Part 1: The Kin of Wu

Only a week had passed since WuYa had been defeated. The land was still black with the power of The Oblivian Amulet.

Things had changed alot at the Xiaolin Temple.

Jack had joined the Dragons and their fight for justice.

The Xiaolin Dragons were all in the Grand Hall awaiting for Master Fung to come and talk to them about something very important. The Dragons didn't know what, but they were about to find out.

"Ah" said Master Fung, entering the Hall. " I have news. There are two new Dragons".

"TWO" cried the Dragons, Dojo and Jack.

"Yes, two. The Dragon of Ghosts and the Dragon of Moon. Jack, you are a Dragon."

"ME!" cried a very surprised Jack.

"You are the Dragon of Ghosts."

"Ghosts, what use are they?"

"You are a very important Dragon. It is said in a prophecy that one day, a war would be waged between the Xiaolin Dragons and WuYa. The Dragon of the Ghosts will play a very important roll." explained Master Fung. "The other new Dragon is a girl called Charity and she will be coming to us very soon."

Master Fung dismissed the Dragons.

It was dark and Jack was running around the temple.

He was running to find the bathroom. He'd forgotten where it was and was getting desperate.

Running around in a panic he missed Master Fung who would of answered any question.

"Raimundo are you ok?" asked Master Fung.

"No, gotta find the bathroom." he replied.

"2nd Floor to your left."

"THANKS" replied Jack running off leaving a trail of dust in the air.

After relieving himslef, Jack walked around the temple looking at the place.

He heard a noise, a sort of giggle. Jack jumped and ran to where the sound was.

There standing right infront of him was a small boy. The same size as Omi.

They looked at each other and sighed.

"Oh no, NOT YOU!" they shouted at each other.

"Zizou, what are you doing here? I told you when I left the Dark-side that I never wanted to see you again. If Omi finds out you'll..." he was cut off.

"Omi, as in, My brother Omi?" asked Zizou.

"Yes, he's the one. If he finds that you're here, you'll be in trouble. You'd better go now."

"But, Jack, don't you want to know what's going on with WuYa?" asked Zizou.

"I already know. I chucked her into a black hole and she's gone forever."

"Not quite!" replied Zizou in a smile.

Jack fell silent and they just stared at each other. Jack could only just stand let alone speak.

"What have you done?" asked Jack.

"I set her free. She again and she will destroy this planet. With the aid of the siblings."

"Her what?" asked a very puzzled Jack.

"We're going to release her brothers and sisters, steal and find every single Shen-Gong-Wu on this planet, rule it and torture every living soul!" replied Zizou. "And no silly little Xiaolin Dragon is going to stop us so you better be ready. The Shen-Gong-Wu scrolls will tell ya more. That's what this is" he said lifting a piece of paper reading a legend about WuYa and her siblings.

Jack's face grew red with anger. He wanted to hit Zizou but it was against the rules of the Dragons.

"Well, gotta go, see ya soon. Or when I rule the world. Say hi to my bro for me." said Zizou as he ran off.

Jack stood there for a while before going back to the sleeping area. When he got back the sun was rising and the other Dragons were up.

They could see something was wrong with him.

"Hey, Dude, what's wrong?" asked Rai.

"Yeh Dud what's hip hop?" asked Omi.

"Omi, it's Dude not 'Dud' and it's not 'what's hip hop'. 'It's What's up?'!" replied Rai.

"Well, Omi knows him. Zizou, he was here last night."

Jack had told them the story, they'd told Master Fung and the Shen-Gong-Wu scrolls were searched for anything on WuYa and her past.

They found that all their names began with 'Wu' and that the first they'd encounter was WuIti. His portal was located in America. Near New York.

The Dragons also learned that they needed cealers and the cealer for WuIti was...A Star blessed by Master Dashi. The key was the same, so the Dragons had to make sure that WuYa and Zizou didn't find that star in the sky.

They also had to make sure that WuIti didn't escape.

"I must remind you young Dragons. If WuIti escapes, you too must activate the key star. It is a big pale red star with what looks like a triangle in a square on it. Please, keep WuIti away from the temple. The Monks and I believe that WuYa and Zizou will send them here first for a visit." explained Master Fung.

"I know what to do" replied Dojo. "I'll help them don't you worry"

"I won't worry Dojo, I am not the type of person to worry." smiled Master Fung.

Dojo enlargened and they set off to find the portal for WuIti and to stop him in his quest to escape.

The Dragons were nervous and Kimiko had butterfiles in her stomach.

"I feel sick" she cried.

"We all do" added Clay.

"I feel like I'm gonna hurl!" she said.

"Me too" said both Jack and Rai at the same time, they turned and smiled.

"Do not worry Kimiko, we will go bling bling those bad guys!" Omi added in an agressive tone.

"Uhhhh! Bling bling does not mean fighting. It's jewlery not fists and bruises!" sighed Raimundo.

Some time had passed and the Dragons had reached the area of the portal for WuIti.

Omi searched the sky and found the star.

"THERE!" he cried. "The star blessed by Master Dashi."

"Wow, it's so pretty!" added Kimiko. "I gotta take a pic on my phone and send it to Alesha!"

"Feeling better are we?" asked Jack.

"A bit. Now that I'm here I feel better. I just can't stand seeing WuYa again. You know,.. that Hag should have floating plastic surgery or atleast try to wear make-up" she replied. "She's so ugly!"

"That should be the least of our troubles. Look, WuYa and Zizou. I haven't seen him since I left for the Xiaolin Temple." said a nervous Omi.

WuYa looked as though she had already won.

She laughed and grinned.

The Dragons were amazed that she'd really gotten out.

Zizou had something in his hand. He shot it at the star and a portal opened.

WuYa and Zizou landed and walked(or in WuYa's case floated.) to the Dragons.

Zizou looked at his brother.

He smiled as the portal opened. "Get ready. Here comes the BOOM!".

And he was right a ring of power went flying through the nights sky and the Dragons were knocked over.

WuIti began to emerge from his portal. He yawned and sighed.

"You've taken many years to find me WuYa" he bellowed. "I thought you'd have found me years ago... how've ya been?"

"Fine my brother. We came to free you to rule the world. What do you think?" she asked.

"It's a brilliant idea WuYa. But I've spent so long in the Land of Wu and I'm over the 'I wanna rule the world' stage. But..." he looked over to the Dragons. "WuIti never turns down a meal."

"Go ahead. They might be juicy and yummy inside. I've forgotten the tast for humans. You however wouldn't. You get the life of any respected Demon. You've got humans you can eat. I'm a gas bag."

WuIti smiled and ran to the Dragons.

He had feet and was not gas like WuYa. WuIti grew his two front teeth from about 5cm to 3inch long razor like fangs.

He grabbed Raimundo.

"I'm gonna enjoy this. A fresh human"

He sank his fangs into Raimundo's neck and laughed as he fell limp.

"Oh this is good! Better than those rank things we've got at home.



Raimundo's eyes grew wide and closed.

"How come he's sucking his blood?" Omi asked Zizou.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Didn't you know?" he laughed. "All the Wu's are Vampire Demons. If WuIti doesn't stop drinking your friend in... 3 minutes, he'll definately die!" explained Zizou.

Omi, Kimiko(nearly in tears), Clay and Dojo(who enlargened) ran to help Rai. He grew limper. His eyes grew wider and he turned pale.

The Dragons fought to get him off of WuIti. Omi grabbed WuIti by the leg and knocked him over.

WuIti was the size of a normal human and was keeping hold of Rai with his 3inch fangs still stck in his neck.

Kimiko was so angry that she grabbed a knife from her emergency kit and slashed him on the back. He fell dead and Raimundo laid in the floor.

Dojo cealed WuIti in the Land of Wu and left with the Dragons.

Back at the Xiaolin Temple... Rai was bad. He was near to death. As Master Fung dressed his neck Kimiko looked at him.

"Is he going to survive."

"I don't know" he replied.