Title: Lola

Author: Topaz Kat


Disclaimer: Yeah, right... of course I own Weiss, this Takahito Koyasu, a complete fraud. (note: sarcasm)
/.../ Telepathic communication between members of Shwartz.

"You want me to wear what?" the red head asked with a snarl.

Manx tried not to laugh, "well Aya, the problem is, as I said, that it's an adult club, so neither Ken nor Omi can go inside, and we also need someone who can look androgenous enough to fit the target's victim of choice. He likes androgenous subjects, and even if we were to put a lot of make-up on Yoji, he just wouldn't fit the criteria."

Aya frowned, "you want me to wear what?"

"Well, it's actually very stylish Aya," Omi pointed out. "The coloring suites you very nicely."

"You want me to wear what?"

Ken tried hard not to laugh, he could understand the trouble that Aya was having with the concept of going on assignment in drag. For one thing, where was he supposed to put the sword? He would have to be very reliant upon the rest of the team, which would be only Yoji in the club and he and Omi outside of it. There would not be much in the way of protection and there would not be a lot that he could do to alert them of finding their target.

"If you're worried about the size of the dress Aya--"

"I am not wearing a dress, especially not one of those."

"But oni-san," Aya-chan interuppted quietly, "you've worn dresses for plays and such, and I bet that with only a bit of make-up, you'd be really cute."

The red-head ran his fingers through his hair. Ever since his younger sister had started "helping" on their assignments, usually in the way of helping to monitor what they were doing from home or sewing up clothes and patching them up from their wounds, she had been also listening in on their conversations with Manx. It was something that make him very nervous and fairly sure that it was not safe for her to be around them. However, he had learned early on that it was very difficult to convince her of otherwise, she was always so very stubborn.

"Aya-chan" he began quietly "that really isn't the issue here. My problem is that there is very little protection provided by that... that outfit that Manx seems to think that I need to wear."

Manx smiled softly, "Aya-kun, I can pretty much assure that this outfit really is the best that we can do, considering where the target likes to shop for his victims. Also, you really are the only one that can do this. I wouldn't have asked you to take this role unless you weren't vital to the part. Now, at least try the dress on before you get so damn huffy about it. We might need to alter it to fit you properly."

The music was loud and the subwoofer was making his head pound. If it weren't for the fact that he was looking for their target, he would never have set foot inside this place. The decor was dark and dreary, unless you counted the strobe lighting that was giving him a migraine. Worst of all, the red, blue, green, and yellow lights that were bouncing around the walls, made everything around them look strange. By the way, why was the music so damned awful?

/Don't you want to dance Bradley/ came the taunting voice in his head. He really was going to kill Schuldich one of these days... maybe he'd use that old golf club for the job. /That would be awfully mean, wouldn't it Bradley? Am I really being so bad/

/Yes, you are. What do you want/

/I'm curious if you've seen our target? For that matter, you might have an easier time of seeing him if you got on the dance floor as opposed to hanging out in the rafters, plus, it's a lot of fun grinding against all these hot young bodies. What are you doing up there anyways/

/Our target likes to find his subjects by lurking out up here, I'm checking to see if there's anyone up here doing the same thing./

/Good idea Crawfish... but you'd have a lot more fun down here I think./

/Not a chance in hell. You couldn't pay me to go down in that mosh pit./

/Oh you think so, huh/ the orange haired man teased. /Then I'd recommend that you look over in the corner near by the bar. One of our kittens is here, I wonder if it's for recreation./

Crawford set his gaze in the direction that Schuldich had wanted him to look. He had been expecting to see Yoji in one of those dumb clubbing outfits he'd been known to wear. He had not been expecting to see Abysinnian dressed in a black lolita dress that also had a pair of thigh high black boots. The frock itself was very simple, with buttons that went from the waist up to the neck, and a few ribbons going up and down the sleeves. The boots were lace up and leather. Between the short red hair with the ear tails and the light touch of make-up, it made the leader of Weiss look very androgenous. In fact, if he hadn't know that the person he was looking at was male, he would have been confused for a while.

He looked lovely, elegant, and refined; as well as seductive. Aya Fujimiya looked damned good in a Lolita dress, he decided. He also wondered if he was there for recreation or for an assignment. It wouldn't be the first time that their assignments had crossed paths, but it would be interesting if it turned out that they were hunting the same person. He closed his eyes, trying to see what the future held for the youth in drag, and couldn't see much.

/What do you think? Isn't he pretty like that/ Schuldich's voice in his head taunted again.

/Yes, what's your point/

/Well, you could go see what he's doing here... wouldn't it be fun to watch his face match his hair/

/I suppose that it could be amusing, but he's really a bit too professional to be startled. Do you see our target anywhere? He's normally found his subject for the night by midnight, and it's already 1:30 in the morning./

/You've got a point, but I haven't seen him at all yet. Perhaps we should call it a night. I'll call in to Nagi and let him know we're coming home. Should we expect you back at the main house, or will you go back to the apartment to take care of things in the morning/

/The apartment's closer, I'll stay there tonight./

Schuldich watched Aya in the corner of the room, he was still trying to hide, but it wasn't working very well. /Perhaps you'll be able to take someone home tonight too./