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Chapter One: The Dream

Massive explosions caused the ship to rock back forth as it struggled to maintain flight, but it was wearing down under its own weight. With another explosion, the lights had went out. Causing a large veil of darkness to sweep through the corridors of the Nirvana. Running blindly through the dark, Hibiki tried his best to remember the path of the hall. At his tail, ran Dita, she held his hand so he could guide her. A large earsplitting alarm echoed through the ship, a large indication that it was beginning to shut down. With one swift motion, a long metal door closed in front of them. Hibiki slammed into it as Dita fell backward onto the floor. Realizing that this could be the end, he frantically found Dita and pulled her to her feet. He began his sprint in the other direction. But that plan didn't seem to comply with destiny as another metal door closed. They were now trapped in a pitch black corridor, they had no way of escaping. Dita wrapped her arms around Hibiki and squeezed hard. They had no more options, the two teens heard the echoing of missile fire and explosions. The air soon became very thin as they both began to breathe heavily, Hibiki sat with Dita still clutched to his chest. This was it, they had reached the peak of their lives. He couldn't see but felt Dita's giant blue eyes gazing at him, wondering if he would perhaps have a plan to escape. No such thing crossed his mind. The harvest ships had finally won, they had already destroyed half of the Nirvana and sure as hell had intentions to destroy the other. He felt his heart pound heavily in his chest, actually he felt two heartbeats. His and Dita's.

"Don't worry, I'm sure someone will find us." said Dita trying to sound cheerful but all that came out was a voice full of fear and sorrow. He knew for a fact that no one was going to come, he had a feeling that she knew as well.

"At least we're together, just you and I." he said embracing her. Although she was slightly taken aback by the comment, she felt a strange warmness deep inside her chest. This was the closes she had ever been with a man. Her ears perked up when she felt something dripping on her shoulder, following that a sob. Dita couldn't believe Hibiki was actually crying on her shoulder as it was contagious. She too felt a brim of tears flow through her eyes, they were going to die. This was the end, life was beginning to cease to exist.

"Please, Mr. Alien. Don't. We have to stay strong, we just have to..." she said hiccuping. She wasn't even able to keep up with what she had just said. The fact that you're going to die can do that. The floor trembled as the whole hall began to shake, Dita hugged him harder as if she was going to fall if she didn't. Soon she saw glimpses of her life flash vividly around her eyes like a bad movie trying to attract her attention. She tried to shake if off, but the more she refused death the more it seemed to draw near. With one final explosion, the hall ripped and twisted into a blazing inferno. Hibiki and Dita flinched as surprisingly none of the flames touched them. No doubt their seconds were numbered, Hibiki took this time generously.

"Dita... I lo...ve..."

The Nirvana was destroyed.

Hibiki fell hard to the floor with a loud thump, he winced in pain as he struggled to get to his feet. This was the third day he had that dream, the same exact dream still drifted in his mind for three days straight without signs of showing mercy. He needed to take his mind off it, he no longer felt like himself. He rubbed his eyes as he continued through the darkness and out to the hall. Maybe just a quick flight in his Vanguard will soothe him, maybe the blackness of space will aid him in his attempt to free his thoughts. He tip toed through the long passages, not wanting to be caught. He managed to get to the hangar, but when he did, his hopes of being alone was soon destroyed when he spotted a red haired young woman not to far from where he stood. He took a few steps back, maybe he could leave before being noticed.

She turned around.


But it wasn't the fact that he got caught made him confused, it was the sorrowful face pasted on Dita's face which had done that. She seemed rather down, which was abnormal for her personality. He had a chance to leave but his mind argued against it.

"What's wrong with you?" he asked. Dita wasn't expecting him to and was rather hesitant at first, but she figured it was only Hibiki. She walked over to him, as her eyes hadn't left the floor. She was only centimeters from his face before she decided to look straight at him, without warning and to a very surprised and shocked Hibiki, she kissed him.

"Hey! What the hell was that for?" he spatted out. Dita immediately fell to her knees clutching Hibiki's shirt, a flow of tears escaped through her eyes.

"I'm sorry, I'm so very sorry. I didn't mean to... I just don't want to lose you." she whispered. Hibiki panicked and went down to her level, feeling sympathetic for her for the way he had reacted. Besides the veil of guilt had been lowered over his eyes, he still felt a rush of confusion What did she mean by losing him? He looked around, he didn't want any other woman on this ship to see this, for a fact he knew someone was going to take this the wrong way, occasionally these things didn't work the way he had wanted.

"Hey? What's going on here?" said a female voice. Hibiki turned around but tried to conceal Dita's face from view, he didn't need any more attention then he was getting already. Misty inched toward them, her small little creature bouncing sleepily on her shoulder.

"Hibiki? Is she bothering you again?" she said dreamily. Dita heard her and looked the other way, she was causing much attention just for simple dream she had. Or to put in a more descriptive way, her nightmare. Hibiki glared at Misty angrily, he had enough of her putting her down.

"Shut up, and leave us alone. Mind your own business" he yelled harshly. Dita looked up at Hibiki as Misty stormed away cursing at the top of her lungs, mostly insults. He looked at Dita and smiled. "Look, I'm going for a ride, if you come we can talk about this" he said. She simply nodded.

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