relations, Victor had offered him a job as his personal assistant. He was honored and thrilled to accept the job.

Since then he'd been Victor's shadow, dealing with everything from press conferences to planning parties to arranging appointments to making sure Victor's favorite grooming products were always on hand. He made sure that any indiscretions on Victor's part went unseen by Susan Storm, his (undeserving) girlfriend. He had full access to almost all Victor's accounts and assets as well as authority over all Von Doom Industries resources.

Close but unseen, he'd watched the bankers withdraw their support from VDI, and watched Victor take his revenge on Ned Cecil. That Victor's action might be wrong never crossed his mind. His job was to get Victor what he wanted, and to make him look good doing it. Victor's new state did not change that.

After the fight with the so-called "Fantastic Four," he'd made immediate arrangements to have the frozen statue secured and returned to VDI. Distracted by their undeserved accolades, the four heroes didn't notice the VDI security forces lifting the statue into a truck and driving away until it was too late. The civilians, sheep that they were, deferred to the VDI employees, and by the time the police arrived there was no clear story on just what had happened.

But Leonard knew Victor wasn't safe in New York. Sooner or later the government would realize where he was and try to get their hands on him, or Reed himself might claim him as a trophy. So he'd prepared Victor for transport back to their homeland. A cargo ship was ignoble for a man such as Victor, but stealth was necessary.

As the ship left port, he noticed electronic devices in vicinity of Victor's crate began to fail, their batteries inexplicably drained. Encouraged by this, he visited the crate daily with more sources of energy -- cell phones, radios, anything he could secretly steal from the crew. Small amounts, but a start.

When they reached Latveria, he brought Victor to one of several mansions he owned. He seemed as lifeless as when they'd left New York, but Leonard was not discouraged. He did not understand enough of technology himself to want to risk giving Victor a direct charge, nor did he trust anyone else to seek their help, so he kept up a constant supply of power sources, creating energy for Victor to feed off of, hoping that would be enough.

One morning as he wiped Victor's metal skin with a soft cloth (he would never let Victor suffer the indignity of dust), Victor's hand shot out and seized his wrist. "How...how long?" he rasped.

"Five months, sir," Leonard said, feeling a surge of delight.


"Latveria, sir," Leonard said. "I've brought you home."

"More...power." Victor released his wrist and fell still again.

Leonard immediately arranged for Victor to be brought to the nearest power substation. Somewhat nervous, he backed away as power began crackling from the power lines. Then instinct took over and he ran for cover, diving to the ground as bolts of energy began to strike at Victor from the equipment around him. He covered his head, praying that this would work.

As power surged through him, Victor flexed his stiff metal muscles. It felt good to move again. But while he'd been trapped inside his frozen body, he'd had plenty of time to think. Plenty of time to plan.

Let them think he was dead. Let them enjoy their "victory." He would bide his time, regaining his strength, increasing his power. And then he would make them pay. Reed...Ben...Johnny...they would all suffer. And Susan most of all.