Well, hi there.

In case you forgot who I am, I'm Sam, and I write this little story lol.

As you may have guessed, I completely pulled a Keri over the last few months, lol. I was planning on returning to writing this a few months ago, but then drama reared its ugly head, and I managed to get myself into a really bad accident.

I should've mentioned early that I'm Sam, and I'm clearly a karmic monster. I was definitely one of those sirens that lured the sailors onto the rocks and then killed them. I'm kind of pissed with my friends for agreeing with me on that. But that is neither here nor there.

I've uprooted myself and am now residing on a completely different coast from the one I call home, because we all decided that it would be best for the whole recovery process thingy. Now that I've settled in some, and am on the road to recovery, I think I may be able to give this another shot relatively soon.

I wanted to write this before I even attempted to get back to chapters because I feel terrible that I left ya'll hanging for so long. Everything just took a turn for the crazy, but I thank those of you who read it and loved it.

Now my question is, would anybody actually be interested in me continuing this?

Please respond and let me know.