Title: Lola Author: Topaz Kat Rating: NC-17 Disclaimer: Yeah, right... of course I own Weiss, this Takahito Koyasu, a complete fraud. (note: sarcasm)

Crawford pushed Aya up against the wall and kissed him hard. He felt Abyssinian kissing back and arching into his touch, the chemistry heating up between them. There was certainly something very erotic about the red-headed assassin in drag-his only weapons being the kaikan, his fists and his tongue.

It was as that tongue worked its way past Crawford's lips that he American realized his kitty counterpart could parry and thrust with more than just a katana. Quick moves on his part soon allowed him to take control again, plundering the hot, sweet cavern he yearned to taste.

Aya mewled softly in the back of his throat, surprised at the sudden attack against his tonsils. Halting breaths matched with short jabs of his tongue were all that he could use to vie with the tormenting pleasure his entrancing adversary forced onto his now over-taxed senses.

The American pulled back a bit, grinning naughtily, "If I'd known you'd get so flustered by mere kissing, I would have used it in battle tactics."

Heated violets glared icily, although the effect was lost due to the sweet pink tongue licking sensitive lips. "Don't be crude; it's not my fault I react like this." He blushed softly, turning some "proper Japanese boys don't kiss like that."

Crawford turned his face gently, making him look at him, "'tainted purity' is a look that suits you very well. So I take it you don't consider Balinese a 'proper Japanese boy'?"

Aya wrinkled his nose and stuck his tongue out just a little, making him appear more in the role of the teasing androgyn while in his Lolita dress. "Not even remotely," he stated firmly what his reaction already demonstrated. "He's a very bad boy actually."

The American just smiled, leaning forward and blocking his sassy kitten's escape. He licked his lips in a wicked manner, "it must be that you just don't like bad Japanese boys, for you seem to like this wicked American man well enough."

Aya groaned nicely, trying to keep quiet, pausing to take a steadying breath. "Yes, I suppose so," slipped past kiss-roughened lips. He leaned forward, running a hand brazenly up Crawford's arm, "probably because I'm pretty bad myself."

Crawford caught his hand, pulling him tightly to him, "careful there kitty, you could be spanked." That little threat brought a delightful purr from the red head, still leaning in close enough to kiss.

The dark assassin pulled Aya close to him, backing away from the door at last, he did have other plans tonight aside from just standing around and making out, fun though it was. The apartment they were in was small, a relief since he wanted the young man in his bed as soon as possible. He led the white assassin through into the bedroom, with a bed that took up most of the area.

A mall twist and a tug and Abyssinian was half-sitting in a rather rude position, legs spread and skirt hiked up a bit; revealing creamy thighs encased in fishnets. Clearly, he had no shame or concern with proper behavior just then. As Crawford let his eyes follow up those long luscious legs, he decided that if nothing else, they were having sex while Aya wore those fishnets.

He leaned closer, his hands reaching for the Victorian-style bodice, wanting to reveal more of the tempting flesh to his eyes and lips. He only paused for a moment when he felt some tugging at his waist. His playful kitten was working hard to get his chain belt off in order to get to his pants off. It was clear that this lover wanted things even.

Crawford managed to loosen most of the lacings, but he could get them completely undone from their eyelets before Aya had pulled off his red silk shirt. Those questing hands were distracting him from his goal and he soon found it very difficult to focus at all. Gritting his teeth, he slipped a hand up Aya's thigh, drawing a surprised gasp and making his target still.

The red head hissed nicely as those fingers walked over his skin. But as the American pulled the kaikan from its scabbard, the sweet hiss became a nasty growl. How stupid of him to have trusted the older man's words.

The precog caught the slender wrist with ease and used the distraction to cut the tying knot holding the bodice completely closed. Dropping the small blade off to the side, he ripped the binding cord from the zigzag frame.

He looked down easily at the panting white assassin, smiling wickedly before kissing his new lover hard enough to startle him into being quiet before even spoke. Of course, he couldn't really silence him completely, as the pleasured moan from the deadly kitten proved. Still, the kiss had been able to keep him from being too loud.

Finally breaking the kiss, Crawford pulled back to slowly and teasingly remove Aya's dress. It helped that the skirt had been hiked up before and now with the lacings gone, it was simple to pull it over his head. When Aya started to reach down and remove the fishnets his wrist was caught in a firm grip.

The American shook his head, speaking softly, "they look good on you, make you seem delightfully naughty. Keep them on."

A slight blush crossed Aya's face, barely enough to really see, but he nodded all the same. "All right, I guess I could give you that." He gasped softly as a strong hand grabbed his thighs once again, spreading them some and urging him to lay back. He answered the unspoken request with a flirting flick of his tongue over the American's lips, startling him some before finally reclining.

The dark assassin could tell the silken thong holding him compressed had to be unpleasant. He could clearly see the straining outline of the red head's pretty sex practically begging to be released. He reached down easily to further torment his partner by teasingly brushing a coaxing finger down the outside of the thin underwear. He expected the nice little gasp and enjoyed the cute shiver, but he didn't expect the kitten to shimmy backwards to get away from his touch. He looked up, surprised to the hot flush coloring the red head's face. "You didn't expect that I take it?"

"You're too bold," was the catty reply, amusing the older man more.

Leaning down again, Crawford kissed him hard, this time also reaching into the confining underwear and lightly squeezing. The kitten's stiffened cock felt as good in his hand as his hissed kiss felt against his lips. How could he not enjoy such delicious reactions when they were so worthwhile?

When the kiss broke this time, the red head mewled more freely thanks to the questing fingers around his cock. "You're practically straining to get out," the American noted, his calloused fingers teasing his flesh.

"What about you? You're still in your pants, they look too tight for you to be very comfortable."

Crawford gave his kitten a knowing look, "you're just hoping it's as big as it looks you little slut."

The fiery kitten gave him a chilling glare, but he was still grateful to feel those hands working again at his pants. "Well then, I guess you had just better hope you're up to the task."

The American didn't have to be a mind reader to recognize the bravado in that statement, but he was sure his size would be completely capable of fulfilling every one of Aya's needs. He helped the questing kitten ease his pants off at last, relieved that he hadn't gone so far as to wear yet another piece of clothing under the leather pants. The soft gasp and startled pause confirmed his suspicions and he knew that he'd have no problem satisfying his lover.

Shaking his leather pants off at last, the dark haired man eyed his mewling kitten on their bed, crawling over the red head in a predatory fashion, quickly seizing his lips once more. He parted the strong legs with only slightly more difficulty than the sweet kiss-bruised lips. It was these strong kisses that had not only started the fiery need but were now fueling it very fiercely.

Crawford trailed his kisses lower, hunting furtively for the "sweet spots" that so often lined the body deliciously. Normally the neck, throat, and nipples brought out those shudders and quivers of sweet pleasure, and yet on Aya, he'd seen no special responses. He worked his way back up, still hunting silently for some especially tender spot belonging to the red head. Breaking the kisses, he pulled himself up, glancing down now to look rather than just feel for some kind of response to his touch. Aside from the continued arching and sweet pants, there was no special response until his fingers lightly brushed Aya's ear.

The response was immediate and impressive. Aya gasped sharply and his eyes flew open to stare at him suspiciously. As his kitty counterpart hissed softly and moved a bit out of his reach, a wonderfully awful idea struck the American boldly.

Taking Abyssinian's sex in hand to keep him still; the older man bent down to gently take the delicate ear shell between his lips and nipped softly. Again the response was immediate and encouraging as his feisty kitten mewled both heatedly and in need, his cock beginning to leak just a little. Crawford worked for a little longer on the tasty morsel until the red head's movements began to make him fear slightly for the delicate ear.

The American released him at both his ear and his cock after what felt to be far too long, leaving Aya panting harshly as he tried to regain his breath. He licked his bruised lips and swallowed carefully, trying to regain some control. He'd learned about how sensitive his ears could be when he'd been younger and would touch them gently when seeking quiet moments of pleasure by himself. Of the three lovers he'd had (including his deadly enemy), only one of them had ever thought to look there. He was both pleased and uncomfortable with how quickly he'd surrendered to the totally engulfing sensation of having his ears molested. Having his needed cock toyed with at the same time had been doubling the pleasure that nearly overwhelmed him.

Reaching up carefully, the red head drew the American down into another kiss. Their shared need was becoming unbearable as time went on and he knew he'd be speared soon enough. He wanted it too. "Do you have oil?" he asked at last when the kiss broke this time.

The dark assassin nodded his head, reaching into the drawer in the small table next to the bed. He'd been relieved to hear that his kitten was ready now too; he wouldn't have made it much longer. The spicy kisses and eager touches were wonderful, but he was more than ready to move on.

Crawford carefully spread Aya's legs with his knee as he squeezed some of the silky slick onto his fingers. Reaching down, he eased a finger in gently, surprised by the tightness that greeted him yet also the ease with which his lover's body relaxed. Wishing for once that he had the gift of past sight as well as predicting the future, the American wondered if he would be the first inside the sexy kitten.

He worked carefully, spreading more of the oil inside to slick his way. He made sure that his pretty red head had adjusted to only one finger inside him before moving on. As the second finger slid in, Aya mewled prettily and arched somewhat, "find your sweet spot already?"

Abyssinian shook his head, his eartails gently swaying before he grinned, "no, I don't think so; it just feels really good. Hurry up," eager lips sweetly begged.

Crawford laughed, stretching his lover to better preparedness before withdrawing his fingers. Kneeling between the outstretched thighs, he carefully grabbed his lover's hips, pulling him into place. He knew need when he saw it, he as also lucky enough to know exactly what his partner would need. Leaning over his prone lover, the dark assassin gently lapped a few times at his sweetly oversensitive ear again before he took it between his lips. Fully sheathing himself while feasting on the same ear drew out the most delicious pain-pleasured cry he'd ever heard. He licked and sucked for a moment at the tender shell, waiting for the red head to completely adjust to him being so deeply inside.

Breaking away from his favorite treat, Crawford looked down to meet smoldering violets and a very hard cock pressing against him. He was glad to feel that his lover had not lost his need at the sudden penetration.

"American bastard," Aya hissed hotly, the sharp pleasure inside filling him well.

The older man just laughed, the same need becoming unbearable for him, "naughty Japanese slut."

Crawford kissed him again when he started to move at last, making Aya groan with pleasure. The sudden penetration earlier had hurt and he knew that he would be sore after they were done, but it felt good to be held and filled so well. The constant pressure against that sweet bundle of nerves inside him, while nice, was nothing to make him cry out needily as did the delightful nibbling on his ears or lips. At least not at first.

The dark assassin laughed softly when he felt his sweet kitten start to move too much. Clearly he had made the right decision when he though to torment his lover by feasting on his ears while thrusting into him. Abyssinian's hot and tight body arched beautifully now as he held his hips in place while thrusting harder. He'd been right about the fishnets too; it was amazingly erotic to have the strong thighs in his grasp with the nylon exciting his sense of touch even more in his grasp.

The red head's sweet mewl of pleasure brought him back to his full attention. All of the foreplay earlier had certainly done its work as both their needs were well past the point where they could handle the teasing. His hand gripped his lover's hip firmly, ensuring that the delightful red head couldn't squirm his way out of his lust and desire. Needing the release and perhaps going too hard too soon, the older man sped up his pace; thrusting deeper and harder to draw out the most delicious of cries.

Taken by surprise by the nearly sudden urge of need sweeping through him, Aya could only gasp. The spot that before, while pleasurable was nothing spectacular, was increasing in power the deeper the thrusts went. The sweetest of kitten cries slipped from him as he got closer, causing his new lover to chuckle quietly. It was that little laugh that made him glare at the man.

Crawford growled at the glare, amused by his feisty kitten. Perhaps Aya become surlier the longer he was denied release. Deciding not to test the new theory, the dark assassin needed an end to their overheated fires. He changed his grip, gasping the luscious hips tightly before going faster and harder.

The red head cried out beautifully, taken in by the overwhelming pleasure both flooding through him and forced onto him. He was so close to that sweet relief, the edge of pleasure pushed to the point of pain soared through him. A moment later, the peak was past and he fell into a great relief, sweet pleasure rolling over in final waves.

The dark assassin smiled easily, still thrusting deeply and quickly; he'd clean the wet spill after he'd found his release as well. His lover's debauched beauty was absolutely delicious. His own body tightened too much, spilling finally within his pretty kitten.

Crawford eased his eyes open carefully, smiling softly. Aya's head turned gently when the red head felt him move and gently nuzzled him. The dark haired man easily grabbed a tissue and gently finished wiping the red head clean of his sweet nectar, waking him enough for the pretty violet eyes to open.

The American laughed softly again "just think, next time I'll really wear you out."

Abyssinian blushed softly, "you're a pervert."

"So? Which is the bigger pervert; you who enjoys it so much or me because I think of these delightful things for you to enjoy?"

Aya nuzzled him gently, being held in the dark assassins arms, "oh clearly you of course, you're the wicked American man."

"And you're my naughty Japanese boy," Crawford's eyes glanced back to the stocking encased thighs, trailing a hand up his leg. "In fishnets no less."