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The Crossover Series


Jarod walked into the bullpen and up to his desk in the NCIS bullpen. He quickly turned on the computer and let it start up before he did anything. He looked around the partition. He was by McGees desk on the other side. He saw that Gibbs the teams boss wasnt there yet; Ziva, McGee and even Tony werent in yet. He had observed the entire team when they werent looking. He knew that Gibbs the leader loved the team like his own children, but being a Marine and losing his family he couldnt, or wouldnt express his emotions. Jarod had found out that Gibbss wife and daughter had been killed because Shannon, Gibbss wife had seen a killing. His daughter was killed because she was in the car with her mother. He knew that it left a wound that probably would never heal. He saw that Ziva sometimes pretended that she didnt have emotions because she was Mossad and being a Mossad Agent she couldnt really express those emotions. He saw that she sometimes dropped those emotions, but only sometimes. McGee was smart at computers and so was Jarod. He wondered if they were in a contest who would be the smartest at the computers. Him, or McGee? He was after all a genius, but he knew that McGee was smart as well. He watched Tony too. He saw that Tony pretended to be a jokester. He hid behind the frat boy and movie references, but Jarod knew that he had emotions. He talked a lot and was almost never still. He kept people at bay by talking movies and other things. He really didnt want people to see the real him, so he used different masks to hide who he really was.

He had done a pretend at DiNozzo Enterprise. He had even gotten to know Tonys father. He had found out that Tonys father, Vincent DiNozzo regretted his decision of disowning his son at age twelve and would love to make it up to him. He wanted his son back in his life. He had thought that he was doing the right thing by doing this. He thought that he was teaching his young son a lesson. That was why he was there. He had even gotten Tonys father to confess that he even told his son that he was worthless sometimes and wished to make it up to him. That was why he was here. He had to know who Tony really was and to do that he had to pretend to be an NCIS Agent.

When the day was over he walked out with Tony to his car.

"Can I talk to you, Tony?"


"I know that you probably dont want to listen to me, but hear me out. I am not a real NCIS Agent. My name is Jarod, but Taylor is not my real name. I was taken from my family at a young age and was taken to this place where no child should be. They wanted me because I am a pretender, a genius that can become anyone that I want to be. They used my simulations to sell to the highest bidder and those people were never nice. They used them to kill and hurt people, so I ran away. I did a pretend at DiNozzo Enterprises. I met and talked to your father. He is so sorry for the way that he treated you as a child and wishes to make it up to you."

"Does he now?" asked Tony not believing this.

"Yes. He told me that he said very mean things to you and wished that he could say he was sorry for what he said to you. He misses you."

"I dont believe you."

Jarod took out a tape recorder that he had recorded Tonys father.

"I wish that I could take back the things that I have said to my son. I love him and I never wanted to push him away, but I did and for that I am so sorry for that. I have kept up with his work at NCIS and I am so proud at the man that hes become. He is not worthless to me. He is worth it in my eyes."

He turned off the recorder and looked at Tony. Tears were streaming down his face and turned to Jarod.

"He really said that?" Asked Tony

"Yes, Tony he really did. He meant every word he said, Tony." Replied Jarod

"Thank you." Tony said as he grabbed his cell phone and started dialing and it was picked up.


"Tony, my son. I am so glad that you called, son. I am so, so very sorry for what I put you through. I want us to start over. I love you son."

"I love you too, Dad." Tony was going to take time off and go see his father. He was glad and a little worried that it might not go through.

"It's okay to be a little scared, Tony." Jarod said.

"Thank you for helping me, Jarod." Smiled Tony as he shook Jarod's hand

"You're welcome, Tony. I hope for the best between you and your father." Replied Jarod. He watched as Tony got into his car and drive away. Another pretend was done and he walked back to his own car.

The End.