We were presentable, and appeared to be listening to music by the time my parents got into the house. They were laughing.

"Hi Sweetheart, Hi Warren, how are you doing?" My Mom asked as they entered the family room.

"I'm good Mrs. O'Connor. How are you? And the baby?"

This pleased my Mom, I could tell. "We're doing fabulous. Thank you for asking."

"Yall are home early." I commented, hoping I didn't sound sulky.

"Actually, we decided to come check on you before going to dinner." My Dad informed me as he placed his arm around Mom's waist. They were both shining such a deep blue. "We went shopping after the appointment, and got stuff for the baby. We just wanted to make sure our little girl was okay." His voice was a bit gruff.

"I'm okay. I promise. The baby's pretty hungry though." I wasn't lying. Mom's belly was blue, but it was a little off and pulsing, which told me it was needing something. Darn, I was getting good at this.

"Glad to see you here Warren." My Dad had moved forward and shaken my boyfriend's hand.

"Thank you sir." Warren still seemed surprised that my parent's accepted his role in my life. Heck, they even really liked him. "If I'd known about the thing I'd have left work earlier." His voice was full of reproach, and I could tell it was directed towards me. Whatever.

"Layla and I took care of it." I said for what seemed like the gazillionth time. "I'm better than okay, and Prophet and Dreamscape are going to look further into it." I wonder if this overprotective compulsion is a man thing?

"Next time just call me." Warren stated in an extremely serious tone…a tone that told me it was best to just agree at this point and skip an argument.

"Well, now that we know you're really okay, we're going to go to dinner." My Mom was hiding her smile, and I could tell she was both amused and touched by Warren's concern. "Are you kids hungry?"

"I ate at work, thanks though Mrs. O'Connor." Warren responded.

"Layla and I ate earlier Mom."

Both my Mom and Dad gave me kisses, Dad shook Warren's hand again, and Mom hugged him, and then they left. Excellent.

Warren was quiet next to me…but not for long. "I'm serious Marina, you need to contact me. I want to be here if you need something, or if anything like that happens again. You have no idea how scared it makes me to know this shit is happening to you."

I honestly think he would have kept going, but I was still stuck on what had been happening before my parents showed up, so before he could speak again I smashed my lips into his. He was surprised for all of about three seconds before he was groaning and kissing me back. That was much more like it. I decided to skip ahead to the part of the program we're pressed pause at, and I tugged his shirt up and off of him in a rather smooth move if I do say so myself.

Oh yeah, this was awesome. His skin was hot to the touch, and both smooth and hard under my fingers and palms. The boy was muscular, and I was gleeful that he was all mine. Warren managed to flip me to where I lay on my back on the couch, and now he leaned over me. Wow, that was a punch to my libido. Maybe the whole male dominance thing isn't so bad. His hand had moved to my midriff where the edge of my shirt met my shorts. He slid his hand along my belly making it quiver, and then he slid his palm up and under the top. It was my turn to moan as he cupped my breast over my bra. Boy was I glad I'd worn a pretty one…not that I'd been expecting this or anything.

"Take off my top Warren." I whispered.

He stilled. "Are you sure Marina?"

"Beyond sure." I promised. Slowly he did so, and then I heard him draw in a shaky breath. "Is it okay?"

He laughed a bit dryly. "Oh Baby, it is far surpassing of okay." His voice was hoarse, and his hand trembled as he ran it over my now almost bare flesh. The only clothing up top being the bra. "God, do you know how beautiful you are? How perfect you are?"

I smiled widely. "Really?"

"I wouldn't lie to you." he whispered and his mouth was mere centimeters away from mine. "Every time I see you I can't help to wonder how someone as stunning as you ended up with me. You're the best thing to ever happen to me…I think you got the short end of the stick."

"Not possible." I told him and tried to meet his gaze. The aura and night vision ability made it somewhat possible. "I'm the lucky one. You're amazing." Then before he could speak again I kissed him. I love talking to Warren, but right now I wanted this more.

His hands were molding my flesh of my back and sides, and his hands would occasionally stroke over my chest. Warren moved his mouth from mine and trailed it down my neck, over my clavicle and directly to my left, lace covered breast. He latched onto the fabric covered nipple, and ran his fingertips over the right one. The sensation surged through me and I cried out and ground my pelvis up against his. Oh My Gosh. I normally didn't get to touch that area of his body a lot, but he was rock hard, and from the amount of rock-hardness that there was I had a feeling that Warren could definitely be the lead character in a romance book. Was it wrong that I was enjoying this…a lot? If so I guess I was wrong. I was quickly losing the ability to think and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he ground his jean clad pelvis into my denim shorts covered center.

His hand left my right breast and traveled down my side and then down my leg. I think my heart stopped briefly in excitement as his hand moved to my inner thigh, and then up under my shorts. All he did though was run his long fingers along the top of the inside of my thigh. So close to that area where I was feeling all kinds of crazy things, but not close enough. I wasn't sure if I should be glad or if I should be mad. Warren's hips were moving back and forth very slightly, and I have to say I was impressed with his will power, because at this point I was all about the getting naked.

'We gotta stop.' He didn't say it out loud, but I heard him in my mind. 'We gotta stop Baby.'

I admit it, I moaned and pressed into him. "Why?" I whispered.

He whimpered a bit. "Because if we keep going like this pretty quick I won't be able to stop, and you deserve better than doing this on the couch in your family room." He was extremely still except for an occasional shudder as he tried to get himself under control.

I sighed. "Okay…but Warren, I want you…I want to be with you. I know we're young, but…right now I could care less."

"I know." he murmured. "But I don't ever want you to have regrets for being with me Marina, and right now I just think we should slow down…for tonight."

"For tonight." I agreed.