Gundam Seed Destiny: Memory of a dream
Chapter: Prologue

Writer: Karuma-chan/KarumA

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This fanfic is set after episode 42

Time for a rewrite!

A soft beeping sound filled the quiet room, one person lying on bed while another sat beside him. Shinn Asuka had been injured heavily and now lay there, one eye bandaged as the other slowly opened as consciousness seeped away the darkness that clouded his presence.

He could feel something and see that something was covering one eye, it was his right, and his headache didn't make things any better either. He could make out words somewhere in the distance, but couldn't figure out what they meant or who it was that was talking to him.

Next to him sat someone he knew though, Athrun Zala was waiting patiently for him to wake up. He waited and took this time to think, many things had happened and his mind was still set on the battle which had just occurred, the battle in which Shinn was injured and non of his troops made effort to get him out, he wasn't angry with Shinn being here, not even after Kira was almost killed by him, no Shinn was like himself a victim.

His thoughts were shook when he felt something move and he noticed how one eye slowly fluttered open and how an arm tried to move.

"Shinn..." he said shocked as he noticed the dull and battered expression.
It took Shinn several seconds to respond to him. "Who are... you?"