I'm posting this chapter to lay claim on the title before anyone else takes it. The rest won't come for a while.
Chaos Control: Nightmare Chronicles

Chapter 0: The New Invention

'And with a few more tweaks here, It should… No!' Tails threw down his wrench.

Tails was in his workshop, working on his new invention. He was having trouble, as per usual. The large machine in the middle of the room was emitting a low groan. But according to Tails, it was supposed to be humming. Tails flung himself into his chair, thinking. What was he doing wrong?

Just then, something blue and white streaked past his window. Jumping to his feet, Tails ran to the window.

'Sonic!' Tails shouted out the window.

The blue ball made a sharp U-turn and sped back to the window. It stopped so suddenly that the window was engulfed in a cloud of dust.

'Why do you keep doing that?' Coughed Tails as he waved his gloved hand to blow the dust away.

'Sorry bro.' Said the ball, it had uncurled to form everyone's favorite and only supersonic hedgehog, Sonic.

'Come in here.' Tails gestured to the door to his right.

Within a second, Sonic was inside.

'What is it Tails?' He asked curiously.

'I need your Chaos Emerald.' Tails was standing next to the machine. He had opened a compartment on the machine. A space, just large enough for a Chaos Emerald to sit.

'What for?' Sonic handed out the blue Emerald.

'My machine is going through mechanical puberty and is on the fritz again.' He placed the Chaos Emerald into the machine and closed the door. 'I'm going to test it. It might just be a small problem that can be ironed out by operating it.'

'What is you machine Tails?' Sonic was walking around it. 'Looks like some sort of teleporter like the ones Eggman's got.'

'It's designed to put extra power into the Chaos Emeralds.' Tails was now bent over a control panel. 'With this invention, your Chaos Emerald's power will triple.'

'Sweet.' Said Sonic. 'Can I see?'

'You might want to do something else, it takes an hour.'

'Fine, see you later Tails.'

Sonic closed the door, and with another revving sound, a flash of blue passed the window. Tails pressed a few buttons. He knew that if this worked, the Chaos Emerald's power might do more than just triple.

'Did I hear correctly?' Asked a voice, making Tails jump.

Shadow appeared.

'Ahh…' Said Tails, clutching his heart. 'Its only you.'

'This machine can triple the Chaos Emerald's power?'

'Yep.' Said Tails 'If it works.' He thought mentally.

'Can you do mine?' Asked Shadow as he took out his green Emerald.

'Your trusting me with this?' Tails asked in surprise as he took the Emerald.

Normally, Shadow would rather eat his own head then trust someone with his Emerald.

'Just make sure that it works.' Said Shadow as he walked to the door. 'I don't want that sucker to be anymore powerful than me.'

'You mean Sonic right?'

'Faker, sucker, bitch, whatever. It's all the same with him.'

'He sure had a point.' Thought Tails as he walked to the Emerald compartment. 'Sonic is a bitch sometimes. What with the chili dog eating, burping, trying to kill Amy.'

Tails opened the door to insert the Chaos Emerald and then realized that he had only designed this machine to hold 1 Chaos Emerald. He turned the blue Emerald left and right and finally got it to move back enough to fit in the green Emerald. He closed the door with difficulty and walked back to his control panel.

'Let's just hope this works.' Thought Tails 'Or shadow will have my ass.'

Tails lowered a lever and the machine started to emit beeping noises and began to shake.

'Come on, come on.' Tails crossed his tails behind his back.

After a minute, the machine began to sputter and the beeping grew louder.

'No, no, no! This can't be hapen…'

The machine stopped shaking and began to hum.

'Yes! We have operation!' Tails shouted gleefully.

A speeding blue figure about 500 meters from Tails workshop heard this shout and came to investigate.

As Tails was happily dancing in glee that his invention was working, he failed to notice.

Warning: Chaos Emerald containment full. Remove excess objects.

Warning: Power flow reversed.

Sonic opened the door to the lab to see Tails dancing.

'What's wrong Tails?'

'It works Sonic!' Tails seemed to be the happiest fox alive.

Sonic walked to the control panel and stared in horror at the warning messages.


'What Sonic?' Shouted Tails as he looked about. 'I can't hear you! Wait a minute. It's not supposed to…'

The machine had begun to beep wildly and shake uncontrollably.

'No, no, no!' Tails rushed to the control panel. 'Run for it Sonic!'

Sonic sped to the door, opened it, and waited for Tails. The building began to shake and a large chunk of metal fell on top of Tails.

'Tails!' Sonic attempted to wrench Tails out from under the metal.

'Just run Sonic.' Said Tails. 'I'll be alright.'

Sonic took one last look at Tails dead serious face and broke out into a run just before the roof caved in.

Sonic stopped and turned to face Tails once beautiful workshop.

'Tails…' Was the only word that Sonic could think about as he looked at the smoldering wreckage.

'Oh my god Sonic.' Amy had run up beside Sonic. She was wearing a horrified look on her face. 'Tails.'

'He's gone.'

They just looked at the wreckage. After about 10 minutes, they turned their backs and left to go get help. Neither of them looked back to see the bright light that engulfed the wreckage.