A/N: Just a little follow up. After reading reviews, I couldn't resist writing it. It's short, I know.

Dear Ginny,

You are so lucky that I don't want to bother sweet little Eevy, or else you'd be getting the Howler from hell.

What were you thinking? Sex before marraige? AT SCHOOL? WITH DEATH EATERS!

Why didn't you just go ahead and spread your legs for You-Know-Who?

Ooooh, I did not just write that. You really can't mark out on this parchment. I'll have to talk to Fred and George about this.

I'll mention this after I finish talking to all your brothers about a certain nick name that has caught on in this house.

That's right, Dragon Lady. Charlie really seems to enjoy it the most, which disapoints me. You have ruined your older brother! Why couldn't you have been Head Girl? You used to be such a good child.

Quidditch must have been a bad influence on you, you didn't hit people until you became captain.

Yes, I did read the letters! Of course I read the letters! Who can blame me? I was trying to watch out for my only little girl, since you obviously need it so much. Do you have any idea what it's like to be a mum? Let me assure you, it's quite different than being a nanny. Listen to me for once. I'm your mum and I'm wise. Brilliant, even.

Which is why I'm sticking around for as long as possible so as to make sure you don't make these mistakes again. I really don't want to coddle you, but you're not leaving me much choice.

Now, the only reason I even waited this long to talk to you about all this is because of your dear father's fear that you'll run again. Poor Arthur, his only daughter, suddenly gone one day. He felt simply terrible.

We all did. You made us all feel terrible. The whole Order. Because of your irresponsiblity.

But no need for me to bother you with all this! Goodness knows that you can live your own life! You've certainly proven that!

Oh, and congratulations on graduating number one. We're all impressed.

Of course, we would have been more impressed if you had graduated without being pregnant out of wedlock.

At least your father and I were responsible enough to get married after I found out I was

SWEET MERLIN! You DID NOT read that. Why did I grab this piece of parchment? Out of all the pieces in the world, I get this horrid no mark out piece.

At least I can take comfort in the fact that you and Harry will settle down and Eevy will have a proper family. I know, I know, you two are barely together, he hasn't asked, details details. But I know he will ask. It's mother's instinct. You'll get it soon enough.

My baby has a baby! This is all too much to handle. Much too much. Harry had better propose soon, that'll calm you down. Not that it seems getting knocked up did.

I'm a grandmum and it's all your fault! Bill and Fleur were supposed to give me a baby right now! Not you! They're MARRIED! Bill and Fleur, not Ginny and half of Hogwarts!

Oh, I'll calm down before too long. Eevy will calm me down.

Now, I'm attaching a list of things we'll need to get ready for the wedding. Don't start rolling your eyes! You know it's coming sooner of later. Now calm down and think things through for once.


YOUR MUM, not some Dragon Lady