I've decided that many people loved this fic, I'm going to have to delay the unedited version of this story for a while because i can't find the first drafts of this story. And i honestly cannot remember what everything was in the beginning. So, I've decided to give you a preivew of the SEQUELto this story. Here's a sample...

Vandread: The Confessions of Dita and Hibiki

Chapter One: Up all night, Sleepall Day

Dita lied awake in her bed as she stared at the ceiling. She could no longer wait, she couldn't. How can she? Hibiki was probably looking for her at that very moment, and yet she was lying in the comforts of her silk made bed. But what did seem to disturb her was the only question that seem to shock even herself.

How did she make it out of that explosion alive?

It was quite simple, she thought.

It was Hibiki.

As she was about to think more on the situation, she heard a loud banging from the entrance to her apartment. She sighed, for some reason, she sort of like living alone. Almost reluctant, she swung her feet off the bed and sluggishly lifted herself up. Automatically, her head suddenly jerked to her alarm clock.

3:45 a.m.

Hmm, might as well. She wasn't tired to begin with.

She traveled through the darkened apartment, her hands were slightly elevated so she wouldn't collide with anything. After all, she was still getting used to her environment. Finally, she felt the handle to the front door and opened it.

A tall man stood at her doorway, his black and white uniform seemed to be the only thing she could make out for her eyes were trying to adjust.

"Sorry to disturb you, madam. But there seems to be a visitor here for you." the tall clerk said softly.

Dita rubbed her eyes and sighed.

"Can this 'visitor', wait until later today?" she asked slowly.

"I'm afraid that cannot be possible." he replied.

"Is it that urgent?" she asked. "What does the visitor want?"

"Well, he says he's a dear friend of yours, and if I'm not mistaken. He says he is your husband."

Dita's heart lit up as she pushed past the clerk and into the hallway, still in her pajamas she turned around the corner and with anxiety ran down the hallway stairs. As she came to the lobby, she burst through, and the first thing she saw was a man...

... with messy black hair and deep brown eyes.

"There you are"

.:Transmission Halted:.