Breaking the Broken


Welcome To The Cruel World


Despite those titles, power, and pelf,
The wretch, concentred all in self,
Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
And, doubly dying, shall go down
To the vile dust from whence he sprung,
Unwept, unhonoured and unsung.

Walter Scott


The sweeping grounds consisting of lush gardens and green grounds were picture perfect, but she didn't care. From where she stood, the perfectly manicured lawn, and the large brick building, and the elegant ivy covered walls were a prison, one that she was about to be bailed out of. Sure, some people thought that her recovery wasn't quite complete, but after she charmed over all her counselors and blackmailed the head of the institution, there was a unanimous decision to release her. In the long year and a half that she'd been there, she'd become the undisputed queen of the center. While some would use the time to repent and reflect, she found a much better use for her time—plotting spectacular revenge. It was a welcome distraction from the only other thing that had occupied her thoughts… a gorgeous blonde boy whose voice filled her head when it finally got quiet.

She was not deluded enough to think that everything would be rainbows and butterflies from this point on. Her fall from grace was a big deal. Fortunately, she was only one teen in a society of fuck ups, and this was the one time in her life where the porcelain skinned brunette with the electrifying green eyes was happy to blend in with the crowd. However, while everyone else may be willing to forgive and forget, she most certainly wasn't. A woman's reputation is all that she has, her mother had always told her, and that was one of the only bits of advice she ever took to heart. Most of her words were lost in a drunken stupor or slurred by botox injections, but occasionally mommy dearest came out with a few gems. Lately, she had been doubting the truth behind those words. She had something else… or at least, she did. That was most troubling of all. The one other person on the entire planet that she had actually cared about, ripped away from her. She'd gain her reputation back soon enough, but death would never return him to her.

And for that, nothing could save that Bible-thumping hick from the wrath of the petite girl.

The heavy wooden doors of the clinic swung open, shaking her from her thoughts. She started abruptly, but subtly, so that she was the only one to know that she had ever not been fully present. Vacancy in patients supremely concerned the counselors there. Imagine that. Keeping up her large, beaming smile, she knew that there was only one person who would ever be able to tell that it wasn't genuine, and realized with a pang of heartache that he would never smirk at her ability to con a crowd again. Waving her hand slightly back and forth, like royalty addressing her subjects, she spoke quietly, but they hung on her every word.

"Now, I would like to thank you all for the kind treatment you've given me during my stay here. You made it very enjoyable for me, and I do consider some of you my verybest friends! I wish you all luck in your recoveries, and I promise to visit soon."

They lapped it up because that's what they wanted to hear, but deep down, they all knew that however kind and beautiful the girl in front of them was, she would leave without a backwards glance. Showered in hugs and praises, she waited patiently for them to just let her go. She'd waited long enough for her freedom.

"I'm so sorry your parents couldn't be here to get you, honey," a kindly older counselor sympathized with a pat on the shoulder. Imperceptibly, the young woman flinched away.

"Oh, it's alright. They've very busy people, I'm sure it's important. I wouldn't want to put their lives on hold just for little old me. Besides, I told you that I would rather make a quiet departure. You know that's why I told everyone not alert the papers, my friends, even distant family members that I was being released. I think its best that everybody gets on with their lives as usual," she lied through her teeth. She received a final hug from everyone, and exited the room with as much dignity and grace as possible. In a dusky green dress with a lace-up back and silver trim and matching sparkling silver heels, she had rarely felt more alive than she did with the wind whipping her dress around her knees and her hair across her face, knowing that there wasn't a chance in hell she'd ever end up in a place as bad as the one she'd just left.

"Thank God she's gone."

"I know! I could never get any rest with her around!"

"Would that be because she warned you to sleep with one eye open after you used her shampoo?"

"No! It was because she used to cry out in her sleep. Remember? Something about a guy named… Sebastian? I think that was it."

"Of course it was. Sebastian Valmont? Ring a bell?"

"Oh my God!"

"He was so hot!"

"I was totally in love with him when I still lived in New York!"

"He was my first time!" an excited girl shouted out, but when faced with the incredulous stares of the other girls, she relented. "Don't worry, I know I wasn't his…"

"Jesus, almost every girl I know was in a state of freaking depression when he died!"

"She knew him?"

"Did you even read that fucking journal? He was completely obsessed with her!"

"Yes, vicious nightmares that poor dear used to have. I hope that she can finally make peace with herself," the kindly matron swooped in and said, ending the conversation for the time being. A cluster of the girls still left in rehab stood in the large marble foyer, watching the girl they had loved to hate and hated to love make her graceful exit down the cobblestone pathway that lead to a long driveway, that lead to the gates, which lead to the road, which led her out of their lives forever. Or so they thought, as they gossiped about her every step of the way.

Let them talk, they're the suckers stuck here, she thought with her back to the building as a cruel smile twisted her lips in place of the Mary Sunshine act she'd been putting in place for the better part of her life. Not one to dwell on her misery, but rather on the misery she caused others, she could already see the havoc she would secretly wreak upon her return. He wouldn't be there to share in her triumph, and the thought was almost too painful to bear, but she would make him proud.

Almost at the end of the long driveway, the black wrought iron gates swung open, and she was surprised by the absence of a limo. But not nearly as surprised as she was by the presence of an emerald green 1956 Jaguar Roadster. Or the boy leaning against it, wearing mirrored sunglasses, a gray suit, a dusky green shirt and a typically unreadable expression. She smiled wryly for a second, the only thought she was able to process was 'We match… we match… our clothes match, even now… we match' as disbelief fogged her brain.

"Happy to see me?" he smirked, prompting her to regain her sense of speech.

"Y-y-you died!"

"Change of plans," he shrugged nonchalantly.

"You… lied to everybody?" she struggled for words, trying to suppress the feeling of elation she received when she first laid eyes upon him, while trying to hold back the tears that were forming behind her eyes.

"Pretty much."

"You lied to me?"

"No! It wasn't like that…"

"So you are dead?"


"Then you lied?"

"I suppose so," he answered dryly.

"We've never lied to each other," she spat bitterly, a single tear sliding down her smooth, pale cheek. His eyes widened at the presence of that tear, for neither had ever been one to show much emotion.

"This was in your best interest."

"Having me ruined and shipped off to this nuthouse was in my best interest!" she roared, her previously cool façade gone. Now she was livid with anger, at his betrayal, at the unfairness of it all.

"Maybe not that part," he conceded with a little smile.

"I hate you," her words dripped with venom, her eyes hard and cold, and she turned, ready to walk away from him for good and hoping against hope that he wouldn't let her.

"I came back for you," he called desperately. She turned, her interest now piqued.

"I traveled all over the world, saw a lot of things, did a lot of things, I was living an even better life than the one we've always known. But I was stupid, because it was all nothing without you. I'm nothing without you. Just like you're nothing without me. C'mon babe, we've always known that we're two of a kind," he whispered, his voice soothing, with little space between them now, his hand caressing her cheek. Her eyes softened as her arms came around his neck. She hugged him tightly, closing her eyes, as if afraid it would be her last time. Opening her eyes slightly, she realized how stupid she was being, and opened her eyes fully, regaining her composure, and slapping him hard upside the head. He said nothing, just held on a little tighter. No more words were needed at this moment, as he got into the car and opened the door for her. Getting in, she put on her sunglasses and gave him a trademark smirk. With this, Kathryn and Sebastian were back in action, God help us all. As the car roared away from the Methadone Clinic, the brunette said ten words to her equally gorgeous blonde companion, releasing his true laugh, a golden sound that made her heart soar, even though she'd never admit it.

"You have got a fuckload of explaining to do, asshole."


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