Body Switch

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It was going to be a beautiful day through the eyes of Hermione Granger… or so Pansy Parkinson thought. She had the perfect plan… and today was the day it was going to be put into play…
Hermione pulled the bed covers up to her chin. She was dreading yet another day of classes, It was hard trying to be pansy, without her usual intellect, and she'd found out that Pansy was failing transfiguration… and an idea began to cook…
The great hall bustled with activity once again and another day of classes was about to begin. Pansy ate her usual bowl of cereal and chatted to Ron and Harry as per usual, she glanced over at Hermione. She was talking to Draco, a serious look in her eyes; Draco was munching happily on a piece of toast, apparently not caring about what she had to say. She decided that it would be the perfect time to carry out her perfectly perfect plan that would get her back her body and her boyfriend and her own clothes.

"Erm… Harry, can I speak to you outside for a minute?" She said.

They walked out into the entrance hall and Pansy stood next to him and unhooked her hand from his.

"This isn't working Harry, I'm breaking up with you." And with that she walked away, not even looking back. Then she approached Hermione at the slytherin table.

"Hermione… I broke up with Harry…"

"WHAT!" Hermione screeched and leapt up. She dragged Pansy into the entrance hall where Harry no longer stood.


"I broke up with Harry…"

"Why?" Hermione pleaded.

"Don't whine at me… You'll see in time… just thought you should know that you're no longer Harry Potters girl." And for the second time that day she left someone standing alone in the huge entrance hall.

Hermione was raging… it was not Pansy's job to break up with Harry… but she wouldn't give in… No, if she wanted her body back, she'd have to do the good deed, no matter what pansy did… It was transfiguration class and Professor McGonagall was in one of her nicer moods… luckily.

"And what is the potion to transform anyone into a different person… and should not be used for animal transformations?" The haughty looking professor asked, scanning the room.

Hermione laughed to herself and put her hand up.

"Miss Parkinson?"

"It's the Polyjuice potion and it should not be used for animal transformations because then the result is a half transformation… and the effects are a lot more permanent." She said as if reciting from a textbook.

"Very good, and an accurate description as well! Five points to slytherin!" Hermione smiled. She'd keep this up and improve Pansy's grades for the year… and then she was on the fast track to being back in her own body.

The next two weeks passed and Hermione continued to do well for Pansy, getting high grades in all her essays and practical tests. She had nothing, however, to do with Draco Malfoy as she was too angry with Pansy, and was afraid she'd let something slip. It was a fateful Friday evening when Pansy found Hermione studying in the library…

Pansy sat down beside Hermione who hardly paid any attention to her at all.

"Hermione?" Pansy said, her shadow silhouetted on the stone wall.

Hermione said nothing.


Still nothing.

"You're dating Ron."

Hermione squeaked in surprise and drew her wand. She pushed pansy up against the wall by her collar and pointed her wand at her neck.

"This has gone far enough…" Hermione said, her voice quavering with anger.

"Kill me you're committing suicide… I am you for the time being."

"Shut your mouth Parkinson. I wasn't going to kill you… there'd be too much of a mess to clean up. No, it's called a truth spell, we learnt them today in charms… maybe I should try it on you."

"No, Please… Hermione… I'll get back with Harry, anything!"

"Veritus." Hermione smiled sweetly as if she were perfectly innocent. "Now we're going to have a little conversation."

"What is this spell you've put on me?" Pansy demanded.

"Basically, it is the charms equivalent to Veritaserum… only this makes you voice your feelings, and your thoughts."

"This is so stupid… You are such a cow Granger." Pansy slapped a hand across her mouth and shook her head.

"You have to speak… you have no choice… and the spell does not stop until I say the incantation… so… why'd you break up with Harry for me… then start dating Ron?"

"I thought I was doing you a favor… and I wanted my body back… You always get what you want as well… and I didn't think you deserved someone as nice as Harry… I'm not sorry." Pansy said… and again put both hands over her mouth.

"I know that… and do you really hate being me as much as you say you do…"

"No, your life isn't as bad as I thought it would be… but I know you think I ruined the potion… but I didn't…"

"No matter, It wouldn't have worked anyways… your life isn't half bad either. But I do not want to be dating Ron… I want to be with Harry and no matter what you do… I will get him back."

Hermione stood up and turned to leave.

"Finite Incantartum… can't have you spilling our secret now can we?"

With that she left to go back to the Slytherin common room to finish an essay that was due the next day.

As she sat writing a horrid essay for professor sprout, a terrible scream echoed in her head… and she had a feeling she wasn't imagining things. She put on her cloak over her pyjamas and grabbed her wand.

She ran towards the Gryffindor common room and on the way, nearly tripped over something. She looked down… It was her body… It was pansy.

She felt sick… her world was spinning; if Pansy was dead… she would have to die too, but she wasn't dead, which meant that pansy was alive… if only just.