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Meet Inuyasha, seventeen-year-old hanyou, the unchallenged leader of the boys of Cameron Drake High School. Throughout the school he is accepted as the coolest, the godliest, and definitely the hottest amongst all of the students. The girls fawn over him, the boys try to be him, and the teachers turn a blind eye to his obvious dislike of school. In the building full of humans, his half-demon blood makes him something foreign, something different; something amazing. It was no surprise that they all loved him.

Inuyasha, however, has a counterpart in the female half of the school; one girl who is accepted as the smartest, the most beautiful, and the most influential of all: the girl who had been holding the title of "girlfriend" to Inuyasha since his rise to undisputed popularity, and scared off any other who tried to make a claim to him. Indeed, Kikyou and Inuyasha ruled the school, choosing who was cool and who was not. They controlled the gossip, the fashions, and pretty much every social aspect of school life.

The home of Kagome Higurashi was a simple thing; the sixteen-year-old girl lived with her mother, brother and grandfather in a two-story house. She had her own bedroom, and it had white walls, a white bed and bedspread, a white door and carpet, and a closet that was filled with various clothes. The unfortunate thing was that she could not see any of these details; Kagome Higurashi had been blind for five years now. The doctors had promised her that her sight would come back soon after the accident that had left her blinded; but after five years of waiting for some light to pierce the total darkness that was her world, she had given up hope of that ever happening.

But that didn't mean that she had given up hope on everything else. In fact, she was a happy girl; she would soon be starting at a new high school, Cameron Drake High School, and the principal of that school was going to be coming over to her house for dinner that very day to talk to her about the school. Kagome's mother hadn't wanted her to go; she had said that it would be better for Kagome to be home-taught, kept away from the children that could make fun of her and take advantage of her because of her utter blindness to the world. But Kagome had never changed her mind about wanting going to school, and eventually her mother had been persuaded to allow her daughter to take this chance.

It was almost dinnertime now, and Kagome was sitting on a wonderfully comfortable couch, running her fingers over a book with Braille letters that she had learned to read a few years ago. After five years of sightlessness her hearing had improved greatly, and she heard the footsteps approaching the front door long before their owner had rang the doorbell.

"I'll get it," Kagome's mother shouted throughout the house, after the familiar "Ding, dong," had rung through the building. Kagome looked up out of reflex and heard her mother walk past her, and smiled as she felt the blast of warm summer air on her face when her mother opened the door, welcoming in the principal of Cameron Drake.

"Come in, come in, just leave your shoes there by the door," Kagome's mother was saying, hurrying about to get her new guest settled in. "Ms. Kaede, I presume?"

"Yes, my dear; just call me Kaede," was the response. Kagome's ears pricked at the voice of Kaede; it was old, but still strong, and as warm as if she herself had been the one welcoming Kagome and her mother. Kagome immediately felt safe in this woman's presence.

"Kagome, come shake Ms. - I mean, Kaede's hand," her mother said, and Kagome stood and walked over to where she had heard the voices, holding out her palm. She smiled when she felt the wrinkled skin of an older woman's hand come into contact with her own, and shook the offered palm warmly.

"Hello, Principal Kaede," she said, smiling. She could feel Kaede looking at her, scrutinizing her face.

"Come, Kaede, sit down, I'll bring some tea." Kagome's mother continued to bustle about and Kaede let go of Kagome's hand. Kagome walked the familiar pathway up to the kitchen, trailing her hand along the wall so that she wasn't completely separated from the world around her. Kaede followed her up to the table, sitting down across from Kagome and looking at her over the wooden surface.

"Kagome, why do you wish to attend Cameron Drake High School?" Kaede asked, while Kagome's mother began to boil some water.

Kagome smiled at the question. "Well, it would seem obvious; I want to learn new things, meet new people; we are, after all, new to this city."

Her mother paused in her tea-making. "We just moved in a month ago," she explained to Kaede, who nodded in understanding.

"You are not afraid of being...discriminated against because of your obvious disadvantage?" Kaede asked. "I cannot deny that teenagers may find it difficult to accept you, as difficult as it is for me to speak ill of my own school."

Kagome grinned. "I believe that I will make at least one or two good friends, and they will help me around the school. I can take care of myself," she added, for good measure. Kaede nodded.

"I also have a plan for you to have of sorts, to introduce you to the school, show you around," she said. "I believe that we can trust him, though he may at first seem a bit opposed to the idea."

"What do you mean by that, Kaede?" Kagome's mother asked, walking over to the table with two full teacups in her hands. "Surely you do not mean to give my girl an escort who is unwilling to play the part."

"You must understand, Ms. Higurashi, that I have all of my students best interests' at heart," Kaede explained, her voice calm and understanding. She smiled her thanks for the tea and sipped it quietly. "I wish Kagome's escort to learn something from this experience, as well. Trust me, I will not allow any harm to come to your daughter."

"Please, mother, I'll be fine," Kagome said, smiling at her mom. Ms. Higurashi sighed, shaking her head.

"I suppose that I don't have much of a choice," she said, sitting down at the table and wrapping her hands around her teacup in a defeated sort of way. "We need to send Kagome to school, and we can't afford to send her to a private school."

A young boy came bouncing into the room. "Kagome, Kagome, is this the new principal?" the boy asked, his voice loud and obviously excited. "Ms. Kaede?"

Kaede laughed pleasantly, extending a hand to the young boy. He bounded over to her and shook it vigorously. "Ms. Kaede, maybe I'll go to your school someday too!" he said, smiling up at the older lady, who laughed again.

"Someday, you will, Mr..." She trailed off, not knowing the boy's name.

"Souta," the boy explained. "But you don't need to call me Mister."

"Souta, then," Kaede agreed, and Souta bounded off to sit next to his sister.

"Kagome, Kagome, what's going on?" he asked. Kagome laughed and patted her little brother on the head.

"The nice lady was just explaining to me how there's going to be someone leading me around school," she said. She smiled at Kaede. "So, when do I start?"