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The next morning, Rogue's cruel alarm clock rang shrilly, disturbing her slumber. Yet, she was grateful for it. All these nightmares were really taxing her. She was afraid to close her eyes anymore. Wait, no, this isn't right The Rogue isn't supposed to be afraid of anything. Well, she reflected, the Rogue hasn't faced anything like this before, now has she?

She groaned at the thought of having to get out of bed. It was too damn cold. Who's sick idea was it to have any temperature below 70 degrees? she thought as she rolled over in her bed. Knowing it would take nothing less, she threw off her covers and practically jumped out of bed. Instantly frigid, for her room was a mere sixty-five degrees, she dashed to the bathroom. She glanced at the bathroom clock, and realized she didn't have enough time to shower and be remotely close to being on time. Guess I'm goin' for more of a grunge look today. Rogue proceeded to wash her face, brush her teeth, and struggle a comb through her knotted hair. After this, she slathered on her make up. While going through this daily essential, she noticed a zit forming towards her hairline. Joy. She covered the soon-to-be volcano with more base, then stepped out of the bathroom.

Back in her room, Rogue opened the door to her closet. Hmm. I think I'll go elegant today the Goth mused as she began to shuffle hangars about, looking for anything that sparked her interest. A long black skirt caught her eye. It was pencil straight, and when she put it on, she noticed how her curves showed. Not sure if I'm okay with that, she pondered, meanwhile looking for a decent top to match. Rogue selected a black camisole, and over that she put on her favorite blazer. It was black, and had a lacy tie on the back. She slipped it on, buttoning it up to the top, which wasn't saying much, since it only buttoned bust high. Her reflection in a full length mirror caught her attention. She decided she looked decent enough, but something was a bit off. I look too feminine she realized. Remedying this, black combat boots were added, as well as a spiked choker. Perfect.

Descending the stairs, she immediately knew she had no appetite. Throughout her life she was never known for eating through second helpings, but lately Rogue could barely finish the limited portions on her plate. Entering the kitchen, she glanced around the room. She saw her ex-roommate, Kitty, with her hair in pig-tails. Rogue rolled her eyes. Come on Kit. You're not eight years old anymore. Next, she saw her brother, Kurt, still in his natural form. After him came The Couple. Ah yes. Scott and Jean. Mr. and Mrs. Made-for-Each-Other. How sweet. Makes a girl wanna go bulimic. Lastly, she saw Logan, reading his paper, and drinking the scalding coffee from his mug. Ah crap she winced as she remembered last night. I hope I didn't make a complete fool of myself. That was the last thing she needed: to look weak in front of anyone, let alone Logan.

Watching her, Logan saw Rogue wince. He debated, then decided not to act on it; he knew how she was about things like this. If she didn't bring it up again, who was he to?

The Goth shlepped further into the kitchen, her stomach failing to send her any signal of it being in need of nutrients. Rather, she made her way over to the coffee pot. Looking inside, she was annoyed to find it empty. Instead of her usual cup of coffee, she went to the refrigerator, rummaging through left-overs til she spotted her prize- a can of Jolt Ultra. No one else knew it was hidden deep in the fridge, nor did she want them to. The rest of them probably couldn't handle this much caffeine. She twisted open the top, and it made a loud bang. This grabbed the attention of her fellow mutants. They all gave her a look, saying "Are you insane for drinking that this early in the morning?"

Rogue began to greedily drink the soda, nearly chugging it. Kurt commented, supplying, "You know, I think I can actually see your teeth rotting out from here."

She stopped drinking, walked over to her furry brother, smacked him on the shoulder, rebutting with "Wise ass."

As the rest of the students finished their food, Scott made his habitual morning announcement, "Okay you guys. I'm taking off in five minutes." While all the other teens scrambled out of the kitchen, Rogue instead finished her "breakfast," threw the can out, and walked towards the door.

"Hey Stripes." Rogue stopped.

"Yeah?" she asked warily.

Logan paused, then replied, "Nothin'. Nevermind. I'll see you after school for your one-on-one Danger Room session with me. Don't be late this time."

"Fine. Oh, and hey Logan?"


BELCH! "Have a nice day." She left the room, leaving Logan with a smirk on his face.

In the school parking lot, all the students clambered out of Scott's car. "Geez Jean. The sooner you get your SUV fixed, the better. I was cramped in there!" Kurt complained, in his accepted form.

"Yeah, well, I wouldn't have this problem if a certain Kitty Pryde didn't crash it!" retorted Jean.

"Like, it wasn't my fault! That tree like came right out of nowhere!" she cried.

"Mhmm, sure. Just like with the X-Van, and that pack of rabid squirrels, right?" Scott inquired.

"Hey, that really did happen!"

"You sure it wasn't just Sabertooth?" asked Kurt.

"Oh, hush up, Kurt! I'm going to class. Come on, or we're like, gonna be late!"

Rogue started to follow, then stopped suddenly, as a foreboding chill traveled up her spine. She involuntarily gasped, causing Kitty to stop. "Like, you okay Rogue?"

"W-what? Yeah, I'm fine. Not to worry, it's just too cold for my liking, I guess."

"Riiight. Well, come on then."

"'Kay." Rogue followed her friend, and despite how much she tried to convince herself it was the wretched climate, yet could not shake that feeling. That feeling of dread.