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Rumors were being spread around the Institute. Most students only "knew" what their peers had "heard": Some swore that a new device was being created, to aid the anti-mutant crisis. Others confirmed it was a virus, that required injection. Lastly, though the least possible, it was some thing that could aid the mutants, help increase their power. No one believed the last possibility. In this day and age, who would ever want to help them, the mutants, the freaks?

Aside from this unknown threat, the days at the School were normal. For any stranger looking in, it would be considered a nightmare. For all the haven's residents, it was nothing new. Everyday, they looked outside, seeing if any new hate slogans were on the circling signs. Everyday, they had to refuse their God-given talent -no, right- to use their powers against those who did them harm. Everyday, hidden behind their smiles, laughter, and light-hearted talks, they were all deathly afraid of what might happen to one of their family.

One night, the unstable mutant, both mentally and physically, Rogue, was tossing and turning in her bed. She hated sleep. Her mind was not focused on pressing matters, such as keeping the psyches in check. While in her sub-conscious, they slowly took control. Instead of the normal dreams most people have, such as flying (granted, for some that was real life) or walking naked into a classroom, Rogue was forced to relive all of her head's inhabitants worst memories. The memories changed drastically and suddenly; one minute she was staring through green liquid, with her bones searing in hot pain; the next she was being forced to jump out of a plane, only to lose her brother; and after that, she was being ridiculed as a young child for her appearance, cruel people calling her a blue-furred demon.

Elsewhere in the mansion, one sole person wandering the interior grounds. Though he knew he did not have to, since no one would be up at this ungodly hour, Logan still crept along, sniffing, listening for any disturbance. Finally, after double and triple checking the mansion, he started to go up the staircase. Suddenly, he stopped, for his hearing picked up a faint moan, an almost cry. He knew immediately who it was, for this was nothing new. For a near two weeks now, on and off, he had heard Rogue's troubled sleep. He quickened his ascent, entering her room. For the last week, Rogue's roommate, Kitty, had decided to room with Jean until Rogue's nightmares were under control. The professor thought this would be best for her; he saw no need for Rogue's troubles to affect Kitty's sleep, ergo her mental health.

Logan open the door and entered the room. He saw her, a line of sweat across her forehead, hands clenched, eyes squinting in the pain of everyone's memories. The feral man went to her bed, checked his gloves, then began to stroke her hair. "Rogue, wake up. Come on now, wake up . Just say no to them."

Rogue did not appear to be responding, and he was debating to take stronger actions, such as shaking her gently, when her eyes fluttered open and she shot up, gasping for air. Her hand flew to her chest, as she tried to regain control of a seemingly simple task: breathing.

After several seconds, she tilted her head to her left, somewhat startled by another's presence. She knew who it was, immediately. It had almost become ritual.

He watched her calm down, her head hanging in shame. He asked quietly, " What happened this time?"

Rogue hesitated, collecting her thoughts. "Well, it started out with a lot of pain. All I could see was green. And, it was like fire was going through my bones. I think it was you, Logan."

Hearing this, the man's head hung in shame and guilt. After all, it was his fault, indirectly. They were his dreams she was suffering, and he knew how bad they were.

She continued. "Then, I was in a plane. It was burning, and it practically nosediving. I was pushed out of it, losing my- I mean, Scott's brother. After that, people were taunting me, for looking like a demon. For looking so unlike them, with my pointed ears and everything," she finished.

"Kurt?" he asked.

"Yeah," she responded simply. "But then, there was a new one. Yet I can't remember it. All I can feel from it is dread. It's, it's almost suffocating. Oh God, Logan," she looked into his eyes, her green orbs full of fear. "Something bad is gonna happen."

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