Enzan turned his mind of questions he felt the need to clear up, "Netto… does this mean you'll be my boyfriend?" He asked hesitantly, feeling more hopeful than he had in years.

Netto blinked, barely believing what he was hearing. Did the great, anti-social, cold-hearted jerk of a vice president of IPC, Ijuuin Enzan just ask out?

He couldn't believe it. To him, this was a dream come true. Never before had he thought that he would be even this close to him as he was now. And for Enzan to be the person to offer the relationship, wow, it was just… simply amazing and strange at the same time.

Netto looked curiously into Enzan's eyes. Did he really mean it?

"Do you really mean that?" He questioned his thought as Enzan gave him an odd look.

"Would I joke about something like this?" The said boy shot back, running his hand through his hair hastily.

Netto bit his lips in confusion, "But I always thought that I was nothing more than a rival to you. I mean ever since we first met, we kept trying to out do each other…"

Enzan's heart sunk, he never thought about confessing to Netto like this. In his mind, they were always in some kind of peaceful area and he would give Netto a gift then ask him out and then Netto would either jump on him and say yes or he would get rejected. He didn't even consider that Netto's feeling for him ma have been uncertain.

'Nothing's ever perfect…' He mused.

"Well, there is a saying that goes, 'Opposites attract…'. And we're basically opposites in almost every way! You battle with guns while I use swords, and our personalities are different! Netto, please give me a chance!" Enzan was desperate. If he didn't get a definite 'yes' or 'no' from him, chances are the Netto would try to avoid him.

Netto bit his lip even harder, until it started to bleed, "But Enzan… What about Meiru-chan?"

Enzan's heart shattered, "Y-you like her, don't you?"

Netto could no longer look the young Ijuuin in the eyes, and turned his gaze downward, "No..." His voice trailed, and he tried again. "That's not it. It's just that... Meiru-chan... what if she found out? What if my parents found out... found out that I went for the same team? What would they think?"

His eyes glazed over with unshed tears as he continued.

"W-would they shun me, never talk to me again?" His voice cracked, "W-would they... hate me?"

There was silence.

"They wouldn't hate you."

All eyes turned towards the forgotten PETs and Rockman continued.

"Mama and Papa already know about me and Blues being together…" Rockman admitted with a bright blush.

The operators stared at him dumbfounded, (Enzan's broken heart wasn't… broken anymore…).

"NANADO! How would Mama and Papa know if even I didn't? I mean we're twins!" Netto was gaping like a fish, with the same expression on his face when he had found out that Poipu was the princess of Creamland though to others, it was really obvious. Oh well, Netto is Netto, and his denseness make him, well Netto.

Enzan cleared his throat and turned to Netto, who was still gaping.

"Well, that makes things easier for our relationship. If you want to have one that is..."

"Huh? Uh, yah, relationship... Why did my parents know about your relationship before I did?" Netto huffed, "I should delete you."

Enzan twitched.

'He's not even listening to me!'

Rockman rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Well, you see... it was kinda... it was a mistake? Don't delete me, I'm your big brother!" He tried lamely to come up with an answer to Netto's question/death threat.

Enzan sighed sadly, if only his relationship with Netto could be like that… Maybe if he wasn't such a 'cold hearted jerk'? He started to sulk on the bed.

Netto pouted to the monitor, "Fine, but only cause you're my big brother."

Rockman sighed in relief, while Blues hid his amusement behind his hand, snickering softly, acting completely out of character for him.

Netto started at them curiously before shrugging to himself and turning to Enzan, "Well… fine I'll go out with you."

Enzan continued to sulk; the one he loved was ignoring him and still wasn't giving him an answer.

"… with you," was what Enzan heard when he tuned back into reality.

All he could do was blink, "Wah?" came the undignified answer.

Netto eyed him oddly, "I said I'll go out with you."

Enzan stared at Netto blankly.

'I said I'll go out with you...' repeated over and over in Enzan's mind.

"You said you'd go out with me..."

Netto looked at his soon to be boyfriend worriedly.

"Um... ya, I did. Are you feeling ok?"

Blues chuckled. "This seems like deja-vu." Rockman frowned and elbowed his partner.

"Shush! It's getting good!" He whispered to the now injured, Blues.

Blues grunted and glared at his boyfriend. But Rockman had a point, it was getting good. It was like a soap opera but much better.

"I wonder if we looked like that…" Blues mused.

"Shush!" Rockman elbowed Blues, again. The red navi grunted and bent over and held his stomach protectively.

'I am so gonna get him for that… maybe while I 'punish' him for boyfriend abuse… muhaha…'

Back with the two lovebirds.

Netto huffed. "Yes Enzan, for the hundredth time, I'll go out with you."

Enzan grinned broadly and wrapped his arms around Netto into an embrace.

"Thank you Netto-kun," Enzan said softly.

Netto blushed, "Enzan, are you ok? You're acting really emotional. You sure you don't want to go to the doctors?" He ended worriedly, placing the palm of his had onto the forehead of the said boy.

Enzan responded by pulling Netto's body closer, making an awkward position with Netto's hand still on his forehead.

"Never have I been better…" Enzan breathed into Netto's ear, making the smaller boy shiver at the sensation and blush.

Netto pulled away swiftly and turned his body the opposite direction, so he was facing away from Enzan, and hid his newly formed blush.

"W-we better get going! Don't wanna stay in this house forever, ne?" Netto stuttered out, heading through the door.

Enzan grinned and followed, not missing the small blush that had formed on the Hikari's features.

"Hey, what about us!" Rockman shouted from the PET, feeling much forgotten.

However, in the world of Netto and Enzan, only the two of them exist and the cry from Rockman went unanswered.

Blues covered Rockman's mouth before he could say anything more at the two.

"Nuh uh, love," Blues purred affectionately into Rockman's ear, "I'm gonna get my revenge on you for earlier… I promise you'll enjoy it…" He gave a lick on Rockman's earlobe for a good measure.

Rockman mewled, he also hated/loved when Blues got like this. He became sadistic but more emotional than he usually was, however, before they always had to be careful of their operators finding out. But, now, there was nothing holding him back. Rockman couldn't help but hope that their operators wouldn't be coming back anytime soon.

"Ne, Enzan?" Enzan turned and faced Netto.


"Just where are we going?" The two of them had already been wondering around the park for around 10 minutes already.

"Not sure." Enzan gave Netto a small smile before taking his hand into his own. "Let's just enjoy ourselves." Netto just beamed at him and the two continued on.

As they neared the street leading to Netto's house, a police car pulled up suddenly pulled up in front of them, braking with a loud screech that startled the two. Two copyroid net officers jumped out and cornered the new couple against a nearby tree.

"E-eh?" Netto exclaimed and the two came closer. The net officers stopped.

"Are you Ijuuin Enzan-san?" One questioned.

Enzan quickly regained his composure and pulled his hand from of Netto's. "I am." The officers looked at each other before rushing at Enzan.

"Ijuuin Enzan, you're under arrest." One officer restrained Netto from helping while the other forced Enzan's hand behind his back and slapped a pair of handcuffs on him.

"What! Why!" Now everyone say goodbye to Enzan's composure as he begins to gape like a fish! Bye! Netto just stared.

Netto was released as Enzan was hauled to the police car. "Wait!" He cried out. "Why is he being arrested?"

A dramatic silence filled the air for a tense few moments before the one moving to the drivers seat spoke in a low voice. "Because last night… he…" More silence and both Netto and Enzan were getting impatient.

"… Yes… what did he do?" Netto pressed on, annoyed with how slow this guy was.

"He… kidnapped Hikari Netto-sama!" Both Enzan and Netto fell down anime style, the officer that was holding Enzan looked blankly at the empty space where Enzan had been. "And that is an unforgivable sin!" the first officer continued on, "Not after how many times he and Rockman-sama has saved as all!"

"Add another charge on the list for attempting to escape." The other officer stated calmly as he hauled Enzan back onto his feet.

"Hey, wait a minute!" Enzan feebly protested. The officers just ignored him.

Netto snapped out of his stupor, "But I'm Hikari Netto! How would Enzan kidnap me?"

The officers froze, before the first one glared accusingly at him, "If you where really Hikari Netto, then show us Rockman!"

Netto glared at them as he reached for his PET. Only, there all he came up with was empty air. Netto blinked. Enzan blinked. The officers waited. "Eh?" Feeling his PET holder one more time, Netto began to search through all his pockets. "Nope, that's not it… that's not it either."

"Rockman! Oi, Rockman! Answer me!" There was silence.

The officer holding Enzan roughly shoved him into the car and stalked towards Netto and placed a pair of handcuffs on him too. "You're under arrest for impostering as Hikari Netto!"

Now it was Netto's turn to panic, not that he wasn't already doing so. "Wait!" He was thrown in next to Enzan. The door slammed shut next to him.

Both copyroid net officers got in as well and the ride to the jailhouse was loud and noisy, both protesting their innocence. They however… were completely ignored as the officers manually turned off their sound programs.