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A couple hours later…

Sam looked around at all the decorations in their house; it was covered from top to bottom, literally. She walked back into the kitchen and pulled out a cake from the oven. Jack and the kids went to the store for ice cream and some other goodies; they were having a HUGE celebrating party. Everyone was coming, well everyone who was anyone.

"Sam?" a voice called. "Whoa!"

Sam put the cake on the table and walked into the living room. "Daniel! You're early!" '

"Yeah, well I thought you might need help," he said. "I can see you don't."

Sam smiled. "The twins took care of that,"

"Your dad able to come?" Daniel asked as he took off his jacket.

"Yep, and the General too." Sam said, she took Daniel's coat and hung it up.

"That's great," Daniel said. "What were you doing?"

"Oh, I have to go ice the cake…" Sam said.

"I'll join you!" Daniel said.

Sam smiled. "Janet said she was coming early didn't she?"

Daniel blushed and looked down. "Yeah, so?"

"Nothing," Sam began to frost the cake with big thick chocolate frosting.

"Nothing's going on Sam… between Janet and I."

"Yet," Sam added.

"Yet but-" Daniel cut himself off. "Sam!"

Sam laughed. "Don't worry Daniel,"

"Where are the kids?"

"Grocery store," Sam said. "Getting junk food."

"Ahh, that sounds good." he said.

"Hello?" A voice called from the living room.

"In here Janet!" Sam said as she winked at Daniel.

Janet walked into the room with two gift bags. "Hi!" she said. "Daniel, didn't think you would be this early."

Daniel blushed. "Yeah." He said.

"Can I help with anything?" Janet asked.

"Nope, just finished." Sam said.


"Mommy!" Rose shouted as she ran into the room. "Daddy bought four things of ice cream!"

Sam looked up at Jack who walked into the room with a couple of bags. "They couldn't make up their minds," he said with a shrug.

Sam sighed. "Get any mint chocolate chip?" she asked.

"Of course dear," he said. "Better get those steaks on the grill. Oh, hey Daniel... Janet," he said as he noticed for the first time. "Where's Cassie?"

"With her boyfriend, he's going to drop her off later," she said.

"Ok," he said as he took about eight packages of steak out of a bag. "Daniel, wanna help?" he asked as he gestured to the steaks.

"Umm, sure," he said. "At least then they won't be burnt..."


Sam placed a big bowl of chips on the table next to all the other food.

"Mommy?" Noah asked. "Is the president really coming?" he asked.

Sam chuckled. "I highly doubt that, but we did send him an invitation,"

Noah smiled. "Morgan and Challice is coming!" he shouted as he ran to the door to answer it.

"Hi Noah!" they both shouted as they gave him a hug.

"CHALLICE!" Rose shouted as she jumped up and down. "Challice! Challice!"


"My bedroom, now!"

And they were off.

"Girls," Noah said with his eyes rolling.

Morgan laughed.



Jack walked over to the door and opened it. "George! Jacob!" he said as he gave each man a hug.

"Dad?" Sam asked as she walked into the room, then rushed and gave him a huge hug.

"Sammie!" he shouted. "You're choking me,"

Sam let go. "General," she said.

"Hello," he said. "Long time, no see."

Sam smiled. "Come in, it's freezing out there!"

Jacob and George were ushered into the house.

"That's it," Sam said.


"I'll get it!" Noah shouted as he made a dash for the door. "Hello Mr. President," he said.

Jack and Sam turned to look at each other.

"Well, hello Noah," he said.

"Mr. President," Jack said as he shook his hand. "And your family!"

In the doorway, stood his wife and daughter.

"Can we come in?" he asked.

"Of course!" Jack said.

Their daughter, being fifteen headed over to Daniel.

"Daniel Jackson," she said with a twinkle in her eye. "I'm so happy I can finally meet you!"

Daniel cleared his throat. "I'm glad to meet you also," he said.

She smiled.


Noah turned to Morgan. "So, what do you think of our family?" he asked.

"It rocks!" Morgan shouted. "But where's your brother?" he asked.

Noah smiled. "Come here," he said.

They entered Andrew's room where Janet was playing with him.


"Wow! Has a cool room!"

Noah giggled. "He's cool 'cause he's my brother," he said proudly.


Sam leaned her head on Jack's shoulder. "I could never ask for more then this," she said. "This is everything anyone could want,"

Jack smiled. "I know what you mean, I would have never imagined me having a family like this… and you."

Sam smiled. "I love you," she said.

"I love you too,"

And they looked back at their wonderful family that they would forever be thankful for.

The End.


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