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Goliath love Elisa in a way beyond words. Elisa often has doubts about their relationship. When she is uncertain, this is what I think he would say to her


I am your mate, Beloved. I will never forget
the sound of your voice, your taste and your scent.
Whenever I touch you, my soul sings the words
feel my love surround you though your heart mayn't have heard.

Beloved, what would make you see me differently.
You are more than an urge or an instinctual need.
Without you beside me, I am forever damned.
You are the rean of all that I am.

We have a bond so precious and rare
It's something I've waited for one thousand years.
I lose part of my soul when I leave you each day.
I sometimes lack the courage to ask you to stay.

Can you foregive me, Beloved, for what I haven't yet done?
Come join me this night, let me be your Only One.
Let us love one another when the full moon is high
I hunger for you and now you know why.