A game that was underrated was Psi Ops the mindgate conspiracy. I don't know why you people haven't bought it cause I have seen it in the bargain bin for about seven or eight dollars. So I command you all to buy it, unless you have a gamecube, then you are screwed. This will take place after the story of the original game so if you haven't beaten it look out for spoilers. I have beaten the game a few times so I know what I am talking about. Also if you are looking to buy the game it has a M rating so don't bitch to Joe or he might ban the game. Disclaimer, all rights reserved to midway and the content of this story is not legally mine. There was no profit made from this story, nor did I get a bag of chips to eat while writing this. I kind of got the idea off of an IGN post for Psi ops so some of the stuff belongs to them.

Chapter one, Moonlight disaster.

Nick turned around to see three helicopters following him and Sarah.

"Oh no you don't." He put his hand out and made one of the helicopter's rotor spin the opposite way making it a spinning weapon of doom for the other pilots. He sent the blade through the first helicopter slicing it in half. Nick looked at the last one it began to fire up its machine gun but he used TK rip it off of the ship. Finally he targeted the pilot with mind control. The pilot was shaking but was no match for Nick's psi powers. He took control of the nervous pilot and made him drive into the raptors. The chopper exploded into fiery bits strung out of the room as him and Sarah ran to the crater made by the helicopters. They made it out to the open moonlight filled area where he was able to look up at it for the first time in what seems like years. He put his hand out to see if it was still in a normal position but to his misfortune the purple glow still surrounded the out of orbit moon.

"Nick there is still one helicopter left in the mining grounds. If you think you can out run anymore patrols it is worth taking a shot at getting into." Sarah reloaded her pistol. "Now which way out of here?" She asked looking around.

"Well the entrance is in the south and here the moon is pointing to the north so I assume we head down." Nick started to walk back the way he came where he saw a guard patrolling the bridge way to the landing pad. He held out his hand and mind controlled the guard and began to walk through the landscape making sure for any thing that could surprise. Most of the land was guard free one here and there but he could sneak by them all. He then made the guard kill himself with the firearm he had in his hand and made him shoot himself in his neck. Blood trickled from the guard's neck and then both of them went walked down the bridge. Both ducking into the shadow's dogging the meat puppets watchful eyes. They finally made it to the chopper and Sarah took her gun to Nick's head,

"Now Nick give me the monulet and no one will get hurt." Sarah moved around Nick as he dropped the monulet.

"Why Sarah, I thought we were fighting Mindgate together?" He was now bitter with resentment for everyone in this entire facility. All of them sick backstabbing bastards with only one goal of self-improvement.

"Screw that, Mindgate will make me rich!" She laughed as she took it. "Now Nick I want you to get in but first get on your knees." She took out a pair of Psi rendering handcuffs and slapped it on his wrist. He was kicked into the side seat of the helicopter and Sarah got in the other.

"What about them killing your parents?" Nick asked hoping to break her.

"It wasn't them that killed them. It was my sister that killed my family. It was truly the best thing to happen to me." She smirked looking at her review. "Now how about you also hand over that 'ultimate psi weapon'?" She looked at him with a grim smile.

"I can't…it has combined with my body." He said. Honestly he had no clue where the weapon was. It was all a blur but right now anything could have happened. "Where are we going?" Nick asked as she began to type in coordinates.

"We are heading to another branch of mindgate in Europe." She whistled as she continued to pilot the helicopter. Great another branch of Mindgate? One was enough for Nick but could they really be a worldwide cooperation. This could be bad if it was; the people could be twice as strong and or more disturbed. All this went through his mind until something had hit the ship making it plummet. It must have been an anti air rocket or something, maybe they were trespassing on government grounds. That was his last thoughts until he blacked out and felt a violent shake when he hit the ground.

Nick woke up in a surgery bed in a very plain office in some kind of facility. Could this be the mindgate facility or something else? Nick was still wearing his body armor and brown cargo pants that he was wearing earlier so nothing had happened to him while he was out. His head felt like it was about to split into a million pieces and then the pain got so bad that it made him lean over onto a desk. His eyes turned blue like he was using his Psi but he hadn't commanded use of it but it began to surround his body. It took its own form and now it was another body. It had the face of a demon with a large mouth and freakishly large teeth. Its body had Nick's inside as each one of his limbs lay limp but would move when the monster would. One arm of the monster's arms was a blade like shape. It charged through the next door looking for any traces of Psi and found two doctors in two white suits. It ran over to one and stuck its blade into the doctor's stomach. Blood gushed from the wound spraying all over the wall and one tables. He quickly phased over to the next doctor and grabbed him with the normal arm by his head. He quickly began to drain the life energy out of him. After three seconds of draining the doctor exploded and blood and internal organs flew out of the body. He ran into the next room but then the demon left the psi body host of Nick and left him asleep on the table.

Okay that was a short chapter and I promise that it will get much longer than that so I hope you enjoyed the concept. I am the first person with a Psi ops story, which is sad. So please read and review. Any ideas would be highly appreciated.