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Daniel was on a mission, the most important mission that he had ever gone on. Well to him at least! He wasn't going to go and look at some really cool artifacts, or a temple, to meet some new allies, no this was a mission, not rescuing someone, but delivering someone.
Daniel looked down at the two children his hands were holding. He gave them a reassuring smile. They were so cute, and so clueless of what had been going on around them lately. Both of the children had a small backpack on their backs.

The small boy was holding onto a leash that was hooked on to a small Yorkshire terrier, that was dark gray.

"Dan'yel?" The little girl asked, she had big blue eyes and curly shoulder length hair. "I'm hungry"

Daniel looked down at her, she reminded him so much of her mother, who was now gone for ever. "We'll eat later ok?"

"Daniel" the little boy said, he had light brown hair and squinty brown eyes "You said that an hour ago!" he cried, obviously feeling used.

For two four year olds they were really smart. Daniel smiled. "I know, we'll be there soon"

"But I'm hungry!" The little girl said as she pulled her hand away from Daniel. "And my hand is all wet!"

"Fine, we'll stop" Daniel said as he sat down on a rock, and took the backpack off of his back, he unzipped it, and pulled out a container of sandwiches. "What do you want Rose?"

"Peanut butter and jelly" She replied with a smile on her face. "I won't get dirty, I stay clean"

Daniel smiled as he handed her a PBJ sandwich. "What about you Noah? What do you want?" he asked as he handed the dog some dog biscuits.

"The same as Rose please" Noah said with a small smile. "When are we going to see mommy and daddy?"

"Soon" Daniel promised as he gave them each a water bottle, and took a bite into his tuna.

"You said that an hour ago to!" Rose complained

"I know" Daniel said. "We will, soon"

Noah and Rose sighed, and went back to eating their food, after they finished eating their sandwiches, Daniel handed them each an apple.

"Daniel, why is my apple turning brown?" Noah asked a few minutes later.

"Because," Daniel started to explain, "after you ate the skin off, the meat of the apple came into contact with the air, which caused it to oxidize, thus changing the molecular structure and turning it into a different color."

There was a long silence, then Noah asked softly, "Daniel, are you talking to me?"

Daniel smiled. "Never mind"

"Dan'yel, your weird" Rose said as she went back to eating her apple.

Daniel smiled again. "Thank you"

Rose gave Noah a questioning look Is he ok? she mouthed to him. Noah shrugged

"Are you guys ready?" Daniel asked

"Rocky's feet hurt" Noah said as he looked down at his dog.

"How do you know that?" Daniel asked

"I don't" Noah said with a smile. "I'm just guessing"

Daniel smiled. "You two are the funniest kids I ever meant"

"God did a good job" they both replied.

"Come on, let's go" Daniel said as he cleaned up their mess

"Ok" Rose said as they all stood up and continued walking.

"Here we are!" Daniel called ten minutes later.

"Yay!" Rose said as she put on her biggest smile.

"Let's go in here" Daniel said as he walked into a building followed by Rose, Noah and Rocky.

The room was empty besides for a quantum mirror.

"Here we go" Daniel said as he turned it on.

"What are we doing?" Noah asked

"Were going home" Daniel said.

"But we didn't come this way!" Rose pointed out.

"I know, come on touch it" Daniel said, and they all touched it, and appeared in another building." Come on" he said as he took Rose's hand and they all hurried out of the building. After a half hour of walking they reached the Stargate.

"Dan'yel! Look it's a gate!" Rose cried

"Yeah, we're going home" Daniel said

"Woo-hoo!" Noah said as he jumped up in the air.

"It might be a minute though, you guys sit here, I'm gonna dial home ok?" Daniel said as he walked towards the DHD. "Please don't have a iris" he muttered under his breath.

Rose and Noah sat down and sighed, "I'm getting bored!" Rose whined

The 'whoosh' shot out of the stargate, and Rose clapped her hands "Again!" she cried happily.

Daniel smiled as he pulled a note tied to a rock out from his pocket. "Please work," he muttered as he threw it through.

"What now?" Noah asked

"Now? Now we wait" Daniel answered.

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