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Chapter 11 ... To Live

I had moved into Remy's room about a month ago. Every now and then he'd know just what to say and what to do! He knew just what I wanted to feel...and he just knew somehow. I can't believe how that one person could make me live inside. But, for the life of me, I didn't know how. All my life, since my mutation...I've had nothing solid to cling to. Now...I've got someone who knows exactly what I want.

I've had trouble admitting this to myself...but...I've never felt like I could fly until I was with him. Every single day has been an adventure. I haven't been able to speak or say what I want and it's not because I won't...it's because there are no words in any language to describe how I feel.

That night we shard and every night since has been wondrous and each time I've learned things I've never known. But he knows what I want...what I need...and he doesn't ask anything of me. I asked him and he only told me this" "You're what I need...to see you smile and to hear you laugh. Cher...dere be not'ing dat y' haven' given moi. All I need is you."

Ever since then it's been a whirlwind of emotions that I've never knew existed. He helped me live.

I'll remember it as if it just happened...the love that he showed me...how he kept his eyes on my face and how he whispered in French to me about how I helped him to live, how much I meant to him, and how much he loved me.

I remember the pace of my heart, the pace of his and how for one single moment we felt like one. Ever time after that feels like the first, I've been to heaven...each time.

It also helps me to realize how wrong I've been. How wrong I was in the beginning. I've never been one to share, being cut off without a clue. But I don't regret any of this because I know if I had ever said yes and gave in...Love wouldn't be in my heart...I wouldn't be living...I'd just be existing.

And what's an existence without...Love?


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