Vincent Valentine, demons, murderers, assignations and a Wutai Princess. Well good to see that nothing much has changed. However not even AVALANCHE will prepared to come face to face with the demons that plagued his mind for 30 years. Vincent Valentine will have to face whatever he has buried in his mind, for his demons will not keep anything quite.

Pairings: Vincent/Yuffie, Cloud/Tifa, Cid/Shera, Chaos/??, OC/OC, Rude??, Elena/??

(Can't give away too much so close to the start of my story)


I, like the millions like me, do not own Final fantasy VII nor any of the characters. No matter how much I would like to.

Author's notes

It's been a couple of months... perhaps years but however my writing style has changed and hence I need to rewrite. So enjoy the changes and improved speech

Heroes and the Threats

It had been two years long life changing years. It had been two years since the defeat of Omega. Five years since the defeat of Sephiroth. After so much destruction after destruction that often left people sitting on the curb just wondering why they kept trying. However they seemed that after the first six months of no new threats people had began to restart their lies again.

It took only four weeks for Vincent Valentine to make his way back to his comrades; he himself had been surprised when he walked out of the cave to find himself face to face with Shelke. Although he respected the young woman he felt a strange unease around her. This was odd when you considered the company that he kept. However he hadn't expected the next reunion actions, Valentine had barely entered the Shera when he found himself face to face with a furious Wutai Princess. Somehow Valentine believed that if she was on the throne of Wutai she would have had an entire Wutai force behind her ready to force some sense into him. She placed her hands on her hips and held up what appeared to be his phone.

"Valentine," she spoke quietly. Vincent knew she was furious as she did not use his annoying nickname of Vinnie. "What do you think this is?" He didn't reply he just stared at her as though her question was pointless and a waste of his time. "I'll tell you what this is; this is a machine that humans made while you slept for thirty years. It allows you to keep in touch with other people and let them how you are. In let's just say a random example like to tell your friends you're not dead!" She cried slapping him then throwing his phone at him. She walked below deck, the tension followed with her as Barret slapped Vincent on the back welcoming the demon back.

The team had separated shortly after, Vincent expected it. They were all two different types of people and had so much more to live for than himself. Nanaki had returned to Cosmo Canyon, to look after his grandfather and searching for more of his kind. Cloud and Tifa had returned to Nibelbeim with Marlene and Denzel, although claiming that they were only 'close friends' Yuffie had snorted in a very lady like manner and had told him he was an idiot. Reeve returned to the outskirts of Midgar making new plans to create a new Midgar and collecting information on the old Shinra. It hadn't taken long for the Turks to find him, trying to regroup themselves unsuccessfully. Yuffie after receiving messages from her father, and burning them unread, she joined Cloud and Tifa in Nibelbeim. However she suddenly left after six months, with no warning and no word had been heard from her since. Vincent himself had gone to Shinra Mansion and after the WRO had taken anything of value Vincent burned Hojo's lab. It seemed fitting. He'd boarded up the basement and had began repairing the Mansion deciding not to destroy the house. However only after a year later Vincent had also disappeared. With two members missing, with no contact with their friends, all they could was hope they were okay. They could understand Vincent but Yuffie. It was out of her character. What had happened?

In one of the thousands of thousands caves in the Northern Crater sat a single lone figure at a fire, while the other stood near the entrance searching the outside freezing uncharted lands. Both of the figures wore all black, cargo pants, long sleeved turtle neck shirts and combat boots. The demeanour of the two made it appear that they were not unknown to combat. The one near the cave entrance was male and his steel grey eyes wouldn't stop searching the horizon. He had pale blonde hair that hung loosely in front of his eyes and his jaw was clenched tightly in either seriousness or concentration. His face was contorted in a frown, which for him was not really that different. His pale skin almost blended with the thick layer of snow. Along with his thin frame he was almost considered unhealthy or weak at least. However in truth he was much more dangerous than he appeared, his hands had ended many lives with little effort. An annoying noise caught his attention and his eyes moved to the other figure next to the fire. His partner sat on the floor spread out lazily as though she did not have a care in the world. The annoying noise which he wished to silence was currently coming from her mouth. Chewing gum. It was an annoying habit that no solider should have. The woman was the complete opposite of her counterpart, in personality and physical appearance. She had dark skin, which showed she enjoyed sunlight much better than the frozen wasteland. Her hair had been ruined over the years by so many different hair products. Her ever changing hair happened to be bright pink today. Her hair was spiked up in many different directions. The woman noticed the focus on her and stopped briefly returning his stare. She smiled widely her eyes closing and began to chew louder. He increased his death glare then returned to looking outside. She rolled her eyes, wondering why she put up with her childhood friend.

"Relax, we're not on the base anymore" she told him, checking to make sure that none of nails had broken from the climb down.

"That may be so, but we still have an important mission to complete. If we can afford pleasantries then we are not fully on alert. We cannot afford carelessness." He replied, his soldier's training killing all sense of life in his voice. She bright green eyes gave him a death panned look, in exhaustion. His words were meaningless and not required as she knew what she was meant to do.

"Come on, how hard can this V... guy be?" She sighed laying down flat on the ground.

"Vincent Valentine should not be underestimated, his demons are more powerful than even he knows. Although if you had actually taken any time to read the report you would already know that, wouldn't you?" he said, his voice almost with a hint of amusement in his voice. Very small at that.

"Oh and what is there to worry about, is Valentine going to kill me?" She asked him sarcastically confident of her abilities in the mission.

"I can only hope" he told her smirking, her eyes narrowed dangerously at him. "Now back to the mission" he started, the woman quickly cut him off.

"Yes I know, we have to release the demons, let them have fun thinking they are free to kill as they please, catch the demons, kill Vincent and his friends and then go back to base with the demons" she said in a drawing, bored voice. "Then the captain will have fun bisecting the monsters"

The man nodded thinking that maybe that this wouldn't be as hard as he thought it would. Too bad he didn't realise that he would then later regret thinking that.

Author's Notes:

Hey ta da I'm not too sure if its better but it better be otherwise I will cry :P