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Raven the daughter of a Vampire Lord. Beast Boy part werewolf and all everything else. Robin apprenticed to the greatest knight of all time. Cyborg the result when the goragns spell goes terribly wrong. And Starfire, the enthusiastic sorceress. This group must stand together to fight the coming darkness.

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A young boy—hardly over fifteen, shivered as he stepped out into the cold moonlight. He hated nights like this, when the wind sent eerie songs through the trees and the entire night felt so...alive. He'd rather a dead night any day.

Still, it was his duty to check on the chickens. For the past few nights, several of them have been disappearing, more then likely from a stray cat. A rather insignificant task if those feathery creatures weren't the income of the family. They lived a simply life, selling eggs and occasionally chicks, residing in a small cottage right on the edge of town. It was just him and his mother now, his father dying a few years back from a lumbering accident.

Stepping quietly towards the small shed, he could hear the faint rustling sound of the chickens stirring uneasily within. While true to their name, chickens were awfully frightful creatures, but normally in the dead of night they weren't this uneasy. His heart pounding loudly in his chest, he slowly opened the door.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The birds were looking at him with black, beady eyes, now in an eerie silence. There's nothing wrong. He chided himself for over reacting. The boy was about to close the door when he noticed an odd shadow coming from in the corner.

And then the shadow moved.

Leaping backwards, he almost hightailed it right there, before realizing it was only a girl. She must be the one getting our chickens—she looks half starved. Swinging the door wider, the girl was bathed in the cold moonlight, her skin as white as the beams that hit her. Dark eyes were gazing at him emotionlessly, and in her hands clutched one a chicken, looking oddly passive in her arms. At first he thought it was dead, but its head turned over to look at him, betraying his thoughts.

"Miss, you really shouldn't be here." He said, feeling sorry for the poor girl. "You can take the chicken this time, but I'll really have to call the guards if you keep doing this." She continued to stare at him, one hand stroking the chicken. "Um..Miss?" The boy took a step forward.

"Don't come any closer." Her cold voice broke through the air. Hesitating, he noticed she was beginning to shake, her actions going against her actual words. Poor girl. She must be scared stiff. He held out both hands in a sign that he meant no harm and took another step forward.

"It's alright," He said, using the same voice he often used when he was trying to calm the chickens. "I won't hurt you."

"Please..." There was something more urgent, more desperate in her voice now, but he paid no mind, still walking forward. His gaze dropped down to her lap, where suddenly the chicken in her arms let out a loud cluck before jumping back into its nesting with the others.

"Come on now, lets get out of here," His voice was low and comforting, and he bent down to become even with the girl. "If you want, you can stay at my mother and my house for tonight. You don't have anywhere to go, do you?" He placed one hand on her shoulders when she failed to respond. "Miss?"

Slowly she lifted her head up. Her eyes were glowing an eerie black, and he stumbled backwards, for a brief second filled with terror at the creature in front of him. Try as he might, he couldn't turn away, just sitting there, entranced by her ebony orbs, hardly noticing as she slowly pulled him close. He didn't even wince as deep teeth sunk into his neck.

Feeling very tired, he slumped forward into her, his life slipping away.




With one hand she wiped the blood from her mouth, feeling sick at the warm feeling of blood settling in her stomach. Even more so when she realized how much she liked it. She had tried to warn the boy...she didn't want to feed on him. The desire for fresh blood, the desire to quench the thirst inside her had been growing the past few months. Living off of farm animals could normally keep the hunger at bay, but it wasn't enough. Human blood...had such a delicate flavor. Her skin crawled as she realized what she had just thought.

Raven couldn't help what she was.

A vampire. And not just any vampire. She was the daughter of the most powerful of the blood suckers, the only son of Count Dracula...Trigon the Terrible.

Walking out into the cold moonlight, she refused to look back at the chicken coop, knowing she'd only be filled with more regret. Dark magic surrounded her as she slowly lifted up into the sky, heading back home. She knew her father would get suspicious if she didn't return soon. At least this time she didn't have to lie when she said she tasted fresh human blood.

That thought wasn't very comforting.


Landing on the footsteps of the cold stone floors, Raven stared emotionlessly at the large castle set out before her. Perched deep into the mountains, its magnificence was hidden from the world, which was probably wise considering the beings that rested within. Trigon himself had been part in the complicated spells set on the keep, preventing idle guests from arriving unless they had been there before.

She gave a brief nod to two ghouls who were on guard, both of the scrambling out of the way as she pushed the steel doors open. Tiny windows high up on the wall sent slivers of light into the vast hallway, creating ominous shadows for who knows what to hide within.

A long crimson rug muffled her footsteps, contrasting greatly with the dark surfaces of the walls. Finally she reached the thrown room, where her father sat, talking to several underworld beings. Then entire room grew silent as she entered something she had been growing accustomed to. Trigon didn't trust her. She knew that he had some plan in mind, something big that he was planning to undertake. And she knew that she somehow played a crucial part in it all. Yet, he didn't tell her what. It was no surprise, really. He didn't trust anyone.

"Father." She said, her voice echoing eerily in the vast room.

"Was the hunting good tonight?" His face turned into a grotesque grin. Raven forced herself to remain perfectly calm.


"You should have enjoyed yourself for longer." The sadistic tone turned her stomach. "There is still hours left till the new dawn...Even I found some entertainment..." He gestured to a cage sitting in the corner of the room, where an unconscious figure laid within. Dried blood stained the bars from passed prisoners, and she didn't really want to be here when he decided to have some "fun". She remained silent, until he finally waved her away, loosing interest in her. Sighing, she debated on what to do, and then decided to walk into the woods to a secluded she knew of.

A faint path lead her to a small pond, where she sat on some rocks, clasping her arms around her legs. It had been only a ten minute hike, so she wasn't tired...not that she ever really became tired, unless she was low on blood. She stared at the moons reflection in the water, at the way it shimmered and moved from the soft ripples of the pond. A soft cracking sound tore her from her thoughts, and she whipped around, her instincts taking over.

Another cracking sound sounded to her left, and she calculated slowly in her head. She was surrounded. But by who? Raven wasn't really afraid of whoever it was around her. She was fairly sure she could defeat whatever it was with relative ease. And since she wasn't hungry, she didn't have to fear that she'd go overboard either.

"Unless you enjoy lurking in the shadows, I suggest you come out." She said loudly, one eyebrow raising in both annoyance and amusement. Not really expecting there to be an answer, she slowly sat back down, focusing entirely on the people moving around her. Suddenly, something broke free from the woods running straight towards her. Raven spun around and saw the large figuring shadow of person, who was yelling some sort of war cry as he rushed forward. She felt her eyes go black and she raised her hands, sending a dark rain of magic towards him.

He simply lifted up one arm to block the tack, the contact making an odd clanging sound in the night. Not normal, she remarked to herself, and with another movement of her wrists he was sent flying into the air, where he was quite immobile.

A soft twirling sound distracted her attention from the first attacker. Before she could react, something hit her hard on the side, the force sending both ends wrapping itself around her. Her arms were instantly pinned to her sides, the objects appearing to be some type of ropes with weights attached to the ends. Her concentration broken, she plummeted towards the ground, landing hard on her side. The larger man, now freed from her spell, quickly rushed towards her.

She kicked him hard in the knee and used the force to flip over onto her feet. The guy merely whistled. "Impressive miss." He commentated. Sending him icy glares, she started to fly away as very suddenly she was tackled from behind.

"Quickly, tie her to something." The person on top of her directed furiously. "This is no time to be impressed."

"Come on, we don't have to be so hard on her." The other guy said apologetically, picking her up with ease and tying her to a near by tree.

Silently, Raven gazed at her three attackers as they all came into the clearing. Her first attacker was a massive boy with chocolate skin, one side of his body looking oddly grey in the light. He carried a giant ax in one hand with relative ease, suggesting his strength was a little more then average. The second, and whom she supposed to be the leader, was staring at her with a look of both satisfaction and spite. He was a lanky boy with black hair and wore a sliver of a mask over his eyes.

"Who are you?" She asked the two.

"Lady, that's no way to speak to your captors," The half grey boy waved one finger at her in chastisement. She just stared at him unnervingly until he laughed and looked away.

"We should be asking you that question." The leader of the duo said, crossing his arms.

"You are the ones that attacked me. Why should I tell you anything?" She wasn't about to let them know who she was. They were probably some heroes thinking of trying to raid the castle and defeat Trigon. They had a few of those every now and then...Raven shivered when she thought of the screams they uttered when her father finally decided to go meet them.

Either way, letting them know she was his daughter would be a grave mistake.

He walked over to her, staring down at her with obvious contempt. "I need you to tell me everything you know about that castle up ahead." Great...it really is a hero duo..

"What castle?" Her voice said back evenly

"Minus the white skin, dark eyes, and use of the dark magic...She looks awfully normal." The first commented.

"Vampire." The leader spat the word.

"You were questioning me?" Raven reminded them pointedly. She might be tied up, but that didn't mean her patience had also grown any because of it.

"And you were answering...?"

"I said I didn't know what castle you were talking about.." She repeated.

"Then have you seen a girl?" His tone was becoming more severe. Raven looked idly at the two of them.

"Don't tell me there are more of you?" He gripped her by the edge of her outfit, slamming her the best he could into the tree she was tied.

"Where's Starfire?" Anger etched into his expression, and she couldn't help but feel sorry for the person.

"Calm down," the other boy gripped his shoulders, the leader releasing Raven. "Maybe she really doesn't know." Apparently one of their friends must have been taken away by her kind today. Without a person to guide them into the castle, they would never find it. At least they were smart enough to realize that. No wonder he was so angry---staring, she suddenly remembered the cage. What if...she shook her head. Even if it was, she couldn't tell them.

Her father was not forgiving when it came to traitors.

Still refusing to say anything, she stared very evenly with the masked boy, who looked back with equal determination.

"We'll wait till dawn. Let's see if she starts talking when the sun begins to rise."



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