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Author's notes: This story gets better with each chapter, so just bare with
me for awhile. And please go easy with the flames. Now on to the Prologue!


Ever wonder what it would feel like if you knew what happens every single
second of your life and you were put in charge of making sure that nothing
screws up in the process? That's basically been my job for the past eight
years. But I'm getting way ahead of myself.

The names Tyler Draco Takenouchi, but you can call me Ty. I know what your
thinking. I have the same last name as a certain DigiDestined named Sora.
Well, siblings usually do. You see, Sora's my little sister, even though
Sora isn't as small as she used to be. Anyway, this is a tale about the
Original Five meeting our two groups of replacements.

The Original Five consists of four boys and one girl. To be polite, ladies

Gwen Katano is the only girl in the Original Five (poor her!) and use to play
tennis with my sister. Gwen has long brown hair that she ties up in a pony
tail. She wears a white and blue striped tank top and blue jeans and her eyes
are green.

Then we got my best buddy, Serge Lizuka, who use to fight with me because he
wanted to be the boss. But we're pretty cool now. Though at times he can be
annoying. Serge has short spiky brown hair and wears a black shirt with a
green vest and green cargo pants and his eyes are light brown.

Then comes Serge's little brother Max Lizuka. A guy who loves video games and
playing basketball. Not to mention he's a pretty mean drummer. Max has short
spiky brown hair with blonde streaks in it. He wears a black and blue Adidas
shirt with black jeans. His eyes are also light brown.

Then you got our youngest member, Ken Ichijoji. Now he's part of the new
DigiDestined team. He was ordered by Gennai not to tell the others about the
Original Five because that was my department when the time was right. You
know what Ken wears and what he looks like so I'm not even going to bother.

Last but not least comes me! Tyler Takenouchi leader of the DigiDestined, and
bearer of the Blade of Courage. I promise I'll explain about the sword and
why I'm the only one with a weapon, but that's going to have to wait. I have
big spiky orange-brown hair and deep blue eyes. I wear a black Adidas shirt
and a red vest and blue jeans. I also wear a red bandanna around my head and
brown goggles with purplish-blue lenses. And I wear a silver necklace with a
dragon pendant.

I've been a Digidestined since I was only ten years old. Gwen and Serge were
the same age as I was. Max was only nine while Ken was seven. I don't know
what Gennai was drinking when he brought such little kids to defend the
Digital World. But hey, where still alive, aren't we?

Now we thought having our own Digimon was way beyond awesome. Yet we didn't
realize the responsibility that came with it. Until we faced our first
adversary, Dragomon. One mean dude, and really ugly. But me and Mushroomon
took care of that clod.

Oh, did I forget to mention our Digimon partners. Sorry about that! Got a
little ahead of myself again. My Digimon was Mushroomon, one rough and tough
fungus who was always itching for a fight like I was. He digivolved to
Veedramon, a huge cool-looking dino, and then into the Holy Dragon of Courage,
AeroVeedramon. Personally, I thought mine was the best, but I guess I'm being

Gwen's Digimon was Floramon. Okay, so she wasn't the only girl! Floramon was
basically a flower looking Digimon who was very kindhearted. She digivolved
into Kiwimon, and then into Blossomon.

Serge's Digimon was Gizamon. A little guy who liked to cause trouble. He
looks sort of like a yellow lizard with an orange mane and long sharp claws.
He digivolved into DarkTyrannomon and then into MetalTyrannomon.

Max's Digimon was Otamamon. One cute little Digimon with powerful attacks.
Otamamon looks like a cross between a lizard and a tadpole. He digivolves
into Tortomon and then into Triceramon.

Ken's Digimon was Wormon. A Digimon who was sincere and kindhearted and
sometimes acts sort of nervous. He never let anything happen to Ken. He
digivolves into Stingmon. Ken never got Wormon to Digivolve to Ultimate.

Like I was saying before, being the leader wasn't always a piece of cake.
Compared to Tai Kamiya, his job was simple. Not to mention he's now a retired
DigiDestined. I'm still stuck with the job! Now I have to make sure the
future of the DigiDestineds doesn't go ballistic!

Let me guess. You wondering how do I know the future of the planet. Well,
I can thank Gennai for that little talent of mine. A long time ago, Gennai
and his apprentices designed a machine that tells the future. Now if a
certain relationship between two of the replacement DigiDestineds didn't
occur, we were toast! The reason we would be burned to a crisp was because
the two DigiDestineds' love would be able to destroy the enemy that was
attacking us.

Now I get to play matchmaker! And just for fun, I'm not going to tell you who
those two people are because that would defeat the whole purpose of telling
you about it. Trust me, you'll find out by the end of this epic story.

I thought seeing my sister again would be great, but I didn't realize that
we were in for the fight of our life...