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"He's here" Horatio called to his new wife. In only 3 days the Caine's had settled into full blown domesticated life, and now it was time for their honeymoon. Both Calleigh and Horatio had agreed that a week was enough for a holiday away. As ashamed as they were to admit it, they didn't want to be away from work for any longer.

Eric was going to pick them up and take them to the airport, from where they were going to fly to Louisiana, and visit Kenny and the kids for a few days. Then it was onto Acapulco for a few more days before spending their last day before work at home in Miami together.

"You got the tickets? Passports? Money?" Calleigh asked, walking out of their bedroom carrying a backpack over one shoulder.

Eric knocked on door, but Horatio was already there to open it. "Whoa, ready I take it?"


"Hey Eric, thanks again for driving us" Calleigh smiled

"No problem, just remember this when buying presents" he winked

Soon enough, they were at the Miami International Airport. They said their thanks to Delko, and gave the warnings that they hoped the labs would still be in one piece upon their return. Eric gave a mock-hurt face and said something about trust, but Calleigh sensed the twinkle in his eye and knew when to turn off.

Calleigh had the backpack over her shoulder, and was wheeling her bag through the airport, holding Horatio's hand with her free hand, as was Horatio who wheeled his own bag. After check-in, they made a few treks around the shops. Calleigh spritzed on nearly all the different types perfume, until the only 'free' place was her shoulders. That was just what you did in airports!

They were stood watching the planes take off when their own flight was called.

"Boarding cards please" the young Hispanic man said.

With a tear to the cards, Horatio and Calleigh were boarding their bus en route to the plane.

Due to the passengers, all heading to Louisiana, no seats were left for the couple.

Horatio clung onto the bar above their heads as Calleigh copied just in front.

A jerk from the bus as it started off, caused Calleigh to lean back slightly onto Horatio's chest, who wrapped an arm lovingly around her waist for support.

Calleigh brought her own spare hand around to cover Horatio's , causing an elderly couple to the side to side and gesture to them.

"Newlyweds" Horatio clarified with a grin

"Congratulations" the man smiled, grabbing hold of his wife's hand, "Been married for 42 years ourselves"

"Cant wait" Calleigh smiled

After a short flight it was soon time to exit and find a waiting Kenny Duquesne.

Horatio and Calleigh followed the meandering crowds in front of them. The airport corridors were packed with flyers walking hurriedly to the lounges, where, hopefully friends and family congregated to pick them up and take them on there travels.

Horatio casually walked the cart ladened with suitcases and whatnot, occasionally needing to apologise to the people in front for nipping at their ankles. They finally rounded the corner into the Louisiana Airport Lounge. The hundreds of people packed into a relatively small room began to try to out-shout each other for their loved ones attention. It was a daunting sound.

Calleigh scanned the crowds. High above the heads, a sign was waving from side-to-side: 'Aunt Calleigh and our new Uncle Horatio!'

She smiled, motioning to Horatio. He chuckled as he led the way.

"Aunt Calleigh!" Amelia shouted as she practically jumped from Kenny's shoulders, dropping the sign en route.

Calleigh grinned as she crouched down and slipped the bag off her shoulder. Amelia nearly knocked her over with the force of her hug, "Hey Ladybug! Did you miss me?"


"That's okay then"

Kenny shook hands with Horatio as Calleigh turned her attention to a smiling Adam in his pushchair. He stretched his arms out and wiggled his fingers, wanting to get out, to which Calleigh obliged and popped him on her hip "Hey Little Man"

"Hey sis" Kenny said pointedly. She'd been so focussed on her niece and nephew, she'd forgotten about her little brother.

"Hey you" She smiled, pulling her tongue out before giving him a one-armed hug.

"How was your flight?"

"Short, thankfully"

"Fair enough. You ready?" Kenny asked, attempting to take Adam from Calleigh's hips. He shook his little head and held on tight to her hair. Kenny shrugged and led the way to the car pushing an empty pram.

Amelia sat atop the bars of the cart, talking away to a chuckling Horatio. Apparently her ex-best friend, Lucy, tried to steal the sunglasses he gave her, but she got them back and has a new best friend called Kaitlyn.

"So have you got any plans for your stay with us folk in Darnell?" Kenny asked Horatio at his side as he drove to the hotel. Calleigh had climbed into the back with the kids.

"Just relaxation mainly. Calleigh says she's going to show me around her old haunts, but other than that…enjoying our honeymoon"

"How's that going so far?"

"Never been happier, Kenny, never been happier."


"Okay, so we'll see you at about 7?"

"7 it is" Calleigh smiled. She hugged goodbye to Kenny and waved Amelia and Adam in backseat.

Horatio and Calleigh grabbed their luggage and wheeled it inside the hotel.

"Mr and Mrs Caine" Horatio announced to the young man at the desk. His gold nametag reading 'Mitchell'.

"Ah, the Newlyweds! Welcome to Darnell Heights" Mitchell smiled. He turned his back on the couple as she grabbed a key from one of the pigeon holes, "The Honeymoon Suite?"

"No, er, we're just here for a few nights, so we just ordered a regular room" Calleigh informed.

"Let me check my records…" Mitchell typed away at his computer "..Horatio and Calleigh Caine…in from Miami, Florida…Honeymoon Suite. Ah, it was paid by an Alexx Woods? It says here she left a note saying 'Noone should start married life in a regular room. Start as you mean to go on, Sugars"

"I cant believe she did that"

"Honeymoon suite it is then"


Dragging their luggage into the elevator, Horatio clicked the button for the third and final floor.

In sync with the doors closing, Calleigh closed the distance between herself and her husband. While wrapping her arms around his neck, his arms entwined around her waist.

"Welcome to your honeymoon, Mr Caine"

"Welcome to yours, Mrs Caine"

Calleigh grinned as they leant in for a kiss.

The ding from the doors opening pulled the, reluctantly from their embrace.

They turned right as the sign requested and walked straight on for their suite.

A balloon was attached to the door knob: "Just Married!" and a banner lay tacked diagonally reading "Congratulations Mr & Mrs Caine!"

That has to be Kenny's doing Calleigh thought with a chuckle.

Horatio stood his bag up as he fished the key back out of his pocket. He unlocked the door, swinging it open and rolling in his and Calleigh's bag.

Calleigh took a step to walk in, but a hand came up in protest "Start as we mean to go on, remember? Doctor's orders" Horatio grinned at Calleigh's confused look, which subsided to giggles as he bent and looped an arm around her back and the other around her legs, lifting her up off the ground.

She connected her hands around his neck and began laying butterfly kisses on his cheeks, forehead, before he turned his head connected his lips with her own.

Still caught in their passionate embrace that was quickly gaining in fervour, Horatio kicked the door shut and carried his bride into the master bedroom.

Calleigh' hands gripped at strands of his flame red hair until he gently lowered her onto the king size bed. Lying down on top of her, but propped up on his elbows so not to squash her, Horatio recaptured Calleigh's lips.

Her hands began sliding his jacket off his shoulders. Once it reached his bent elbows, Horatio shrugged it off himself one side at a time. At the momentary loss of contact, Calleigh asked, slightly out of breath "What time is it?"

Glancing at the clock "4"

"We're meeting Kenny at 7"

"mmhmm" he whispered as he lay kisses on her neck

"Just checking" she giggled