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Chapter 17: A Shocking Reunion

The moment I saw that scar over his right eye I knew exactly who it was. Relief washed over my face and a smile broke out.

"Bry, you 're alive!" I exclaimed happily.

I began to run towards to him but was stopped abruptly when a sharp end of a sword was pointed in my face. I gazed up to him
with a confused look on my face. What the hell was he doing?!

"Brian, what the heck is wrong with you?" I asked shocked.

No answer. All he did was harden his glare at me. I felt someone gently take my arm and pull me towards them. I looked over to
Gwen confused beyond belief. The look in her eyes told something was deeply and majorly wrong.

"Don't bother talking to the jerk! He kidnapped Sora and I to lure you here, so he could kill you." Gwen explained.

"Aw, Gwen, you ruined my surprise!" Brian said sarcastically.

"Kill me? Why the heck would you want to kill me for? What did I do?"

"How quickly they forget! Don't remember what you did to me eight years ago?" He questioned angrily.

"Oh Jeez! You cannot possibly believe I tried to kill you on purpose? C'mon Brian, I would never do that to anyone! It's not very
Tylerish of me!" I answered adding some humor to it.

Of course no one laughed. I'm losing my touch!

"You are thinking that aren't you?" I gulped quietly. Oh...shit.

"Glad you started using your brain...it's about time!" He sneered.

"Look who's talking! At least he never tried to take over the Digidestined by nearly destroying the Digital World!" Gwen spat.

"You shut up, you goddamn wench!" He snapped grabbing her wrist, which earned him a punch in the face.

"Touch her again, and I'll kill you for real!" I threatened angrily clutching the hilt of my sword.

"I doubt that! That wouldn't be very Tylerish of you, now would it?" He answered sarcastically.

"You're really pushing it you know that!" Mushroomon suddenly retorted.

"Watch it Mush-head! I have nothing against you! So stop putting your nose where it doesn't belong!" Brian commanded.

"But I don't have a nose..." He replied.

"Mushroomon..." I began.





Elsewhere in the Digi World...

"Are we there yet? My feet hurt." Serge whined.

"Honestly bro, you should get a medal for being the most annoying guy in the world!" Max told Serge with a grin.

"I so want to hurt you right now..." Serge answered but then let his head hang back and shouted: "But my feet really hurt!!!!!!!"

"How do you really deal with that Gizamon?" Otamamon quietly asked.

"Just like everyone else...ignore him!" Gizamon grinned smugly.

"I heard that..."

"I'm glad for you."

Serge rolled his eyes and looked back at the group that he, Dozer, Tank, and Max were leading to the badlands. He could at least think of a
million things he's rather be doing than this.

"I could be relaxing at a beach right now, but no, I had to be one of the few chosen to be a Digidestined...sometimes reality really bites!"

"Hey Serge, guess what?" Tank called.

"What?" Serge asked with a tinge of annoyance in his voice.

"We're here!"

"Holy shit!!!" Serge swore. "This place is huge!"

Everyone slowly looked up at the towering building before with most them with their jaws hanging open.

"Hmmm, I've seen bigger." Gizamon joked.

"Can you ever be serious?" Serge asked his Digimon.

"Can you?"

"Watch it..."

"Quit arguing, and let's find a way in." Max yelled at them.

"Ease up, Lil' bro! Me and Gizamon will take care of this!" Serge answered calmly.

"We will?" Gizamon looked at Serge confused.

"Yup!" Serge grinned as he held his Digivice in his hand. Gizamon eyes widened at what he was implying and glared at him.

"Your really going to get it after this, you do realize that?" Gizamon retorted.

"Sure I will buddy! Pay back time!" Serge grinned evilly.


"Before I forget Mushroomon...there's someone here who is dying to see you." Brian informed him.

"Who? Your puppy?" Mushroomon chuckled lightly.

"Gotsumon! Your old buddy is here!" Brian called out in the room.

Slowly, a Digimon walked forward and stared straight ahead at Mushroomon with a twisted smile on his stony face.

"Heh heh, I really would prefer the puppy there Brian..." Mushroomon gulped. He remember the last time he fought Gotsumon, and it wasn't

"Brian, don't even think about it!" I warned him. "You remember what happened last time they fought!"

"Exactly." Brian replied taking out his Digivice. "Gotsumon digivolve!"

"With pleasure master!" He sneered.

"Gotsumon digivolve to...Monochromon!"

I couldn't believe this was happening! Not again!

"Monochromon digivolve to...Megadramon!"

Mushroomon clutched his hands into fists and clenched his teeth. He knew what would happen if they fought again, but did he really have a

"Tyler!" He shouted to me.

I shook my head furiously.

"No way! You're not fighting!" I yelled. "Don't even think about! We're not making the same stupid mistake like we did last time!"

No way! Come hell or high water...he is not going to Digivolve!

"You don't have a choice Ty." Gwen said resting her forehead on my shoulder.


"We have to...for everyone's sake." Mushroomon explained.

"Alright..." I sighed deeply. I was going to regret this. I slowly unlatched my Digivice off my belt. "Get em' bud!"

"Mushroomon digivolve to...Veedramon!"

"Veedramon digivolve to...Aeroveedramon!"

"This should be good!" Brain said smugly.

"Your going to regret this Brian. I swear it!"

to be continued and all that jazz...